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Mafia Maid. Chapter 6

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I Bought her ,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

Chapter six

???? Kimberly ????

“Ethan be careful ” I told him as her drove roughly to the building for my modelling agency ..

” I am my love you are getting so scared” he replied looking at me …

“I wanna tell you something ”

“Go on ” he said …

“Carissa would be perfect for my modelling agency ,I think she should join ” I said

“I don’t think Alejandro will allow that to happen ,he won’t let go of his maid ” he said …

“Maybe I should talk to him ”

“Fine you can ”

Our car came to an halt in front of the large building that would be a very awesome agency in few months ..

We met the people putting the studio in place ..they decorations wall papers were selected and we paid the necessary people .
I was thinking if Carissa will be safe with Ella

????Ella ????

I watched every one leave the house leaving I and Carissa behind ..

I wasn’t happy with this I thought Alejandro would ask me to come to work with him.

Kimberly is getting on my nerves by supporting Carissa in everything she does ..

“Carissa !!” I called from the sitting room

She came downstairs and she stood before me

“I am here ” she said bowing her head ..

” You fool I have called you for over five minutes now ” I screamed at her

” I am so sorry ” she said

” Go upstairs and pack my clothes including my undies and wash them ”

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” Okay ” she said and she left

My phone rang and I checked the caller ,it was Maya

????????Hello Maya ????????

????????Hi Ella ???????? Maya said

????????Hope our plans are falling into place ???????? she asked in a worried tone

????????yes just that Alexander loves Carissa a lot ????????

????????Okay it’s fine just make sure no one knows about this ????????

????????Okay fine ????

????????Bye dear ???????? she said and we ended the call

I sat down watching a telenovela series ..I need a wine ..

“Carissa” I called her again the second time…

“Bring me a glass of wine ” I said and she left for the kitchen

She brought me a glass of wine and she served it

I intentionally threw the glass up in Carissa’s direction not knowing it was going to injure her
???? Carissa ????

“My eyes ” I screamed as Ella threw a glass cup at me ….

My eyes kept bleeding to and she pretended like I Didn’t even know me ..

I walked to my room and I applied some treatment to the wound ..My eyes were swollen and I felt sharp pains from my eyes …

I used some pain killers and I slept off
……. …..

I woke up the Moment I heard the honk of the car ..I waited for Alex and Alejandro to enter .
My eyes was swollen and it is very obvious .

“Welcome boss ” I greeted him when he entered the house ..

Little Alex ran to me and he hugged me ..

” What happened to your eyes ” Alex asked trying to touch my eye ..

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“I got injured ” I said still feeling pains

The moment Alejandro saw my eyes he said ” put Alex down and follow me ”

I was really scared but I followed him ..I don’t know what Alejandro is gonna do to me ..

He pulled me into his room and made me sit on the bed

???? Sophie ????

There are two ladies in Alejandro house apart from his younger brother’s girlfriend

Carissa and Ella are the names the secret agent told me ..

I have to find a way to get them out of the house and get back Alejandro and my son

I have realized that Diego only tricked me to leave my husband alone ..

I called the secret agent and I told him to spy on the them and give me all updates …

School would have been over now I wish I could see my son..
???? Ethan ????

Setting Kimberly studio is fun ..we took pictures to test the equipment and everything the agency supplied …

I went out of the agency when a call came through my phone ..the number was encrypted and i didn’t know the caller ID
I answered the call and the voice came

???????? Ethan be careful of what you do ..forcing a wife on your brother won’t help will only cause the family more trouble ????????

I hardly replied when the call ended ..I couldn’t call since it was an encrypted number

I was really worried so I called my brother but his phone kept ringing without an answer hope this guy isn’t having sex .

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⚔️Diego ⚔️

What the fuck !!!

“Two ladies in the house how do I know which one Alejandro loves ” I said loudly to my spy

” One is a maid and the other came along with Ethan” python said

“Fine you can go make sure no one finds out ”

He left the house ..

Alejandro doesn’t know that my spy is leaving under his roof ..

I promise to make him pay for everything that he did to me ..

I promise to disgrace him and make sure he becomes heartbroken for life ..

I Diego promises this ..

???? Alejandro ????

Work was really stressful and I couldn’t take my mind off Carissa ..I am really glad I bought her .

My son and my brother loves her a lot including Kimberly

The new lady in our mist is so ugly and rude ..I wish she could leave the house but I am making her stay because of Ethan …

” School is almost over I have to leave ” I waved to my secretary and I left the office ..

Saint in the day Devil at night