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Mafia Maid. Chapter 5

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her ,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter five {5}

???? Carissa ????

The door opened slowly and it seemed like my moment has come virginity will be taken away today .. Alejandro has been giving me time to be familiar with the house so that he will sleep with me ..

The door opened and Ethan came into my room ..I was shocked to see him so I gathered the blanket and I covered myself moving to the front of the bed

“Carissa don’t be scared” he said softly

“I am not here to hurt you I just wanna tell you a few things about Alejandro ” he said giving me assurance

“Fine you can sit “I said still scared

“Giovanni once had a wife her name is Sophie but now she is married to his rival ,she is Alex mother brother trusted her a lot but she betrayed him…she changed him into a beast and he slept with ladies for pleasure without love ..I think he is in love with you ..if he isn’t he would have had s*x with you from the first day you entered this house
His son is his weakness and Alexander loves you so much . please make my brother happy ‘” he said almost on his knees

“Okay I will do everything that I can do to make him happy “I said smiling..

“Goodnight have a nice night ” with this he left my room

I slept off …

The next morning I woke up ,took my bath and I went to Alex’s room ..I bathed him and I dressed him up …

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I carried his school bag to the sitting room and I went to fix breakfast for everyone ….

“Good morning ” Kimberly said giving me a tight hug

“She’s so nice” I thought to myself

“Good morning ” I replied …

Ella didn’t even greet ..we waited for the men to come downstairs

I served everyone except myself ..

“Come over here and eat ” Kimberly said

Then Ella replied ..

???? Alejandro ????

I decided to go check on Carissa … I was about knocking when I sighted Ethan coming ..I didn’t want him to mock me over coming to a maid’s room at night so I went back to my room

I couldn’t sleep
“What can Ethan be doing in Carissa’s room ” I thought to myself …

“Why do I even care she’s just a maid ” I thought to myself again .

“She isn’t just a maid she’s the best for you ” my inner man told me ..

I slept off
I woke up the next morning and I took my bath as usual … I placed a gun with a dagger in my suit inner pocket …I was fully armed without signs of suspecting or seeing …

I went downstairs to check if breakfast was ready ..I met Ethan coming downstairs at well and we join the dinning at the same time

“Good morning ” I said the moment I reached the table

“Good morning love “Ethan said kissing Kimberly on her forehead

I stared at Carissa until she noticed
“Good morning boss ” she said trying not to look into my eyes

“Morning Carissa ” I replied smiling

“Come over here and eat ” Kimberly said to Carissa
Then Ella spoke ..

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“She’s just a maid she had no right to sit in the dinning among us she should pick crumbs from our leftovers” she said rudely ..

Kimberly couldn’t take it anymore she gave Ella an hot slap …Ethan apologize to Ella so as not to cause more trouble ..

“Carissa you can eat here ” I told her

She sat down and she ate slowly ..she ate and drank like a rich lady

Ethan and Kimberly left the dinning after breakfast and I waited for my son to finish his food so that I would be able to drive him to school …

Ella kept eyeing Carissa

I and Alex entered and we left the house leaving Ella and Carissa behind ..

I hope Ella doesn’t do anything silly

????Maya ????

The client entered into the office to see me

“Good morning ma’am “the man said the moment he entered

“How may I help you please ” I asked smiling

“I urgently need a virgin service ” he said licking his lips ..

“The pay is 70,000 Dollars ” I said smiling

“Fine I would pay ” he made a transaction of the money I requested and I met him have his way with Nana one of the new girls in the agency who just fell into my trap just because of greed and enticing promises ..

I took Nana to a room in the agency that was privately for s*x ..

????Nana ????

I knew I was going to lost my v##ginity when Maya took me to the s*x cage ….we called it s*x cage because it was specially reserved for s*x …

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Little children run to ????????????

The client walked in and he wasted no time in taking his clothes off ..his balls weren’t dangling but erect …I couldn’t help but cry …

He climbed up to the bed and she stripped me naked …

He sucked my brea*t like a little baby and he kept rubbing my pu**y … he wasn’t satisfied as he sucked my brea*t the more ..

He stopped sucking and he dipped a single finger into my pu**y …I screamed with so much pains it was my first time doing this and it looked so difficult …

He called in two men who devoured my nakedness hungrily ..

They pinned me down while the man fingered me the more ….my crying and struggling didn’t help I was held by two strong men

He placed his di*k on my pu**y caressing it evenly …

He thr#sted his d*ck into mine roughly and I felt my hymen broke ….

I lost my v##ginity …

He left me after about 25 mins of a crazy bang …


I couldn’t stand up due to the pains ..I was bleeding and I felt weak as well ..

I blacked out …

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