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Mafia Maid. Chapter 18

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter Eighteen {18}

????Maya ????

I was loosing blood fast and I was dying….. I closed my eyes and I felt relieved

I felt new with no injuries and I looked at my flesh and hissed ….I started walking on a particular direction where the sun shone brightly and it was filled with beautiful flowers …..

I was about sitting in the flowers when about six babies crawled to me ….

They kept crying for breast milk …I have never breast feeded a baby before ….

I remembered the number of abortions I made and they were the exact number of children that crawled to me …

I started running and I met all this girls I sold as s+x slave holding canes to beat me….

I had nowhere to run to ….

I fell into a pit and my hands was held by some demons while the main leader was having s+x with me while I cried in agony …it was different from that of human ….it was like fire and it burnt into my pu+-y

I kept screaming but none of them cared …. everyone kept making jest at me as I was tossed around for s-x

It was all demonic

There is no turning back…I have broken the thin line between life and death and I have torn the veil between the world’s …..

I have to suffer in the deep fire …

A taste of hell may we not miss heaven

????Lisa ????

“Please don’t do anything to me ” I was pleading as I was pulled into a the big mansion

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I was placed in front of a man who crossed his leg on a giant chair

I looked around the house and it was so big but so scary right now …

“You look like a slüt “he said shoving my hair to the back of my hair

My heart was beating fast like a tick clock and I was shaking …

He pulled my hands and he threw me into a dark room

“I will be back in the night ” he said and he locked the door ….

???? Alejandro ????

“Who are you ” I asked the man who stood inside the ward

“I am Ethan ” he said smiling

“I don’t know you ” I said looking at him strangely

“I am your brother ” he said

“I have no brother ” I said looking at him ….

A lady woke up in the same ward beside me and she was shouting

“What am I doing here ” she said with a loud voice

“You would be fine dear ” the man who called himself my brother told her to rest

They told me to stand up from the bed along side with the lady and we were taking to a car

I was told to enter the car and the lady also

I was so angry that I told the young man not to allow the lady in ..

He begged me and I agreed

We came to an halt in a big and gigantic house

???? Carissa ????

“Where I am ??

“what am I doing here ??” I shouted but a young man calm me down ..

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I was taken into a car which I didn’t know and the idiot which was sitting beside me kept disturbing till we got to a very big mansion

I was told to enter the mansion along side with the young man who kept disturbing me in the car …

A little boy ran to me and he hugged me tightly

“Who are you “.I asked looking strangely at him

“Carissa am glad you are back ”

I couldn’t recognize him but I hugged him because he his a kid …..

“It’s fine ” I said smiling

“Let me take you to your room ” the young man said

“What’s you name ” I asked him ….

“I am Ethan ” he said smiling

“Okay ” I said laughing stylishly

He took me to my room and he left …

I feel so strange In this house …..

I looked at the pictures that included me a woman and a Man …

I felt awkward and I had blurry visions

???? Kimberly ????

“What’s going on baby “I said almost crying…

“You don’t have to cry love “Ethan said patting me

“What happened to the both of them ” I asked crying

“It’s partial Amnesia “Ethan said

“50-50 chances of remembering everything ” I said crying …

“It’s gonna be fine ….I was told Carissa went through an attempted rape

“I think I have to try that to make her remember or the kidnap she went through ….”Ethan said

“Let’s try the kidnap first”

“Okay sure let’s try that tomorrow” he said and I smiled

“Where is Lisa ” he asked me

“She left the house without telling anyone I don’t know where she is ” I said

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“Lemme go prepare dinner ” I said and I left

⚔️ Diego ⚔️

The lady looks absolutely like a slut ….her dressing and looks shows she isn’t a virgin like Carissa and I must surely have her

???????? Afternoon Mrs Jason ????????

????????Diego how are you doing ????????

????????Am good ma’am ????????

????????Any update about Alejandro ????????

????????I found another lady who lives in the house and she is the perfect bait

????????Okay make sure she doesn’t escape this time ????????

I ended the call

I can’t wait for tonight

????Mrs Jason ????

I am so proud of Diego he found another girl so soon

I want to go and visit Kimberly tomorrow I have to tell her to send me the address ..I will go in the Evening

????????Hello baby ????????I said when she answered the call

????????Mom how are you doing ????????she said

????????I am fine … Kindly send the address to your house

????????That’s perfect can’t wait to see you ….. I will send it right away ????????

She ended the call