February 4, 2023

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Mafia Maid. Prologue

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???????? Mafia maid ????????

????My Virgin maid ????

〰️I bought her , she’s my son’s favorite 〰️

Rated ????

What happens when you lost everything to an ugly day ….

What happens when the people you love suddenly depart from you

Who is she ?

She Carissa Ann is a young lady Beautiful ,sexy and Brilliant …she lost her parents when she was sixteen and she had no choice than to live with her aunt .

Her Aunt Maya Ann is a wicked and arrogant lady who sells ladies to rich men and mafias as sex slaves

Carissa’s happiness turns to sorrow when she is sold to a mafia boss…

Who is he ?

Meet Alejandro axel the mafia boos who feels women are cheap commodity and sex dolls …
He becomes hard hearted after the mother of his young daughter Alexander run off with another man and breaks his heart

He has been looking for a maid that will make his son happy but he didn’t

His son is his weakness and he love him so much …

His son loves the new maid a lot but does that mean he would like her …

Find out what happens when a Mafia boss and a maid fall in Love ….

Is it really possible

Find out in this interesting book

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