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Mafia Maid. Chapter 8

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her ,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter Eight {8}

????Maya ????

I picked up my phone and I called Alejandro …

???????? Evening Alejandro ???? I said

???????? Evening Maya how are you doing ????????

????????I am good ???????? I said to him

???????? A new Maid is available will you take her in ????????

????????sure send her I will pay you everything you ask for ????????he said and I ended the call

” Lisa you are leaving with the driver In the next five minutes he knows Alejandro’s house and make sure you accomplish all the mission I sent you to ”

“Okay I will ma”

????Lisa ????

I waited patiently in the car till the driver got the instructions from Maya ..

I am gonna kill Carissa and make sure I run away from Giovanni with his money in my account without returning them to Maya

Maya is really wicked ..she had been using me to get money but she never satisfy you and now she wants me to do something harmful to someone …

I will surely get the money and flee from the county..

The driver entered the car and I waved faking a smile

Soon we arrived at his house
“Gosh this is so magnificent ” I said to myself

” I will enjoy my life in this house ” I thought to myself

⚔️ Diego ⚔️

I have to find a way to make sure Carissa doesn’t stay In that house …I will never forgive Alejandro

⚡Flashback ⚡

Four student are seen sitting together in the school hangout after usual Exams

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“Alejandro what do you think about the last question ” Diego asked the most brilliant one

“I really don’t remember ” just at that time Diego’s girlfriend was passing …

“I trust that your Girlfriend will still cheat and betray you soon” Alejandro said boastfully ..

“I trust Lucy she won’t do that to me”I said

“Fine let’s strike a deal ” Alejandro said and I agreed

” I am gonna have s+x with your girlfriend before the end of the week”He said laughing

We left for our various houses and I tried my best to bring my girlfriend closer ….

On the Friday of that week I changed the boys restroom and I found Alejandro sleeping with Lucy while Lucy obeyed him willingly without complaining

I felt hurt that he took Lucy away from me and he even deserted her after to sat day …he just wanted me to know that no one wins a bet when he is involved

Revenge is Ultimate
⚡ Flashback ends ⚡

I will have to kidnap Carissa and make Alejandro come begging at my feet …I will never forgive him for what he did to me ..

????Carissa ????

I woke up that Evening finding myself covered with a blanket …

I was shocked when I noticed my dressing change …

“No no no ” I said in shock Alejandro mustn’t have s+x with me
I was still worried about where I was lying down when Alejandro came in with a tray

“Are you okay ” I was lost in thought when I saw his bare chest and this six packs that could make anyone go crazy ..

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“Carissa ” I heard his voice call me and I came back from day dreaming

He handed to food to me and watched me ear

” You may be scared when you woke but I didn’t do anything to you”

” Thank God” I said to myself

I eat my food cheerfully when Alejandro told me that he didn’t touch me…

He left the room later

???? Alexander ????

“Daddy ! I wanna do my assignment “I said walking towards the kitchen where he was making Tea

” You haven’t done your assignment since you came back from school” he said looking Angry

“I couldn’t do it cause Alessia was asleep since I came ”

“Fine go and give it to Ethan ”

“Okay dad ” I said smiling

I went to where Ethan was sitting and I gave him my assignment to explain ..

He taught me everything I needed to know and i continued my assignment .

???? Sophie ????

I called the secret agent to find our better about everything ..I checked the CCTV footage fixed in the house and I noticed a new maid in the house …

I checked the footage in his room and I saw a lady sleeping in our room …

Who is she ??
Why should she be sleeping on my matrimonial bed?

I think Alejandro is going to replace with that girl of a thing …

I am.gonna make sure he regrets everything he does …

I looked at myself and I felt like I was stupid ..I lose a lot of things …

My son Alexander is far from me and so my husband I have to find a way to kill the lady …

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I will call one of my boys and I will ask him to execute the plan