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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 82

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 82

Chef’s POV

He made me one legged and now, I’m beginning to see that he is more than a brother to Brenda, probably a lover

“Bob!”I shouted my personal assistant name and he showed up immediately.

” Boss.” He said as he stood before me, waiting for my order.

“Find out where Scot lives, I’m paying him a visit this night.” I said.

“Boss, that would be too dangerous, Please put your emotions under control.”He said.

” Are you crazy? Go and so what I want.”I said and he walked away.

I would have only made love with Brenda once and dump her like other ladies but her adamant act makes me more particularly interested in her.

Scot’s POV

Brenda was eating inside while I sat at the living room playing a football game.

My phone rang and I ignored cause I was lost in the game.

It rang again and I had to pause the interesting game and pick.

“Boss, the chef would be coming to your house today. He ordered me to find out your house address and for him to think I’m loyal to him, I have delivered your house address to him.”Bob told me.

He’s my inside man, telling me any move of the chef.

” Good boy.”I said and hung up.

I went to meet Brenda who was eating like a snail.

“We are leaving tonight.” I said.

“Where to?”She asked indifferently.

” Start preparing, I’m taking you to an hø-têl.”I said.

“An høtel? to f—-!k me? ” She asked and I turned to her.

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“Ouch! You are spoilt.”I said and went inside to change.

Before I came back to the living room, she has changed too but always with her luggae.

” Did I tell you we are travelling?” I asked her.

*We can not tell, how many days are we spending there?” She asked.

“One year.” I was being ironical.

I dragged her box from her and took it inside.

“Let’s go.”I said and we both walked out.

” One year? How can we live in an h-otel for a year?” She asked but I didn’t say a word.

She entered the car and I began to drive.

“Did you suspect that something is going down this night?” She asked but I didn’t reply.

“I’m not scared that we are going to an hø-tel though, even if you want to f—-!k me, it’s impossible since you are impotent.” She said and I smiled faintly.