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Always You. Chapter 18

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When she had told me to leave her alone.
I had gotten angry at her sudden outburst but when I stepped out of the suite.
I didn’t want her to be alone.
She might seek company from that riffraff down the hall so I walked back into the suite and gave her what she craves for.
More than anything…I want to be the only man who ever satisfies her.
The whole engagement was supposed to be fake…a sham…a beautiful lie designed so I can gain William’s partnership but real things have happened.
And most times we act like a real couple.
Hell,we fight like we’ve been married for years every now and then.
We were too close… physically,mentally, emotionally but I didn’t give a f*ck anymore.
I wanted this.
I wanted her so bad that I can’t stand being away from her for one second.
Our chemistry is more than a memory, it’s like a live wire.
I have never been more reckless than I am with Megan.
The condoms I bought were hardly used.
Feeling her skin-to-skin is too heavenly and I don’t want the barrier of a condom keeping that feeling from me.
I hope she’s taking care of herself though.
I can’t stop wanting her….
I ached for her…
I dream of her….of us….of a life together.

I’ve taken her to a lot of places which I had possessively held her to let any potential admirer know that I’ve been claimed by her.
We took a stroll around the jardine Des Tuileries.
We wandered down the champ Elysees.
We checked out the musee de la sculpture en plein Air(Sculpture graden)
Megan was thrilled to see the Eiffel tower and I carried her on my back at the Louvre.
I can’t trade those memories for anything… nothing at all.
It’s funny actually….Before I had thought being with one woman is boring.
But there’s never a dull moment with my strong woman.
She had made me into a one-woman man.
I can’t even imagine myself f*cking any woman’s pvssy except hers.
That girl.
That f*cking girl has got me crazily in love with her and I swear it’s the best feeling in the whole world.

“How do you say kiss me in French?”Megan asked sitting opposite me on the bed.
I am currently teaching her how to speak French and so far she has been a pretty bad student.
“Embrasse moi”I replied.
“Embrasse moi”She repeated.”How do you say I want you in French?”
I smiled, sheepishly.”Je te veux”
“How do you say f*ck me in French?”
My jaw dropped and my d*ck throbbed.
“Baise moi”I choked out.
Thank God I insisted on teaching her French instead.
Were this what she was going to ask Landon to teach her?
“How do you say harder…..”
“God!Baby,are you only interested in knowing all the dirty words in French?”
She laughed.”I was just teasing….and you need to see how your face flushed at that”
I glanced at my watch.
William wanted me to attend a seminar with him today and tomorrow.
The day after tomorrow….Meg and I would be heading back to Chicago.
“I’m running late, I should better get going”I said placing a kiss on her forehead.
I can’t risk kissing those sweet lips…I might end up not going to the seminar after all.

My heart warmed staring at a picture on my phone…. her picture.
We have taken several pictures when we went out but this particular one was of her smiling at pointing at the Eiffel tower.
My finger traced her face.
If anyone had told me that I would end up being so crazy over Megan…I wouldn’t have believed.
She had flew into my heart like lightening….fast and furious and completely knocked me on my a*s in the best possible way.

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“That was enlightening”I said to William as we exited the hall.
I hardly heard what was said….I just want to see her.
Had it been hours already?
It feels as if I have been separated from her for days.
“Yeah it was and I’m sure you can’t wait to get home to your fiancee”
I grinned, knowing he might have caught me staring at her picture throughout the seminar.
I shrugged and we shared a cool laughter.
The valets had our cars ready at the entrance but someone got down from his.
“I’m having lunch with my daughter.See you tomorrow, Brad”
I nodded, curtly.
“Hey,Braden.Can we talk?”
Before I could give my response,William walked off excusing us.
“About what?”
“I’m sorry about the other night and I’m also sorry for thinking the two of us were fated.My dad told me you’re leaving soon so I thought I could be close to you guys again.Especially to Megan, I don’t get why she hates me. I just want to make peace with her.”She said,calmly.
I can’t help but think she might’ve had changed.
“Let’s say tomorrow while you’re busy with my dad.Meg and I could hang out,go shopping”She suggested.
That seems like a pretty good idea.
I wouldn’t want the two women to keep beefing each other because of me.
And besides, Meg won’t be bored while I’m away.
“I’ll tell her about it”I assured.
She smiled.”Thanks.You could call me if she agrees so I can make plans for tomorrow”
I nodded then we exchanged contacts.

