December 3, 2022

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In Love With An Hijabite. Episode 5

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IN LOVE WITH THE HIJABITE (She is a Muslimah….He is a playboy)

©️Solely written by Authoress Adesewa




It hurts really bad to know that the person you love doesn’t love you back, but there’s no stopping me. I have to make Xavier mine at all costs. It might take time but at last Xavier Austin will be mine and mine alone.
I’m feeling so sad right now and I just wanna get drunk but I can’t drink at home cos my mom would have my head if she catch me with a drink.
I think I know just the right thing to do.
I texted my friends and asked them to meet me at Tower bar in the next 30 minutes. Tower bar is a chic club for celebrities and rich people. I don’t go to local clubs cos they are too classless for my taste.
I changed into a pink tank top and a black bum short. I quickly fixed my hair and makeup.
I was about to leave the house successfully when my twin sister asked me where I was going to.

“Claire, where are you going to dressed like that?”she asked.

“Nowhere, just tell mom I might come home late”. I said to her.

“Okay, be careful sis” she added.
I scoffed as I rushed out of the house. It’s so hard to believe that she’s my twin sister because we don’t have anything in common. I’m a blonde, she’s a brunette. I’m classy and beautiful while is plain Jane. My life is interesting while hers is boring.
I can mention our differences till eternity and still not be able to mention it all.

I just finished observing my solat_ul_Asri (the third prayer of the day) and I am currently repenting of my sins.
I finished praying so I decide to call my best friends (Zainab and Fateemah).
I tried calling Zainab’s number but it was switched off so I called Teemah instead.
”Finally, somebody decides to call me” Teemah said jokingly as soon as she picked the call.
”Good afternoon to you too”. I said sticking out my tongue at her though she can’t see me.
”How are you doing? ” she asked.
”Am fine, what about you? “. I asked back.
”Am fine also. Zainab is here and she wants to greet you also” Teemah said.
Salam alaykum” I greeted her.
”Walaykum salam, how is mum and dad?” Zainab asked.
”They are both fine. I called your number some minutes ago and it was switched off”. I said.
Yeah, NEPA problem (Nigerians can relate)” she said.
”Oh, I understand jare. How is school?”. I asked.
”It’s fine and you won’t believe this, a lot of people actually asked of you from Teemah and I”. Zainab said.
”Really? My regards to them also”. I said.
I don’t talk in school except with my besties so it’s surprising that my former course mates would ask of me.
I cut the call after exchanging more pleasantries with my besties. I decide to select the cloth I’d wear tomorrow so I won’t be late for class.
I selected a purple gown and a white Pashmina(scarf) with a black sandal. After arranging my clothes on a hanger, I brought out my textbooks to revise some topics.
I was still revising my works when I received a call from an unknown number.
Written by Authoress Adesewa.

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I don’t like picking strange calls so I ignored the call but the caller was persistent and I was left with no choice than to pick up the call.
”Hello”. I said impatiently.
”I’m sorry about earlier” a male voice said.
”I don’t understand. I think you have the wrong person”. I said to the caller.
”Am I not speaking with Zakiyah Adams?” the caller asked.

“Yes”. I wanted to say but I discovered I already have a flat battery so my phone is switched off already.
I plugged my phone into the socket still pondering on the strange call I just received.
I don’t think I know the caller although the person seems to know me.


“Am I not speaking with Zakiyah Adams?”. I asked but the call was disconnected immediately.
Maybe she knows I’m the one and she doesn’t want to talk to me, I reasoned.
I’ve got to admit that her voice sounds so cool. I guess I was too angry this morning to realise that.
If you are wondering how I got her number, it’s quite simple. That is one of the perks of being famous and I was able to charm the school receptionist also. I think she’s got a major crush on me. Too bad she isn’t my type.
I’m looking forward to apologising to Zakiyah in school tomorrow. That is step one towards achieving my aim.