December 4, 2022

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My G@y Husband. Episode 2

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???? Episode 2????
Korean based story by Chekwube Eucharia.

????Emelda’s POV

???? My head kept falling from the table as I laid there to steal some sleep. Sleeping on duty is really sweet until you are caught. A sudden bang on the desk jerked me up from sleep.

I rose with a start.
” Good morning customer, welcome to Micky Mouse club hou…” I was saying, bowing repeatedly.

Another heavy banging???? on the desk.

I jerked up again. My eyes cleared to see my boss glaring at me. I lowered my face not daring to look in his eyes as I adjusted my glasses. I don’t have any eye problems, I just wear glasses because I don’t like looking people in the eyes or people looking in mine.
My name is Emelda. I work at Mickey Mouse supermarket. I live in a small apartment with my cousin sister, Darcie. We are both Koreans but preferred being called by our English names.

“Good morning customer? To your boss, Emelda?. What is the time?”
My boss, Kim Mickey fired at me.

I slowly lifted my eyes an peeped from one side of my glasses at the wall clock. Kill me!!.

“Its.. It’s 3:30 PM s..sir” I said and swallowed hard. He glared at me .

“You re becoming lazy, I’m deducting your salary” my boss said as he walked away. I rushed to him and grabbed his hand. He glared at me with his lollipop eyes.

“What sir?..hahaha you see, I wasn’t even sleeping Sir.. I was praying.. Yes praying very hard for this company, I wasn’t sleeping, I swear on my twin sister Willie!!” I said trying to sound genuine but that man knows better than to believe my stupid stories.

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He jerked off my hand, grunted and walked out.

I slowly returned to my position. I hate working full time.

I brought out my diary from my bag and kissed it then opened it as I smiled stupidly.
“List Of Things I Need” I read out.
“A bicycle for my troublesome pretty sister to help her go to school on time. A school bag for my sweet but annoying little brother then the rest of my money will be saved for my tuition fee” I read out and sighed.

I raised my head and was scared to hell. I didn’t realize someone was standing before me, with a mischievous smile. I threw the book in my hand at him In a reflex action. He frowned. Is he angry, when he just scared me like that?

Its none of my business. Anyways, he’s pretty.

“Is that an attack just now, on me?” He asked pointing at himself.

“No no sir, welcome to Mickey Mouse club House, please what do you want to buy?” I yelled and maintained my best smile.

“Must you shout? I can hear really well” he said covering his ears.

He squatted and picked up my diary which I threw at him earlier and looked at the small book with Willie boldly written on the cover with a cute teddy bear face drawn it.

“Willie” he said looking at me. I slowly lowered my eyes and adjusted my glasses and looked to see if my boss was in sight.

“I’m sorry for throwing the book at you sir but could you please give it back?” I said pleadingly. He scoffed.

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“Your twin sister, whom you just swore on, is Willie” he said waving my beautiful book I’m my face.

This guy is trouble, not pretty anymore.

“Pls give that back, its my sister’s” I lied.
“Invading her privacy, should I sue you?” He said
“What?” I almost screamed.
“You know this is a crime, so I should sue you right?”

He waved the book in my face again. This is blackmail.

“What do want?” I asked. He smiled that mischievous smile.
“Free stuffs” he said
How can a richly dressed man like him be wanting to con a girl to get free food????? Today just keeps getting worse.

“No way” I said.
“Yes way” he Chipped in. He took his phone and tapped into it then placed it on his ear

“Hello inspector.. What’s the jail term for invasion of..” He was saying.

“Ok ok..put the phone down. I ll give you whatever you want. I said interrupting him. He dropped the phone and placed it In his pocket.
He smirked. What a jerk. I can’t wait to go home and tell Darcie about this con man. She would definitely want to beat him up into pulp. She’s good at fights.

“Give me that, that, that too, that over there and a tin of mackerel ” he said as he pointed at stuffs.

“#7000 Jeez!! I don’t even spend that much in 2 months” I murmured. He smirked.

“Ooorrr, you could give me your watch to sell and pay for these oorrr drop anything, when you pay you take em back” I said as I packed the stuffs in a bag for him.

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“What”he said sternly as if he didn’t hear me.
I’m going to kill this guy one day. I’m leaving him now because I don’t want to lose my job. He took the bag from me as I handed it to him. He turned to go but turned back to me again. What again does he want.

“Oh just so you know, you are very ugly” he said with that stupid mischievous smile, then turned to go but bumped into someone. They glared at each other before going their separate ways.

I returned my diary into my bag wondering why the guy that that con man bumped into, who is standing before me right now, looks familiar.