November 29, 2023

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 84

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 84

Brenda’s POV

“So what?” Scot asked.

We were still standing inside the båthroom.

“Well…” I said and pùll off all my clothes.

I went under the shøwer.

I turned it on and allowed the water pour on me.

I rübbed my body while he just stare at me, he glãnced at me from head to tøe and his d—-!k was not even moved.

“You are really crazy!” He said and tried to walk away but I held his wrist and dragged him to me.

“What are you doing? you want to r@—pĒ me, right? ” He asked.

“Let’s bath together, please.”I said and winked at him.

The water fell us and he only remained still, I rubbed all parts of my body while he just stood still.

” Since you are shy to rub your body, I’ll help you.” I said and first of all rùbbëd his hair.

There were dark and curly.

I love it.

Fhe water kept splashing on his head.

I then rubbed his face and his chest.

My hand moved to his flãttëned d—!k and I rubbed it. It was not stå-nding at all.

Is he impotemnt for real?

After I was done bæthing for him, we both walked out and he covered his wãist with a tœwel.

He went to sit on the bed and seem to be doing something on his phone.

“Hello, how is the situation?” He asked.

I placed my ear right on the phone that was on his ear.

He removed the phone from his ear and looked at me.

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He placed the phone back to his ear and I heard; “Going well boss, hope you have left?”

“Sure! be careful.” Scot said to the man and hung up.

“Who is he?”I asked.

” You want to know?” He faced me fully and asked.


“Well, he’s the guy that had been disturbing me that he wants to date you.” He said.

“Oh? why did he ask if you have left?” I asked.

“So he can be sure that he can come home to you and ask you out?” He answered.

“Really? you want someone else to date me?”I asked, my face were now turning serious

” Why shouldn’t I? you are nothing to me.” He said and I adjusted back slowly.

I sat by the wall of the bed sadly and folded my arms.

So I’m nothing to him?