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I Sold My V. Episode 33

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( His royal Excellency)


Thirty – three

“Hey mom” I said into my phone as I walked in the house.

“How are you?” She coughed into the phone.

“I’m fine, what’s wrong? You need me to come over?”

“Yea just for a little bit”

“Alright, I’ll be over soon” I hung up the phone and went into the kitchen to speak to Joshua.
“I need to go by my mothers house she’s not feeling well”

“I’ve got work to do” he said not looking up.

“I can go by myself” I reached for his keys but he grabbed my hand.

“You’re not going anywhere with out me”

“You’re being unreasonable” I pulled away.

“Don’t you know that’s who I am?” He smirked. “I’ll call Nate”

“It’ll take Nate half an hour to get here, I just want to be in and be out”

“I don’t want you going by yourself”

“Do you know how frightening it is to get a call from someone who is batsh*t crazy, saying they are going to kill your girlfriend?” I stayed quiet. “It’s f****ng painful”

I sighed and ran my fingers through his hair. “I’m fine now, she’s in jail she can’t hurt us” I smiled because he said I was his girlfriend.

“Still… I can’t have you out there thinking everything’s going to be alright one moment and then the next it’s not”

“This is what you’re mad at me about?”

“I’m not mad at you I’m just angry. Everything’s out to get you and you don’t see that. Nothings fair for you, I just want things to be easier for you” he put his hands on my hips. “This is why I want you to meet your father. So you have one less thing to worry about”

I looked down at him as he spoke and I just listened. So he’s trying to help me? That’s all he was trying to do, make this just a little easier?

“You can’t protect me from everything Joshua. I have to learn things by myself”

“I know but I can’t help it, you’re just so carefree. You need someone to tell you what to do” he stood up. His mood changed his eyebrows curled into a different shape and he started breathing heavily.

“You’re so uptight, you need to have fun” I tried to step back but I forgot he had a death grip on my waist.

His hands traveled down to my butt and he squeezed. “And who’s gonna teach me how to have fun?” His lips were barely touching mine.

“I can” I teased him by pecking his lips pulling away quickly. He tried to grab me but he couldn’t, I’m too quick.

“Stop Valentina” he growled. “You always do that”

I rocked the car seat with Callie inside with my foot as I sat in the chair, checking my emails. “What?”

“You always do that. You get me going and then you stop”

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“I have to watch the baby” I said smiling as I looked down at her. “Do you want kids?” I asked him.

“Yes” he said going back to his computer.
“How many?”


“Only one? When?”

“Before the year is up” he looked at me and raised his eyebrow.

I laughed out loud. “With who?” I asked jokingly.

“With you of course”

“How do you know I want kids?”

“Do you want kids, Valentina?”

“Yes I do” I said like a child. “But I want more than one”

“You’re not getting more than one from me”

“Who says I’m getting them from you” I smirked. He peered at me not laughing even though I was.

“Stop being so dramatic” I rolled my eyes.

“You’re frustrating me”

“You frustrate me everyday but I still put up with you” I said standing up and walking out of the kitchen.

I need to take a shower. I need to relax, I need to take my mind off of my mom and of Joshua for just a while. I never knew that was how Joshua felt. I never knew that was what kept him up at night.

This is why we need these talks, so I can know more about him. So I can get into his head and read him. Because I can’t read him. His mood changes so quickly, much like the weather. It’s difficult to hold onto him but I love him. I just need to know more about his background and about his life. I need John to do some snooping.

I pick up my phone and dial his number.

“I need your help”

“What’s up? Is everything okay?” John asks.

“Yea I just need you to gather whatever you can find about Joshua and I’ll explain later”

“Alright, see you tonight?”

“See you tonight”




She stared me down. “You said you were coming yesterday”

“I got busy” I shrugged. Callie pulled at my shirt.

“I made food and everything you could’ve at least called me” She said sternly.

“You can’t seriously be mad at me”

“I always call you if I’m going to be late”

“No you do not” I laughed out of anger.

“When have I not, Valentina?”

I looked over at Joshua and even he was waiting for my answer. I looked down and answered quietly. “You never have”

“Exactly” she stood up and went to the fridge. “Don’t try to make me look like the bad person”

I lied. I tried not to make her look like a bad person in front of Joshua. She doesn’t deserve that.

“How are you and that doctor man?” I asked changing the subject.

“His name is Gregory” she closed it and sat down.

“Okay… how are you and Gregory?”

