February 2, 2023

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Mafia Maid. Chapter 9

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her ,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter nine {9}

????Carissa ????

I was really surprised when I woke up and I found myself in Alejandro’s room ..I didn’t know when I slept off again …

I sat down resting my back on the giant size bed and the memories of how I used to sleep comfortably on my own bed when I was still rich and happy ….

I heard some voices coming towards the room and the door opened …
Alex, Alejandro , Kimberly and Ethan walked into the room smiling ….

“How are you dear ” Alejandro asked

“I am gud ” I said smiling …
He checked my eyes while I winced in pain

“It’s okay ” ….

He wanted to apply an ointment to my eyes but I stopped him we struggled with each other till he held me down …..

Ethan and Kimberly couldn’t hold their laughter while little Alex eyes were closed ..

We went downstairs together to have dinner and Lisa served us …

The moment Lisa came to my sit to serve me the glass of wine spilled all over my dress …. Alejandro stood up and her slapped …

He called his men and he ordered them to beat her up ..
“Boss please don’t do this …it was just a mistake ” I said pleading in her behalf

“Please boss don’t do anything to her I beg you”

He finally left her after much pleas and he told her never to do such a thing …

We continue dinner and we watched a movie after wards …

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⚔️ Diego ⚔️

What the fuck !! Mr Jason was murdered

“Yes ” his wife said crying

“Can I check the CCTV footage ”

” There is nothing in there …it has been wiped by the assassin’s ….

“He only has a bat tattoo on his back ”

“A bat tattoo ” I exclaimed ..

I assured Mrs Jason the killer will be brought to book and killed …

⚡ Flashback ⚡

“Fuck” Alejandro screamed when the artist started the tattoo …

“Arrrrrgh aaaaaaaahhh” his screamed again as the tattoo was bodly inscripted on his flesh …

His neck was kinda bleeding cause it was a permanent tattoo …

He finish the tattoo and I drove him back home

“Goodbye bro see you at school tomorrow ‘ he said and he entered into his house

⚡ Flashback ends ⚡

Definately The bat tattoo belongs to Alejandro and no one else can kill Mr Jason smoothly …

Alejandro is more powerful than I am ..he never misses his target and his victims never survive
I will have to lure Alejandro using The maid who he has started showing love signs to ..

Mr Jason is my best client and he pays me well but now he’s dead …
“Who could have ordered him to kill Jason i will have to find our from him …

???? Alejandro ????

Earlier today

I was given a mission to kill Mr Jason by one of the politicians …I went to his mansion where he was enjoying with his sex puppets …

I shot him from a very far distance abd he died instantly …No one saw me and obviously everyone fled when he got shot …

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It was a smooth bullet without a trace to the killer ….

I got down from the top I climbed and I went into my car and I drove off

I went back to my office and I left after wards to pick Alexander ..

Later in the day ..

After watching TV I told Carissa to follow me into my room we sat facing each other and she looked shy and stylishly at me ….

???? Sophie????

I called Python and I told him to come to meet me at the hotel …

“Hi Sophie” he said when he entered the hotel room
I was sitting on my bed checking a document …

“I have a job for you dear ” I told him

“Fine I wanna know the details of the victim ” he said smiling

” The job is a little bit difficult you are gonna deal with a Mafia who is my husband ” i said to him ..

“You have to kill the lady in this picture ” I said to him

” I have the access to the CCTV cameras and I will tell you where she is” I said

“Okay I assure you that I will kill her and you pay me my money ”

“Money is no problem do it as soon as possible ” I said ….
He left my hotel room and I started monitoring him

I just pray that he doesn’t hurt my husband

???? Kimberly ????

I finally got the best design for my agency ..Ethan gave me the courage and he helped me achieved this much …

I love him so much …I was excited throughout the settings and arrangements of the agency…..

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Ethan helped the men a lot and I achieved my aim

????Lisa ????

“What the f+ck ” Alejandro ordered me to get beaten because of Carissa …
I am going to make sure she regrets this …

???? Python ????

I killed on of the guards and I dressed like him .. Sophie already told me about him …I had a recorder on me that could see all my actions …

Sophie kept monitoring me
The house was really big but I located the window to Alejandro’s room by Sophie’s direction …

“Carissa is still in the room with him all I want you to do is to Eliminate her ”

I climbed the window and I jumped into the room they didn’t notice I was there ..i cocked my gun and I …