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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 81

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 81

Brenda’s POV

Scot’s call came through and I hurriedly picked it.

“Yes, I know one of them, one of them happened to be Bella’s uncle, just wait a little, let me speak with him.” He said and I hummed.

He hung up and called about thirty minutes later.

“How was it?”I asked before he could speak.

” He said you shouldn’t worry, he’s actually one of the most assistant director.” He said and hung up.

I went to the kitchen hoping for a good news, I wasn’t really working hard at the kitchen cause I do not know if I would be told to go home

A colleague came to inform me that the executive manager sends for me.

My heart skipped and I wondered if I was about to be fired, I walked to the office of the executive director.

It was the same office that Scot mom was.

“I was about signing your sack letter when we received a call from the board that you should be given three months trial. Do understand that you are on trial, try and earn a good reputation with the chef so he can have something good to say about you when next the board comes to inspect the workers.” The woman said.

“Alright, ma.” I said and walked away.

I sighed after I had got outside, that was a narrow escape.

I’ll start to look for job elsewhere, I hope that I would have get a better job somewhere else before the three months clocks

The chef appeared before me when I was about entering the kitchen.

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“Are you glad you are fired?”He asked with an evil smirk on his lips.

” Actually, I’m not fired.” I pushed him and went back to the kitchen to continue working.

Scot’s POV

I was seated before the chef, he had said he wanted to see me and that if I’m really courageous, I should show up.

“So brave of you.” The chef said and I only stare at him.

“Hum! I found out the both of you are living together, you also do not bear the same surname, are you really brothers or boyfriend and girlfriend?”He asked.

” Pick anyone you like, what do you invite me for?”I asked and as he tried to call the waiter to get us food, I stopped him.

“I’m satisfied, If you have nothing to say, I’ll leave.” I stood and walked away.