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Mafia Maid. Chapter 7

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her ,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter seven {7}

????Carissa ????

I was really scared as he made me sit on the bed

“What happened to you ” he shouted

” I am ..I ..I ” I couldn’t finish my statement

“Tell me what happened right away ”

“Hmm Ella threw a glass cup at me ” I said still shaking

“Ella threw a glass cup !! ” He exclaimed

“Yes she did ” I said fearfully lying on the bed with my cleavage staring like a diamond ..

He left the room to where God knows
“Oops that was close ” I said the moment he left …

He came back after five minutes and he stood in front of me ..he bent toward me and I kept pinning myself to bed until he picked a first aid box

He made me sit and he boiled hot water in an electric Kettle in his room

He dipped a towel into the hot water and he pressed them gently

“Ouch ” I said when the hot water touched my eyes ….he cleaned my eyes and the blood shot reduced a little a little

He rubbed penicillin on the wound and he gave me a glass of cold water to drink …

I didn’t know when I slept off but I must confess my eyes hurts a lot

????Ella ????

How dare he slap me for that tiny little thing ..I said in fury .

The idiot still had the guts to tell Alejandro that it was me who threw a glass cup at her
I was still talking to myself when Ethan and Kimberly walked in ..

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“Ethan meet me upstairs ” she said and she hissed loudly .

“This bitch ” I thought to myself

“What happened to you ” Ethan asked

“Alejandro slapped me because I threw a glass cup at her ” I said

“You threw a glass cup at Carissa ” he screamed

I was expecting him to apologise about his brother’s behavior but instead he ran upstairs

You all are fools

???? Ethan ????

I was happy hearing my brother slapped Ella for Carissa but then a glass cup …

I ran all the way to my brother’s room and I opened without knocking ..

He sat by the bed caressing her and she looked so beautiful in bed ..I sighted her eyes and I knew the glass cup meet her eye..
I closed the door and I went to my room to meet Kimberly

“Where is Carissa ” Kimberly asked me

“She’s in Alejandro’s room ” I said smiling

“I noticed they like each other not that stupid Ella ” Kimberly said

“I think Ella’s isn’t needed here anymore ” I said to her

“Yes since Alejandro is starting to love Carissa ” Kimberly said

“Fine ”

I walked downstairs and I told Ella I wanted to talk to her ..

“Ella you need to leave the house ” I said
.”why !! Do you want me to leave now ” she shouted at me

“You really have to leave this house right away ” I said angrily this time …

She stood up packed her bags and she left ….

Thank God she left ..

???? Alejandro ????

I don’t know why I feel so much for Carissa ..I can’t take my eyes off her for a second and I can’t do without her .. I couldn’t see her get hurt that was why I slapped Ella and now she’s by my side

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I wish I could just help her get over her pains and past …

I love her so much and since she loves my son as well she’s all mine

“Hey man ” I heard Ethan’s voice from the door

“I can see you just finished a session ” he said laughing

“Stop teasing you idiot ” I shouted at him

“How tight was she ” he said again
“You really are in love ma bro ” with this crazy laugh

Ethan is very funny and very fond of teasing all the time

“I don’t love her ” I shouted at him

“She’s gonna wake up if you scream again

????Maya ????

What the f+ck !! I exclaimed when I saw Ella coming back with her bags ..

“What are you doing here !!”I shouted at her

“I was sent out by Ethan and Alejandro in in love with Carissa already ..he even slapped me when I threw a glass cup at her ” she said sadly ..

“You have to go back to sleeping with 10 men again ” o said …

‘I will make Lisa go into the house as a maid at least she will be better than you ” I said

“You can go ”

She left my presence and I called Lisa

“Lisa ”
“Yes Ma’am I am here

“You need to be prepared tonight someone is gonna come for you ”

“I will call Alejandro right away ” I said to her