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Mafia Maid. Chapter 19

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her ,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter Nineteen {19}

????Lisa ????

I was really scared as he locked me in the room and I wanted to scream …

The room was looking slimmer to me and it felt like I was been locked up in walls …..

I closed my eyes and I sat down carefully …

I waited for the worst to happen and I didn’t even know what the time is …

I felt like crying but I just had to keep quiet …..

The door opened slowly and I knew the time has come …..

The boss dragged me out of the room and I found out that it was already in the night

He dragged me into the room and he ripped off my clothes …he had sex with me till I blacked out ….

⚔️Diego ⚔️

I was really prepared for this lady ….I took a can of climax and I took her to my room ….

I had s+x with her and I saw that she was unconscious

“Not another one ” I said to myself

I called Mrs Jason and I explained everything to her ….

“Diego where are you ” she called from the sitting room ….I already too her bath and dressed her up

“I will just have to pretend that she’s my daughter “Mrs Jason said

“Okay ”

I carried Lisa into the car and I drove to the hospital with Mrs Jason …

She was given a special care when we got to the hospital

We waited for about two hours before the doctor called

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“Good afternoon”the doctor said bowing a little …

“How is she doing ‘ Mrs Jason asked anxiously

“She’s actually improving but I have a serious problem on ground ….we need her mother’s blood to make her better

“I am her mother ” Mrs Jason said lying

“Fine follow me ….we would have to check your blood. Sample “the doctor said and Mrs Jason followed him

Since the doctor had nothing else to say I went back to the reception

???? Ethan ????

I put a tablet of sedate into both of them Kimberly was waiting for them to sleep …

In less than five mins ..they both of them slept off

“Kimberly bring the bullet proof “I said ….

I wore the bullet proof on Alejandro in other to prevent the bullet from penetrating ….

I carried the two of them into the car and I drove them to the path of the road that leads to the house when coming from the hospital

We left them in the car and we stayed nearby watching them …I already my men with the car …I really don’t know how it happened but surely the cars must have crossed their path …we planned it well and we waited for them to wake up

“What am I doing here ” I heard Giovanni’s voice

“You jerk ..what are you doing here ??”I heard Carissa’s voice also …

Alejandro started the car and he drove past us ….I sent my boys after them racing speedily

My plan is surely gonna work

???? Alejandro ????
I felt so strange sitting in the car with this lady ……it has a significance

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We hardly left the spot when two cars crossed our car …

The moment I got down one of them gave me a blow and I fell to the ground …
They kept tossing me around and beating at that point in time the stranger who was in the car kept stretching her hand for help but I couldn’t help …

A lot of pictures and memories where going on in my head but I wasn’t able to tell what was going on …

I kept struggling holding me head until one of them shot me ….

I fell to the ground as I watched the lady being taken away ….

???? Scorpion ????

I and my men accomplish the mission quiet well I hope it yield …

We gave the lady a sleeping powder and she slept off

We carried the both of them into the car and I drove them following Ethan till they got to their house …

???? Kimberly ????

I still can’t believe Alejandro killed my father ….He made my mother sorrowful.

I pray he regains his memory and explain why he killed my Dad

I can’t believe my in-law to be is a murderer…

We laid Alejandro on the bed and we gave him the necessary treatment …

Carissa was sleeping beside him as well I pray our plan works ….

I went outside to where Ethan was sitting

“What job does your brother do ” I asked looking at me

“What’s going on why the question now ” he asked me

“I wanna know serious ” I said to him

“Do you really wanna know the whole story ” he asked me

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“Yes I wanna know everything” okay sit lemme tell you …..

The story starts like this …