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Mafia Maid. Chapter 4

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Mafia Maid ???? ????


〰️I bought her , she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter four {4}

⚔️Diego ⚔️

⚡ Flash back ⚡

“Boss I have to tell you something ”

“What” I replied to one of my spies …

“Alejandro just bought a new maid who seems to be so beautiful ”

“Thanks you can leave ” I said …
⚡ Flashback ends ⚡

I was thinking of a way to throw Sophie out of my house and finally she made a mistake that made me throw her out …I pretended to love her all this years but it was just to punish Alejandro …

I have to find a way to bring her out of the house ..

Sophie is out of my house now I promise never to let her come back
I will have to wage a war against Alejandro


???? Ethan ????

“Baby can we go check the place where I wanna make my agency tomorrow ”
“Sure I will come along to give an helping hand ” I said and she hugged me
“I love you so much baby ” she said kissing me ..

“The maid we saw downstairs is good looking she is perfect for your brother than Ella “Kimberly said

“Kimber just let it be ,Ella will make a good wife” I said putting her mind at rest..

“Let’s go to bed now “I said and she slept with her head on my chest ..

I couldn’t sleep , bringing Ella was a mistake I think Carissa will be perfect for him if he doesn’t sleep with her …

I hope we don’t get into any trouble ..
???? Carissa ????

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I felt so happy to see Alexander return with his dad … Alejandro looks perfectly handsome and I think I am starting to fall in love with him ..

The new lady who I later found out her name was Ella looked too proud and arrogant ,she dropped her luggages and she asked me to fix a room for her,I had no choice since I am a maid and I lost my parents …

I went to bed with the little food I forcefully ate .I washed the plates for dinner including the clothes and I ironed the clothes neatly into the right wardrobe in the laundry room …

I mopped the floor and I cleaned the whole kitchen before going to my room ..

I wasn’t asleep when I heard a knock in the door
????Maya ????

I sat in my sitting room enjoying the chicken laps I was eating ..the money I got from the girls I sold was really bulky especially Carissa … Alejandro paid a lot to have her ….

I placed a call to Ella

????????Ella hope you are In Alejandro’s house ????????

????????Yes of course ???????? she replied smiling

????????All I need from you is to collect his money and flee ???????? I said frankly

????????Of course I will ????????.

????????Keep an eye on Carissa and inform me about all the updates ????????

I ended the call and I smiled …
Alejandro’s money will be mine soon and I will make sure Carissa suffer for everything that her mom did to me …

⚡ Flashback ⚡
I and my sister Marie was going to the supermarket when we met a young handsome man

“Good afternoon”a young men greeted the both of us

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“Afternoon ” he said facing me

“What your name ” he said asking me

“Why do you have to know my name ” I said angrily and I left .
Sofia went back to meet the young man

“Hi I am Sofia sorry for what my sister did “she said to the stranger
“I am Brandy “he said smiling ..

They exchange contact and they started seeing each other ..I later found out that he his a billionaire ,I wished I could just reverse time and act absolutely normal to him.

My sister started wearing the latest shoes and clothes ..he even gave her a car on their first date

I ventured into pr*stitution in order to meet ends ..Sofia gave me a lot of money which I rejected ..I became a very active prostitute till I owned an illegal agency who sold girls as slaves and s#x dolls to men

I tried everything in my power to stop the wedding but it wasn’t possible
My sister and Brandy got married while I remained a sxx slave to every client that is willing to pay .. though my sister tried helping but I rejected all her support ..

The first year of their wedding was crowned with the beautiful Carissa ..she did grow in grace and favour she was loved by everyone apart from me …
I promise to make Carissa pay for her life ..

I arranged an accident which claimed her parents life and since she has no other relatives..I took all the properties from her and I made her a slave in my house …

I finally sold her to Alejandro the Mafia boss and I sent Ella to make sure Carissa is frustrated all her life


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???? Alejandro ????

I sat in my room after dinner ..I couldn’t sleep cause my d**k was hard … it’s been almost three days now that I had s** and really I can’t control it anymore ..

I really don’t wanna sleep with Carissa she looks special than every other ladies I have met
The new lady looks rude and bossy …I know surely she won’t marry me …I would just have s*x with her and send her out of my house …

I stood up and I went to the fridge to grab a drink in order to relieve my tension ..I checked through the window to see if anyone was there but they were signs of no one …
I decided to go check on …..