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Mafia Maid. Chapter 17

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Mafia Maid ???? ????


〰️I bought her , she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️ ????

Chapter seventeen {17}

???? Lisa ????

????????What !!!???????? I said when Maya called me ….

????????How could the girls do such a thing to you????????I said to Maya over the phone

????????I don’t know why???????? she replied in tears ..

????????I would come over to help you to turn hospital ????????I said and I ended the call …….

I dressed up and i stood in front of the house looking for a taxi …..

The sun was shining and so hot ….

I was still feeling uncomfortable when a black car parked in front of me

“This isn’t a taxi “I thought but I entered …

“Afternoon ” I said when I entered

“Afternoon nice meeting you ” the man said …

“It’s my pleasure “….

It wasn’t up to five minutes when two men dressed in black entered the car ….

A gun was pointed to my head and I was asked to keep quiet

Then it dawned on me that I have been kidnapped …

Oh my gosh ..

???? Kimberly ????

Ethan called me and I answered the call

????????Hey baby how are you ????????I asked from him

????????I am really not okay????????he said with a sad tone

????????Any updates about Carissa ???????? I asked hoping to hear the best

???????? Carissa has been found ????????he said breaking the good news

????????Wow Thank you Lord ???????? I said jumping

????????We have a little problem here ????????he said sadly

????????Which problem ????????I asked

???????? Kimberly I am gonna talk to you later bye ????????he said and he ended the call

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I am really happy that Carissa has been found but why does Ethan seem worried …

Something mist be happening in the hospital but I have been instructed not to Leave the house

I check to see Alexander who was sleeping peacefully …

I went back to the sitting room.

Where is Lisa ……

????????‍⚕️ Doctor gibbs ????????‍⚕️

“I am so sorry “Mr Axel theres is nothing more that we can do ….

“You can take them today “I said sadly and he left my office

Such a pity

????Mrs Jason ????

“How dare you let her go ” I shouted at Diego ….you must have been trying to sleep with the poor girl and she struggled till she hit her head stains something

“I didn’t do anything ” Diego said

“Stop lying to me I know you are s+x freak and you wanna get it anytime you desire “I said angrily

“You have been looking lustfully at the top girl and I am so sure that it Is an attempted rape “I shouted at him …

“You have to find someone else to use as bait for Alejandro or else ” I said and I left angrily

I want to call my daughter to check on her …

???????? Hello baby ????????I said and she laughed

????????How are you mum ???????? I asked happily

????????Am fine ????????I said to her

????????What of Daddy ???????? I asked sadly

,????????Your dad is dead he was murdered by Alejandro Axel ???????? I said and tears flowed from my eyes

????????What Alejandro Alex ???????? I screamed over the phone

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????????I am so sorry mum …….I miss him so much ????????she said

????????I have to go baby bye ????????

Why did Kimberly scream so much when she heard the name …maybe she knows the person

Well soon he will be caught ..

I said and I drove to my house

???? Ethan. ????

I really don’t know what to do ……

Alejandro and Carissa are in the same condition right now

They are Alive and I have been instructed to take them home

I really don’t think this would be a a good time

I sat in the reception crying my eyes out …. Alejandro and Carissa shouldn’t be in the mess I later found out that my brother killed Mr jason

Politics and being a mafia caused it all

I would have to help them at all cost

????Maya ????

Lisa promised to come and I felt a little bit relieved cause I have been beaten black and blue

My eyes were swollen and I was bleeding especially my head ….

I have waited for almost an hour here but Lisa isn’t here yet …

I am loosing more blood and I can’t take it anymore …

I dragged on my belly little by little till I reached where the car key is …

I already told the drivers so go home so there is no one in the agency ….

I should have given them a break now what will happen to me ….

I hate myself