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Mafia Maid. Chapter 20

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her ,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter twenty {20}

???? Ethan ????

It all started like this …

“I was born into a family of four, a rich family that was contended with all that they ……

“We kept living peacefully and we never for once lacked anything ….Things were going normal until my brother received a call from the Telephone and it was announced that we lost both parents to an accident…

“I was living with asthma but it wasn’t that obvious ….I went through a Minor shock with breathing difficulty

My brother couldn’t leave my side an inch even though the family Doctor kept looking at me……

I slept off that day

Two days later the family of my Dad and we were thrown out of the house

That was the last day we set our feet into our father’s house

We stayed in the street that day until we found a place to sleep that night …

I couldn’t sleep peacefully.. The sound of the mosquito kept ringing in my ear and I got very cold …

Alejandro sacrificed everything for me …he watched me till the next morning

Four days later I suddenly had an attack …I have exhausted my Inhaler so I couldn’t use that anymore….

I was dying but I knew Alejandro did something to help

I woke up in the hospital

I went through a tough operation that almost took my life ….I overheard the doctors saying he spent million of dollars for the surgery ….

I didn’t know when all that happened

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In exchange of the money that he used in saving my life he had to become a MAFIA BOSS

He sent me to Italy to continue my Education and that was where I met you and ever since then I loved you so much Kim

I said and I ended the story …
???? Kimberly ????

Ethan story is so touching but anyway my father almost exchanged us for the sake of drugs and we had to leave our parents

I was still deep in my thoughts when one of the chef called us ….

“The boss is awake ”

We kept hearing his scream from the room …..I followed Ethan as he ran to the room

“Calm down ” Ethan said holding Alejandro

“Where is Carissa ” Alejandro asked

“She’s right there beside you” I said pointing to Carissa

He stood up from the bed and he went to where she was sleeping

“What happened to her ” he asked

“Nothing she’s sleeping ” Ethan replied

“I really wanna know what happened “he said to his brother …

????Mrs Jason ????

“Your blood matches perfectly with that of your daughter” the doctor said

“What!!!!” I exclaimed

“Hope there is no problem ” the doctor asked

“I want you to run a DNA test on her ” I said and I left the office

Different though went through my mind …. Kimberly never mentioned her younger sister when we met so who is this girl

I hope it is not my daughter cause I gave Diego the chance to sleep with her cause I was clouded by revenge…

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I will make sure Alejandro suffers this …I have to go to their house right away

I took my car and I located the address Kimberly gave me …

I knocked on the door and it was opened by a security guard

“Please how may I help you “the guard asked

“I want to see Kimberly ” I said

“Okay you can go in “the security guard said

I walked to the entrance and it was opened by a Maid

I was directed to the sitting room ….

I froze when I saw the greatest shock of my life

“Kimberly you live in this house”I asked shockingly

“Yes mum I do and I have an explanation for everything” she said

“Where is your younger sister “I asked

“She got lost that night you asked us to escape….I thought she was following me but she wasn’t and 4ver since then I never saw her again “she said and i burst into tears …

I am so doomed right now ….

“You murdered my husband “I said pointing to Alejandro

“They is a lot behind the death of your husband .. would you like to know everything ” he moving closer to me

“I would really love to know ” I said looking into his eyes

???? Carissa ????

*How did I get here ” I remember staying with an idiot in the car and later on we got crossed by other cars

I stood up from the bed and I went downstairs

I saw a woman standing in the sitting room

I felt a sharp pain in my head that made me feel like I was going to die anytime from now ….pictures kept moving like a flash until I fell …

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⚔️Diego ⚔️

Mrs Jason looked so worried when she came back from the ward …I guess her blood didn’t match that of the lady …..

She left the hospital to where God knows ….I just have to wait till she’s back so that I would be able to go back home