“We’re fine, why do you ask?”
“Just trying to make conversation”

“If you really wanted to make conversation you would’ve came yesterday and we wouldn’t talked over dinner, but you didn’t”

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I sighed. “I’m here today mom”

She put her hand up dismissing me. “Stop!” She said in a loud voice. “Just stop”

I sighed and lifted the baby in the air. She giggled and drooled on herself. I smiled and gave her kisses then lifted her up again.

“So your going to ignore me Valentina?”

“Did you say something?” I said handing the baby to Joshua.
“No but your just ignoring me”

“Do you want me to leave?” I asked as I sat up. “Because your being really mean to me”

“Yes” She said as she stood up. “I want you out my f****ng house!” She screamed.

I stared at her for a while. Trying to see through her, trying to see if she was serious. “Let’s go” I said to Joshua. I grabbed my jacket and slid it on.

Joshua stood and held the baby to his chest walking out the door. I watched his butt as he walked away. He has a tight butt.

“Valentina, I’m sorry” she said. “I’m just stressed”

“I see” I walked toward the door.
“I’m just stressed because I need some money baby”

“For what?”

“For shopping and buying things I need”

“You have everything you need”

“You don’t have to hoard all the money we are not broke anymore!” She said loudly. “We’re f****ng rich and your being stingy” she grabbed my arm.

“Is this why you wanted to talk to me you needed money?” I snatched away.

“Look” she leaned on the door frame. “Don’t be ungrateful, b***h. If I didn’t make you do this, we wouldn’t have had the money. I did this for us”


“You did it for you!” I got louder. “You don’t care about me, if it was up to you, you would’ve left me on the street”

“I never wanted a daughter” she spat. “I’m f****ng lucky I got you. Any other girl would’ve left a long time ago”

“Why can’t you just be nice to me? I love you mom” My vision is getting blurry. I don’t want to cry, I don’t want to look weak but my heart is breaking. “Why couldn’t you just be a normal mom and love me?”

She rolled her eyes. “Don’t get all sentimental now” she coughed. “Just leave, Valentina. Get off my porch”

I back away from her and she stood there watching me. I watched her back, with tears frozen in my eyes and my mouth gaping open from shock.


I closed my eyes and let the tears fall onto my jacket. I turned around and got in the car.

“What did she say?” Joshua said as soon as I got in the car.

I turned around and Callie was strapped in her car seat all nice and snug. Her big black eyes just stared at me. “You strapped her in?” I said wiping my nose with my sleeve and put on my seatbelt.

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“Valentina?” Joshua touched my hand.

“I’m ready to go” I said twirling my fingers. My voice is nasally. I sound like I’ve been crying. I’m bad at hiding it.

“My parents will be by at three” he said with hope in his voice. I just nodded. “Miles’ wife is coming by in a few”


“Okay” I said quietly.

“Thanks a ton for watching her!” Marie said cheerfully. She looked at her baby and pinched her cheeks.

“No problem” I smiled a fake smile. I’m good a fake smiles. I have it perfected. “She didn’t cry at all, she ate a ton and she slept through the night”

Marie held her heart and hugged me tight. “Thank you so much, Valentina. Miles was right about you”

I chuckled nervously. “About what?”

“He said you were worth risking his life for”

I frowned. “He said that?”
She nodded. “And he was right, you are an angel” she kissed my cheek and waved as she walked out the door.

I stood there smiling with my hands in my back pockets.

“You alright, babe?”

I turned around and Joshua was standing by the stairs. “Yea” I said . “I’m just gonna miss little Callie”

“Come here” He said.

I slowly walked closer to him. Watching his eyes look up and down my body, and his lips curved upwards to a smirk.

He looked at my lips and pulled me close to him. His warms breath tickled my face and his hands explored my body.


I bit my lip and lifted my lips toward his. “Are you just gonna look?” I whispered. I felt my heart beat out of my chest as I said that. I never say things this bold to him. I’m never sexual towards him.

He smiled and leaned down, picking me up. “Of course not” he slammed his lips onto mine and headed up the stairs.

When we reached the b—-Droom he threw me on the bed and hovered over me.

His muscles flexed and the bright room made him shine. He walked over to his dresser and pulled something out of it.


I squealed as he pulled my legs until I was against him. He looked me in the eyes as he pushed into me.

I gasped and shut my eyes. He leaned over me and s—ked on my neck. I brought my hands up to touch him but he pushed them over my head and held them there.

I bit my lip and. M!!!!!!!ned loudly. He t—-ted into me f-ster and h–der. H—der than the last time we had s—-X.


I laid on the bed and closed my eyes trying to catch my breath. Joshua slid his T-shirt over me and pulled me in his arms.

“I love you Valentina” I looked up at him as he spoke. “I love you so much”

To be continued