November 22, 2023

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 70

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 70

Brenda’s POV

A man’s head peeped in and searched around but couldn’t find us, we were behind an old wood.

The man jumped inside the room through the window, he stared around the room that we were.

He suddenly set his gaze on the wood that guided us. He walked to the wood and as he removed the wood, Scot hit him.

Just once and the man fell, Scot must have learnt how to hit people in strategic places of their body.

The man fell to the floor and it made some kind of sounds, someone else jumped in and before Scot could act, the person had already stretched a gun.

“Boss, I’ve caught them.” The fierce looking man said into his phone while stretching the gun at us.

“Okay boss.” He said into the phone , as he put the phone back to his pocket.

“Don’t make any stupid move.” He warned and checked his colleague that was already on the floor.

*Just one order and I would blow your head off.” The man threatened as he stood from his coleague’s body.

He sniffed.

“Well, I’ll give you double of the money the chef will pay you for this, if you corporate.” Scot said.

“You think I’m after money? Keep that your stinking silly mouth shut or I blow your head off.” He threatened.

I held unto the cloth of Scot thight, I felt like telling him to obey the man and not utter any word again but I just felt like he’s clever and wiser than me.

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“$10,000 will be yours right now , if you corporate.” Scot said and the man looked around in shock and checked his wrist watch.

“I was paid 2 fü-ük!ñg thousand dollar for this….” He checked his wrist watch again. “The chef will soon be here….I’ll lie that you escaped.”

“Give me the gun first and I’ll send you the money.” Scot said.

“Am I crazy? why would I?” He asked?

“The gun is your power, if I send you the money , you may still decide not to let us go. But once I send the money, it is impossible for me to get it back from you, I’ll be with the gun and leave.” Scot said.

“And what if you shoot me?” The man asked and checked his wrist watch again.

“Trust me , I’m offering you five times of your money.” Scot said and the man handed over his gun to Scot expecting him to send the money as promised.