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Mafia Maid. Episode 16

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Mafia Maid ????????


〰️I bought her, she’s my son’s favourite 〰️

AMETHIREX ????️????

Chapter sixteen {16}

????Ethan ????

I was still In shock when the doctor told me that my brother got attacked with a very critical wound …I hadn’t recover from that when Carissa was wheeled into the hospital ….

It is Diego ……

Diego was the one who kidnapped Carissa but he doesn’t recognize me as Alejandro’s brother …

I called the police and I gave them the update ……
They arrived in the hospital and the theatre where Alejandro and Carissa were placed was surrounded ..

I couldn’t bear it anymore …I had to make sure Kimberly and Alexander are safe so I also arranged police to guard the house and make sure no one comes in …I was told they had gone to a supermarket ..

Diego has to pay for this ….he sat in the reception with a dark shade on preventing the cops from seeing him. …..

The moment the cops moved to the director of the hospital ward……he walked briskly towards the exit and he left …

I sat in the hospital waiting for the result of the surgery .

???? Kimberly ????

I held Alexander in my hand as I walked into the supermarket …I was so cautious looking at my left and right making sure that no one was following us or monitoring us …

I really don’t want anything to happen to Alexander….

We went to the food section and we checked the kids categories …. Alexander sat in the big cart pointing to everything he wants and I picked them for him …I pushed his cart and it mistakenly hit a woman and her phone fell from her hand …

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“Oh my gosh ” she screamed and I tried to help her up

I was shocked when she raised her head up ….

I found my mum standing in front of me ….she hugged me gladly …

????Mrs Jason ????

“Oh my goodness ” I forgot to buy a ketchup from the supermarket so I made a turn back to the supermarket ….

The food section was ahead so I decided to pass through the kids section…

I was walking without looking my way when a shopping cart collided with me …

My phone fell down from my hand

I raised up my hand to look at the person who was pushing the cart when I met with the shock of my life …

“Kimberly !!!!!!!!!” I screamed and the people in the supermarket looked at us ….

I burst into tears as I pulled my daughter into my hands ….

“I have missed you so much baby after all this years ” I said crying ….

“It’s okay mum …”she replied hugging me

We shopped together and I gave her my number …

She told me she couldn’t follow me because of the little child she was holding …
I promised to visit her during the week …

????????‍⚕️ doctor gibbs ????????‍⚕️

We had two patients in the theater together …the both of them had similar injuries ….

We had to operate the both of them and I must tell they are in critical conditions that really needs attention ….

The surgeons team operated on the two and I kept checking both teams to ensure that everything is alright..

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We finally finished the operation after 8 hours it was late already around 10:00 PM in the evening ..

The police kept survey the ward we kept them after the operation
I went to my apartment to rest ..
⚔️Diego ⚔️

I didn’t expect this to happen who could have called the police ….
I don’t even know any among this men whom I can bribe so i had to leave the hospital …

Mrs Jason would be so mad at me right now ….

I can’t come and claim Carissa because the ward is now surrounded and I think she has been announced missing ….

I sat in my room still thinking of a plan

????Maya ????

I entered into the girls room to see them looking strangely
“Why are you all looking like fools ” I asked when I saw that they weren’t prepared to go to the Empire today …

I got no reply from them while their countenance didn’t change as well

“Everyone of you should get up and get prepared ” I shouted but none replied me ….

I tapped one of the girls and I got a resounding slap …I felt like the world was coming to an end …I want to slap but another one held me and she gave me a dirty slap ….

I thought they were out of their senses until they started beating ….

They beating got severe and I was bleeding ….

They all packed their clothes and they left sharing the money in the house Among themselves

“Oh I am doomed I have to call Lisa ” I said still in pains

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I haven’t gotten any update from Maya about the agency ….
I have to make sure the agency is affected and destroyed …

I will have to make Kimberly pay for slapping me…. I will make sure she regrets

I went downstairs and I saw Kimberly talking to someone on the phone and I heard Carissa’s name ..

What are they talking about ….

I was about returning to my room when my my phone rang ..