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Mafia Maid. Chapter 22

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her, she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter twenty-two {22}

???? Alejandro ????

I went to the place I and Diego usually meet when we were still very good friends …he had built the corner into in a small cabin which he stayed after committing a crime …

I know he was the one who set the industry on fire and he did this to punish me ..

Ethan would feel angry about this ….

“Diego come out now “I shouted at the top of my voice

I kept turning around with caution making sure no one was coming ….

I was tired and I kept waiting for Diego to come

A hand covered my mouth with a white handkerchief …I struggled to set my self free but I felt weak and I loosed consciousness …

????Snake ????

I was able to bring down the Powerful Mafia ….Diego was right he knew I would find him in the cabin

???????? Hello boss ????????

????????How are you doing snake ????????

???????? Mission accomplished ????????I said smiling

????????I trust you tie him to a chair and wait there till I come????????he said

????????Okay I would ???????? I said and I ended the call

I dragged him inside the cabin cause he had muscles that made him very heavy

I tied him to a chair and I sat in front of him smoking my cigar …

I waited for Diego

????Lisa ????

A new patient was wheeled into my ward ..I recognize this face

“Kimberly ” I thought to myself

“What is she doing here ” I asked my self

“Kill her “my inner man said

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“She has been maltreating you all this while ” it repeated again

“I am having a drip ” I replied him

“Remove it now “it voice came again resounding

“No no you can’t kill a lady like that ” my subconscious told me

I can’t believe Mrs Jason is my mum and she allowed Diego to rape me …

I was still thinking about it all when She entered

“Kimberly my daughter ” she said crying

“What !!!!!”I screamed from the bed

“Lisa this is your sister ” she said pointing to Kimberly ”
“No she can’t be ” I said crying

“I am so sorry for all the pain I made you go through “she said begging

I felt a sharp pain in my head and I screamed …I was given an injection and I slept off

???? Ethan ????

I returned from the agency when I met Alexander on the floor crying …

I left Alejandro and Carissa at home but now they are no where to be found

“Alexander what happened ” I said pulling him to my chest

“Carissa was kidnapped ” he replied still crying

“By who ” I asked him

“They were dressed in all black ” he said trying to wipe his tears off …..

I took Alexander along with me to the police station and they promised to look after …..

A search party was asked to check the hook and cranny of the town to see if they can find Alejandro and Carissa …

I just kept praying in my mind

????Mrs Jason ????

I left Alejandro’s house after the whole explanation so I decided to go back and talk to Lisa when Diego’s call came in

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???????? Afternoon Ma’am ????????Diego said when I answered the call

???????? Afternoon ???????? I replied coldly

????????I have a good news for you ????????he said laughing

???????? What’s the good news ????????

????????I just burnt down Kimberly’s agency ????????he said laughing

???????? What !!! You burnt down my daughter’s agency !!”I screamed over the phone ????????I didn’t wait for his response ….

I ended the call and I drove to the agency …..

It was burnt and completely destroyed

I asked the police if they had any idea of where Kimberly is and I was told that she has been taken to a central hospital ……

I drove to the hospital to look for her

“I wished I should never had seeked revenge ” I said bitting my fingers ….

I was given the number to her ward when I realized it is the same with that of Lisa ….

Lisa was so shocked when he saw me calling Kimberly my daughter ..I don’t think they will ever forgive me

????Carissa ????

I really love this little boy …we have been joking and talking since my fiance left

I never really remembered having a fiance but who care ….

I was running around the sitting room when some men I black entered the room and started dragging me out ….

“Leave me alone …stay away from me ” i kept screaming at the top of my voice

My mouth was covered with a white handkerchief and I slept off

⚔️Diego ⚔️

I finally had my way today …..

Alejandro and Carissa is here sleeping

Guess what I am gonna do to them