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Mafia Maid. Chapter 25

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Mafia Maid ???? ????


〰️I bought her she’s my son’s favourite〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter Twenty-five {25}


????Mrs Jason????

I was scared when Kimberly told me that Ethan asked me to come visit ..there is truly a motive behind this

Ethan must have something in plan before asking me to come over

I entered the same house I entered two days ago with fear in my heart ….I was offered a sit and served a drink .

Ethan came down the sitting room looking angrily at me

“Mrs Jason I know everything ” he said sitting on a couch with Kimberly and Lisa on the other side

“You planned Carissa’s kidnapped in the first place and in the process she got injured and you and Diego abandoned her in the hospital ” he said laughing

“You also asked someone to kill my brother and he lost his memory ….. Kimberly’s agency was burnt by Diego in the process of revenge and your daughter Lisa was raped by Diego ” he said this time bitterly ..

“He didn’t just end there ….the first and only woman my brother ever loved was ripped apart and raped to his own face by his enemy …all thanks to you “Ethan said angrily

“Carissa is going through a trauma and my brother’s life is at stake all because of you …”

“The one you call your husband has been wicked all his life and he even killed our parents and that is the major reason Alejandro became a mafia ” he said pacing up and down the sitting room

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“The only reason why I am sparing your life is because of Kimberly and we are getting married soon “he said smiling

“Please get out of my house “Ethan said pointing to the door ….

I couldn’t even face my children I messed up a big time

I left the house in shame

????Lisa ????

Even after everything Kimberly is my sister whom I missed a lot

Ever since she left I have always wanted to be by her side but even after meeting her I still don’t feel the bond between us anymore and she really doesn’t care about me like when we were younger

Ethan sent my mom out and I still hate her for making Diego rape me ….she wanted to get revenge over dad’s death

My Dad who caused the separation from the start ..his illegal acts almost got us sold to a Mafia so mum had to help us escape

Why would she seek revenge for a man like this ?I thought to myself

Who cares anyway

I would have to help myself and correct my wrong doings

???? Kimberly????

I wasn’t really happy Ethan sent my mom out but I am glad I know the whole truth ….

I hugged Ethan and he kissed my forehead…

“Can we go see the agency “I asked Ethan smiling

“Sure baby …I wished i could see Carissa and Alejandro but not until next week ” he said sadly

“Alexander !!”Ethan called and he came running down the stairs

“Be careful boy ” I said

“Let’s go out together “I said smiling

“What about your sister “he asked looking into my eyes ..

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“How did you know “I asked in shock ..

“I heard everything that you said “he said smiling innocently

“Okay it’s fine let’s go ” he said and we all went to check out the agency

We went shopping and we ate a lot of food and snack and we returned home

I was so impressed with everything that Ethan did to my agency. …I can’t believe it reached half already

I hugged Ethan


???? Ethan ????

I woke up that bright morning preparing to go visit Alejandro and Carissa in the hospital …

I packed a lot of food and fruit ….I also dressed Alexander so he could come along …

Kimberly also followed me to the hospital and she took some clothes along …

We drove to the hospital playing music in the car

I entered the hospital and I asked Kimberly and Alexander to wait in the reception …..

I went to collect a permit for the doctor …I went to the ward to check on Alejandro and Carissa but I …….