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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 15

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

????(The girl in my dreams)????

Episode 15
By Simrah Saeed

Dedicated to Eni Gold Ironlady ????

???? Zoey’s POV ????

I gritted my teeth in anger yanking my hand away from hers.

How dare her? Who did she think she is?
I touched my face and my hair to make sure there are intact and she chuckled which aggravated my anger.


” You! Alyssa or whatever your fûcked up name is, don’t think you can get away with this ” I grunted.

Deep down in me, I felt scared with the way she threatened to destroy my hair and face!

She looks dangerously calm but I won’t give her the impression that I am scared.

I won’t! Never!

” Well, I might not know your name but I advice you stay out of my lane. I hate troubles ”

I scoffed as I heard her say that with a never ending smirk on her face.

I feel like slapping the smirk off her face! She’s the first lady that has ever had the guts to challenge me.

” I know you are here to take Prince Ryan away from me and I will love if you leave in peace ”

She narrowed her eyes and a stupid realization down on her

” Oh so it’s all because of the prince? If you are sure that prince Ryan likes you, you don’t have to bother having anyone else close to him because he will always love only you or is it the other way around?”

I tapped my feet on the ground furiously . Is it that obvious that I am into the prince? Who wouldn’t?

” Do not talk to me in that manner you scumbag ” I snapped.

” I will just pretend I didn’t hear the insult but who are you? God’s last born or favourite?”

I shifted back and blinked in disbelief. I can’t just handle this low life?

” If you are not any of the two I just mentioned then you are no one” she said staring at me and grinning like I don’t matter.

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She’s making me the fool here!

” I….”

” Oh hey Zoey, you are here” princess Scarlett called coming towards us.

I loosed the fist I didn’t know it was in my hand and feigned a smile while the bitch beside me did same.

” Y..yeah, I just arrived ”

I replied giving her a side hug and Alyssa folded her arms watching us.

” How are you and Mum?” She asked.

” Mum’s fine and she sent her regards ” I lied, I actually didn’t see her before I left.

It’s nothing new anyways!

” Okay, I guess you both met already right Alyssa?” I looked away as she asked.

The sight of her disgust me! I so much hate the fact that Prince Ryan has a thing for her.

His attention should be just for me, not anyone else, not her !

” Well, she just arrived and Hi, I am Alyssa, princess Alyssa to be precise ”

I rolled my eyes staring irritatingly at the hand she stretched forth with the same smirk plastered on her face.

Princess in deed!

” Uhh, I am Zoey! A family friend ” I introduced putting on my best acting skill and hugged her instead of taking the handshake.

She smells so good anyways but I hate her.

” Be ready to be seeing this face more often Alyssa, oh, I mean princess Alyssa” I mocked whispering in her eyes.

She gently pushed me back passing me nothing but a smirk!

Ugh! This girl is annoying!

” Zoey, Alyssa will be living with us now and I hope you become good friends”

I smiled again making my way out of there.

” Yeah right! I will just go in to see the rest of the royal family ”

I said dashing in and equally cursing under my breathe.

Why’s that girl so stubborn? She made me look like an idiot!

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Like I don’t even exist! She didn’t fuçking reply me or does she not hear what I said?

I will so deal with her! She can’t have Prince Ryan! He’s mine! Only mine!





????️ King Nathan’s POV ????️

I tossed on the bed with my eyes closed in meditation!

It’s been almost two days and I haven’t been able to get a sleep!

Not even once! Knowing that my enemy is back scares me a lot.

He’s not just an ordinary person! He’s different and I am afraid he will hurt my children.

I thought he was gone, I thought he died and all of a sudden, he resurfaced !

He came back! Back for me and my family!

How do I protect them?
I do prefer he harm me and leave my children out of everything!

Not my girls, not my son nor my wife! I won’t be able to bear it if anything happens to them.

Hasn’t he done enough? He killed my mother and it’s not enough for him?

What else did he want? Why isn’t he letting me rest?

I thought everything has ended when he disappeared but I was wrong.

What do I do?

Maybe visiting him will be the best, I will visit him and settle everything!

That’s what I have to do! I can’t risk loosing any of my family members!


???? Alyssa ????

I chuckled remembering the incident with that Zoey!

If she had the opportunity to kill me, she’d kill me and throw my body in the sea!

But why will she hate me that much on our first meeting?

Does she thinks I am scared she’s from a rich home?
All of that doesn’t matter to me.

Thanks could kill to see the look in her face when I held her hand in the air.

I thought she was going to on burst but nothing happened!

She shouldn’t just cross my path please! If she likes the Prince, why did she have to see me as a threat?

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Not that prince Ryan will want someone like me though!

I am clearly not his type of lady! I know that!

I walked around the swimming pool looking into the waterfront.

I wish I knew how to swim, although prince Ryan has volunteered to teach me.

I can’t imagine seeing in just a bikini by the prince! Gosh! How will it feel that day?

I will blush and turn tomato!

I turned to walk away when my leg slipped into the water and I gasped.

Gracious Lord!

I struggled in the water to keep myself still but it wasn’t working as I kept going under the water.

My body stiffened! My breathe hitched immediately the water covered my nose .

I couldn’t shout for help!
Is this how I am going to die?

God please! This very moment, I wish Prince Ryan will just pass by and save me but all hope dashed out when I stayed more than enough time in the water

My eyes slowly closed and I blacked out!



???? Ryan ????

” I will be there in few minutes , just don’t let him escape ”

I said over the phone while grabbing my car keys.

” Yes my prince ”

I hung up before he could say anything else and headed to my car.

How the hell did someone break into my office and took an important file?

The file I suffered to get the contract!

Thank goodness, the securities caught him before he was able to escape.

” Where to my prince?” My driver asked .

” To the office but you don’t have to worry” I replied searching for the book I was holding earlier.

Goodness! I left it at the waterside!

Sighing loudly, I rushed over to the swimming pool and luckily for me, I found it.

When I tried turning back to go, I heard Scarlet’s voice!

What’s wrong with her?

” Wake up Alyssa, Alyssa ”

Huh? Alyssa?