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Mafia Maid. Chapter 23

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her,she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️ ????

Chapter twenty-three {23}

???? Alejandro????

I opened my eyes faintly when I noticed a fire place in beside me ….

I blinked my eyes repeatedly before realizing that Carissa was sitting opposite me …

I tried to stand but then I saw that I was tied to a chair …I tried to move and free myself but I was of no use …

I heard someone clapping…

“Holy shit ” I said when I saw Diego coming into the cabin …

“I am so glad having both of you here ” he said laughing

“Diego what do you want from me ” I said struggling to free myself

Carissa kept staring at me then I remembered she hasn’t regained her memory

“I have a lot to take from you Alejandro ” Diego replied with his eyes turning red

“You took my first love from me and you had s+x with her ” she said holding my shirt

“We had a bet and I won ” I said and he gave me a dirty slap ….

“I am gonna do the same thing tonight ” he said smiling wickedly at Carissa

“No no Diego please don’t do this I beg you in that name of God ” I said sweating

“You know God !!! If you didn’t you shouldn’t have had s+x with Lucy ” he said walking up to Carissa …

I was held down by two men even though I was tied to the chair …

Diego untied Carissa and he dragged her into the bed in the cabin …

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She kept screaming

I kept begging Diego but he wouldn’t listen

???? Carissa ????

“What did I do to this people and why am I here ” I asked my self but I got no reply

I can’t remember anything

The two men who were opposite me kept me mentioning my name while the other that was tied begged him not to touch me

I thought I was free when the second man untied me but not until he dragged me to the bed

I kept struggling with him and at that point I remembered everything

Diego that same Diego who tried to rape me in his mansion …

I was taken back to Alejandro and we kept fighting in the car calling him an idiot

Ethan , Kimberly,Lisa,Maya and Alexander i remember them all

“Alejandro!!!! I screamed out his name and he screamed back

Diego ripped off my clothes and he pinned me to the bed ….
I have come to end

The end,the shame and disgrace

The pains of the heart

The opened scar

An act of violence without conscience

An act of wickedness

I have become ripped off my flaws and beauty

My pride is gone

My dignity is lost never to be gotten again

Minutes seemed like seconds and it was all gone …I was raped

I watched my blood flow in pressure and the pains I felt was unbearable

That blood was my pride and my beauty

I have no reason to live …I lost it out of wedlock

I remembered the words of my mother

Your virginity is your pride

I have disappointed mother hood

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I watched the devil as he stood up from the cabin bed he wasn’t sober …

I looked at Alejandro and I saw tears in his eyes ….

Diego went to where he was sitting…..he wore a brass knuckle and he started beating him

He gave me so many blows that blood was pouring from Alejandro’s mouth ….

I was crying even in my pain ….I was kinda naked and weak so I couldn’t help

He untied him from the chair and he felt to the floor …his men kept beating him till he loosed consciousness ….I screamed so loud and my mouth was covered ….
Just then we heard the police siren

“Raise your hands up” the police said when they entered the cabin

Diego and his men had no choice but to surrender and they were arrested by the police ….

Both I and Alejandro were wheeled into an ambulance and we were attended to with the very best of First aid ….

I was taken to a ward where i was cleaned and taken care of by older women
I slept off after some injections

???? Ethan ????

I feel very bad right now ….I wish we heard Carissa’s scream earlier than that …

I would make sure that Diego rots in jail …. My brother’s wound and bruises were the worst I would ever see …….

He was beaten into a coma and I was told he his between life and death

I have three people in the hospital today
Kimberly, Alejandro and Carissa

“Uncle Ethan ” I heard Alexander’s voice as her ran through the hall way .. .

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I was a little bit happy the school was on a summer vacation … would have been difficult for him

“How are you dear ” I said running my hand through his hair

“Where is my Dad “he asked looking innocently into my eyes

“Your dad is fine okay ” I said and he smiled

I held his hand and I went to Kimberly’s ward but to my surprise Mrs Jason who came to our house yesterday is begging the both girls ….

A lot of things has to be revealed