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I Sold My V. Episode 29

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( His royal Excellency)

✍️ Twenty- Nine✍️


The sound of my phone ringing woke me up. I rolled over and answered it. “Hello?” I asked groggily.

“Hey Valentina, this is Ally, you don’t need to come in until 2”

Thank goodness. “Okay, thanks for letting me know”

“No problem see ya”

She hung up the phone and I closed it shut.
I put my face into the pillow and told myself I wouldn’t get up until I was starting to suffocate. That feeling came moments later and I rolled out of bed. Joshua’s not in here with me. I look around and he’s nowhere to be seen. I walked into the closet and grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I open my suitcase and pull out a big bag of hair products.

I feel like a visitor since I still have my things some of my things in a suitcase.

I take my clothes and my bag and walk into the bathroom. Hopping in the shower I run the warm water through my hair and close my eyes.

I haven’t washed my hair in a while. I haven’t cared how I looked until recently. Joshua’s doing that to me. He’s making me all girly. He’s making me care about what I wear and how I dress. Not that I looked bad before but I notice myself paying more attention to the things that I do.

After I finish washing my hair and my body I wrap a towel around myself and look in the mirror. Grabbing my curling cream I rub it in my hands then through my hair wild hair. I plug in my hair dryers and blow my hair dry until it’s in a curly Afro.

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Getting dressed I head downstairs and into the kitchen. I see Miles but not Joshua. Why did he leave so soon after deflowering me?

“Hi Miles” I smile.

“Good morning” he smiled back.

I sat down and he put a plate of food in front of me. French toast and bacon. “Mm this looks good” I said grabbing my work. Forgetting about Joshua I scarf down every bit of food on the plate and chase it with a glass of apple juice.

“Where’s Joshua?” I ask eagerly. Me not seeing him is give me a bad case of nostalgia.

“He had to go in to work early but he told me to give you this” he walked grabbed a blue box with a white bow tied on top of it.

“Thank you” I said while taking it and heading upstairs.

I place it on the bed and open it. There’s a letter, a smaller white box, some heels and a letter. I started with the letter first.

I’m sorry that I had to leave so soon after making you mine. I miss you already. I had Ally pick up some clothes I thought you’d enjoy. Miles will give them to you. I also set up your iPhone so you don’t have to use that flip phone anymore.

Michael Hawthorne is no longer here and is not in need of a P.A. Ally will assign you to someone else. I can’t wait to see you. I love you.

– Joshua

I smiled to myself at how cute he is and quickly take out the rest of the contents in the box.

I can’t wait to see him. I can’t believe he has me acting like this, all giddy and girly. Acting like a child. No ones ever made me feel this way.

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“What do you think?” My colleague said.

I looked up not saying anything. “Please forgive me” I finally said. “One more time”

He nodded quickly and repeated himself. “If we keep putting this off, sir we will not get the stats we’re hoping for”

“So let’s send a tech down to Florida and find out what’s going on”

“We have but he said he’s not sure what the problem is”

“Who was this?” I grabbed my pen.


“The intern?” I asked.

“Yes sir”
“That was the problem!” I shouted. “You don’t send an intern down to do a professionals work, Where was Carl during all of this?”


“Well shoot some NyQuil down his throat and put him on the next plane to Florida”

“Alright” he said writing something down.

“Problem solved?” I asked.

“Well there’s one more thing”

“What is it?”

“There’s a business convention in Ontario that you were invited too”

“That’s Saturday”
“They changed it to next month”

“Not a problem, email me the date and I’ll let my PA know when to book a flight”

“Alright” he smiled. I stood up and shook his hand and walked out. As I head to my office all I can think about is Valentina.

The soft moans and beautiful cries that escaped her virgin lips, feeling her arch her back and grind against my mouth, with her hands twisted in my hair gripping my skull as she creams all over me. Feeling her legs shake as she pulls me up to kiss me softly.

There’s nothing better and I’d die if I loose her.

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My phone rings as soon as I sit down.

“Maxwell” I say.
“Tell me you love me” a girl said into the phone.

“Excuse me?” I ask.

“Tell me you love me!” The girl yelled.

“Valentina?” I asked. If this is her way of thanking me I don’t like it.

“This isn’t f**king Valentina!” She screamed. “You know who I am, you loved me before you even met her!”

“Leticia I didn’t want to have to do this but I’m issuing a restraining order”

She sniffed. “I’m on my way to your house, Joshua. I’m gonna f**king kill her”