January 27, 2023

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 78

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 78

Brenda’s POV

Scot stood on the bed with his face expressing ignorance and surprise.

“Why did you do that? why did you kiss me?” He asked?

“Huh! you want to pretend like you did not know right?” I asked.

“I did not, oh my days! you have given me my first kiss, how dare you.” He said and ran to the mirror , he checked his lips and came back to me.

“Stand “He ordered but I remained in my sleeping position

” Stand up.”He ordered more firmly and I stood.

I was now getting scared, is he angry?

“What? Are you scared?” He asked like he understood how I was feeling at that moment.

I looked away and only swallowed.

“Don’t be scared, I only want to do my own.”He said and my face brightened up.

The fear flew away and I ran to the other side of the bëd.

” Don’t dare kiss me.” I warned even though it was what I wanted.

“But you kissed me first, even without my permission.” He said.

“And so? okay….it never happened, your dream was real.” I said.

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He ran to where I was but I had ran away, he started running after me in the room and finally caught me.

He was holding me from behind and my @-ss’ was around his d—–!!k.

He let go of me and said; “Turn to me.”

Instead of turning to him, I ran away again.

I enjoyed him running after me.

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He did not run after me this time, he just stood and said; “So you did not want me to kiss you, right?”

I stood and only pouted my lips at him.

“Don’t disturb me again, I want to sleep. ” He said and fell to the bed.

I smiled and went to sit beside him.

I watched him face the other side of the bëd as he pretends to sleep.

I knew he is not asleep yet.

Well, let me not disturb him like he had said.

I was facing up with my eyes closed, my mind was getting still and I was getting closer to sleeping off when I felt a lips on mine l.

With the awesome scent that covered my sense of smelling, I knew at once that it was Scot so I pretended like I was sleeping too and allowed him kiss me all he want.