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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 68

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 68

Brenda’s POV

The chef was before me and I felt helpless for a second, I wished that Scot would appear here.

“Hum! we shall see.” He said and walked away from me.

I let out an heavy sigh and went out, I quickly put a call across to Scot.

“Hello Scot.” My reply was sharp.

“Why are you disturbing me?” He asked.

“The chef is well and doesn’t seem affected in any place, his two legs are still intact.” I said.

He laughed. “The second leg is a fake one, trust me, it’s not his real leg.” He said and hung up.

Why is he so certain, the chef isn’t walking like something is wrong with him.


After we were done at work, before anyone could leave, I had already left in fear.

I had already called Scot to come and pick me, I kept looking back restlessly and helplessly hoping that the chef would not show up.

Abiut fifteen minutes later, Scot’s car showed up and I quickly entered.

“It took you fifteen minutes to get here, why don’t you just use three hours.” I scolded him.

“I went to buy food for you.” He said.

“Did I tell you, I’m hungry? Where is the food?” I asked and he brought it out and presented it to me

I threa the food out of the window and looked away.

“How was the chef?” He asked.

“Well, he’s fine and scary.” I answered.

“Fine? you believe his leg is still complete right?” He asked.

“Definitely, I saw it with my two eyes.” I said and he smirked.

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I was about to ask what was funny but he had already stepped down from th car.

“Keep watching the entrance of the company.” He said and came to lean at the car door on my side.

In about few minutes, the chef walked out of the exit door of the company.

Scot began to jug and approached him intentionally, he pushed the chef and he fell and quickly ran back to the car.

The chef fell and was finding it difficult to stand, as a matter of fact, he couldn’t stand by himself.

The more he tries to stand is the more I see the second leg, it was fake as Scot had said

I smiled happily

What can a one legged man do though?

“Do you now believe?” Scot asked and I tuned to him.

“I do.” I smiled.