I stared impatiently at the numbers on the elevator.
I’m dying to be in the cocoon of her arms.
When the doors opened.
My fist clenched at the sight in front of me.
Landon and Megan were standing in front of our suite.
She had a box of chocolate in her hands.
So she hangs out with him when I’m not around?
I have to convince her to go out with Talia tomorrow…..else I would just be a confused mess tomorrow with William.
I strode towards them trying to act like a civilized dude even if I’ve lost every ounce of civility.
“Oh I don’t think I introduced myself to you the last time, I’m Landon Flynn”He said as he extended his hand to me.
I took his hand in mine and squeezed much harder than I should.
I saw a pained look on his face but I don’t let go.
“Braden Cromwell.What the f*ck do you think you’re doing here?”
He glanced over at Megan and then back at me, trying to pull his hand back.
I reluctantly let it go and I saw him spread his fingers out,as if trying to get the blood flow back.
“She told me she likes chocolate so I bought a pack for her”
“So kind of you”I retorted, sarcastically and dragged the pack from her.
“Braden”She warned.
I dropped the pack and stepped on it, crushing it.
“Listen man….”
“No you listen….Meg and I are getting married…. nothing….not even a riffraff like you can stop that.Even if you track her down to Chicago.You’ll only be wasting your f*cking time”
Before She can mutter any soothing words to him.
I opened the door and pulled her in shutting the door at that motherf*cker’s face.
“What you did was so rude!”She thundered.
“I’ve never claimed to be polite and you didn’t tell me you want chocolate”I said bringing out my phone.
“What now? You’re gonna order chocolate delivery too?”
“Of course.I can give you everything you want.Stop hanging out with him!”I placed my order and noticed she was sitting on the bed, fuming.
“I don’t understand this any longer”
“Us”She stared at me.
I walked closer to her.
“What’s this about?”
“When we go back to Chicago, what’s going to happen to us.Would you still want me?”
I slowly held her hand pulling her up from the bed.
“I don’t want anything to change. I know I’ve been with a lot of women and that makes you feel highly insecured but I want to change for you.This isn’t fake anymore and I’m sure you know it”I gently stroked her cheeks and she smiled.
“We have a real relationship,baby and when we get back to Chicago, I don’t want to end things with you….I don’t think I would ever want that”
Her face flushed.”Oh boy! this is real”She murmured”do we need to have rules in this real relationship too?”
I snickered.”Oh sweetheart,I don’t think people make rules in relationship”
“But there are some things I wouldn’t want you to do”
“Okay….get them out of your system”
“Don’t accept any gifts from any woman… don’t even look at them…when any woman looks at you,frown deeply at her.No hugs…no kissing or having s*x with anyone except me”
Jeez….as she rattled out…I can’t say I’m surprised because I don’t want her doing those things to any man too.
Being in a proper relationship with her is exciting.
“You can’t do those things either.”I warned.
The doorbell rang and I knew the chocolate delivery is here.

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This is probably the happiest day of my life.
All the days we’ve spent going out are the best too.
I can’t stop feeling giddy.
I know this won’t be easy considering the fact that he knows so many women in Chicago but he said he wants me….only me….and I have to hold on to that.
My jaw dropped as Braden filled the table with different boxes of chocolate.
“I can’t finish this in one month!”I exclaimed.
“Then stop accepting things from that a*shole so I would stop buying things in excess”
“It’s just….”
“Don’t even try and justify anything….that stupid prick thinks buying you gifts would make you leave me for him….and you expect me to be cool about that?You certainly weren’t cool with what happened at the beach”He reminded.
I sighed, heavily.
If Braden feels as hurt as I do when I see him with someone else then I should better tell Landon off myself.
I don’t want to hurt my Braden.
“I’m sorry”I muttered.
He sat on the couch and pulled me to sit on his laps.
“It’s fine. I understand these feelings are new to the both of us but I want to be able to trust you, Meg. When I’m away from you,I want to be at ease that no one is trying to take you from me”
“I feel the same”I confessed.
He tilted my chin causing me to look into his eyes.
“I won’t hurt you,Babe.But I also don’t want to get broken by you”
I nibbled my lips touched by his sincerity and fears.”That won’t happen”I assured.
He smiled and kissed me.
“I saw Talia today and she wants you and her to go shopping tomorrow.You know,for peace’s sake.We might never see her again so I figured you two could make up before we leave”
I don’t feel comfortable with this at all but Braden seem cool with it.
Nothing could go wrong, right?
Besides,I don’t want to get bored all day while waiting for Brad tomorrow.
He doesn’t want me to see Landon anymore so I can just hang out with Talia and I can leave if she tries being bitchy again.
“Sure”I agreed.
“What else did you do while I was away?”
I swallowed.
I did something pretty dirty like watching porn just to know how to be an equal s*x partner but I can’t tell him that….the last thing I wanted was for him to think I’m inexperienced.
Let’s just saying I’m still learning and I swear Brad is a great teacher.
“I was impatiently waiting for you”
His lips curved into a broad smile.
I pull gently on his hair bringing his mouth down to mine and then I kissed him.
Moving my tongue between his lips,he groaned and kissed me back….hard and possessive.
His tongue and my tongue twist and turn together, consuming each other…..he tastes divine.
He pulled back suddenly,our collective breathing ragged and mingling.
Closing my eyes, I managed to whisper.”Are you ready to eat?”
“Yeah”He nibbled my earlobe.”But not food”

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