June 28, 2022

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 77

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 77

Brenda’s POV

“Fine, let’s go in.” Scot said as he stood. He pulled me up and we both walked inside his room.

He closed the door and yãnk øff his tøp.

He fell to the bed and began to snore.

I tapped him by the shoulder and said; “I know you are not sleeping, don’t pretend.”

“I am sleeping and even dreaming, don’t disturb me.” He said and continued snoring.

I just watched his pink lips and felt like kissing it.

I looked away and smiled, my face returned back to the lips. It was such a great temptation.

His eyes were closed but if I kiss him, he would know.

I summoned all courage with all the strength inside of me and kissed his lips gently them took my lips away waiting for his reaction.

He only stopped snoring and left his mouth slightly opened and that made it more së-xïer.

I placed my hand on his lips and felt how soft it was.

I played with it but he wasn’t reacting which gave me gøosebumps.

Why is not reacting?

I lã–id beside him but with my chë—st resting on his, I placed my møuth on his like it was only touching the surface.

He remained still, his eyes remained closed.

I then took his lower lips into mine and kissed it softly.

It was soft and sweet.

I went on and began to kiss him but he didn’t move a part of his body, not even his lips.

I rested back to the bed and smiled happily. I was happy that I kissed him.

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I was the poor girl he loves to abuse and wouldn’t like to have anything to do with.

Now the same poor girl is kissing him and he’s not even reacting.

He tùrned and faced me.

I türned and fãced him too.

I was staring into his face.

He opened his eye all of a sudden and my heart skipped.

Our eyes met and didn’t say any word for the first one minute.

“I dreamt.” He said.

“Huh! you have not even slept, how can you dream?”

“Will you let me tell you, huh?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.


“I dreamt that someone was kissing me forcefully and I was helpless.”He said.

” It’s not a dream, I kissed you.” I said and he jerked up in surprised.