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Mafia Maid. Chapter 24

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Mafia Maid ????????


AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter twenty-four {24}

⚔️Diego ⚔️

I was handcuffed and arrested by the police …i wish i had given up on Alejandro and lived a better life ….

I was sentence to life in imprisonment

I was going to spend the rest of my life among prisoners and eat food served by warders ….

It is all over

I wished I changed earlier

????Mrs Jason ????

“Kimberly” I called out her name when she woke up

“Mum ” she said smiling

“How do you know I was in the hospital ” I saw it in the news so I had to come …..I found your younger sister ” I said

“My younger sister !!!” She said smiling

“Look over there ” I said pointing to Lisa who was still staring at Kimberly

“Elisa !!!”Kimberly said shockingly

“She’s your sister Kimberly”i said and both of them kept staring at each other

“I have to leave you to talk to each other ” I said and I left the ward ….

???? Kimberly ????

I was surprised to see my mum beside me when i woke up ….

My agency is all gone and how did she know I am in this hospital ..

I was so shocked when my mum told me that Lisa is my younger sister ….the same Lisa who was a maid in Alejandro’s house ….the one who i slapped …
The same Lisa I never accepted

My mum left the ward leaving us to talk

Even after 25 mins in the room our pride wasn’t willing to accept that we were sisters so I had to break the silence

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“That night when mom told us to escape from the house I said and tears fell from eyes …I wanted to take you along but you kept crying …I thought you followed me but I couldn’t find you ….I searched the hook and cranny of the town looking for you but you were no where to be found ” I said crying

“Life hasn’t been so easy afterward …I had to struggle to get to where I am and with the help of Ethan i achieved all my dreams ” I said to my sister

Though it is tough to say but Elisa is still my sister

“I landed in the hands of a woman who took care of me till I clocked 17 …. unexpectedly she sold me to a woman who owned a s+x agency ….. I had s+x with men and Maya got paid …it stopped when I came to Alejandro’s house ….. You wouldn’t believe that Mum was the one seeking for revenge and I got raped by Diego ” she said crying

“What !!!” I said in shock

“I am so sorry Elisa and I am so glad to have you back in my arms ” though I could hold her in my arms due to the drips I was having but she accepted me as her sister …

I haven’t heard from Ethan , Alejandro or Carissa I hope they are safe

???? Ethan????

I can’t believe this ..Mrs Jason is Elisa’s mother meaning that Lisa and Kimberly are sisters

Kimberly never told me she had a past and that her family got separated and now Alejandro killed her father …I am really confused

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I sat in the reception carrying Alexander on my laps I didn’t know when I slept off…

The next day ????

I woke up late in the morning then I realized I had slept off on the reception chair .. little Alexander is still sleeping he must be going through a lot of stress by now …..

A nurse walked to me and she told me the doctor wanted to see me

I carried Alexander and I walked to the office trying my best not to interrupt his sleep …

“Good morning doctor ” i said when I entered the office

“Morning Mr Alex kindly have your sit ” he said and I sat down

” I am going to be addressing the issue of the patient who are under your care ” he said

“Kimberly is going to be discharged and she totally fine …”he said and I smiled

“Carissa is going through a Minor shock currently .. she has to be in this hospital for a while …….she got affected by the rape and she needs time to herself ” he said sadly

“Your brother is in a very critical stage and needs adequate attention …he got really wounded by the person who attacked him and we still have a lot of stitches to make and put him under a standard health care …”he said and my countenance changed

“Can I go see them” I asked the doctor ..

“As for your brother and Carissa you can’t see them for now “he said and I stood up …I carried Alex and I left the office …..

I went to the Emergency and I saw my brother being attended to by Doctors who were working on his cuts …I felt so bad that I didn’t know when tears came out of my house …

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I remember when we were young Alejandro was so scared of injection and drips ….his noise echoed in my ears…

Carissa on the other hand kept struggling in her sleep she was going through a trauma ….

I went back to the reception and Kimberly was waiting for me with Lisa

“Ethan “she called out my name and she ran to me

“How are you doing ” I said hugging her

“I am fine meet my younger sister ” she said pointing to Lisa …

I pretended like I knew nothing

“Let’s go home ” I said and we all left the hospital

We have a lot to talk about when we get home

“Tell your mum to come over “I said to Kimberly smiling ..