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Always you. Chapter 23

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“I can’t keep snapping you out of reverie everytime,Brad.You’re getting so distracted and that is what we can’t afford now!”Noah scolded.
I sighed.
I needed to focus.
I had tried to focus but I can’t stop this need to see her.
I’ve never missed anyone like this in my entire life.
“I already know your problem is that woman…. since you can’t forgive her….why don’t you think back if she can do something like that….what happened between you two that morning?Did she looked displeased or upset with you”
I gulped thinking back to that morning.
We had hot s*x in the shower and we took turns in washing each other.
She did look happy with me.
“What’s your point?”I asked.
“You said you two were close…..you were practically lovers then you should know what she’s capable of doing… would she be quick to get laid by someone else when angry…what if there’s more to this?”
More to this?
When she had told me she had s*x with Landon….I thought she was only saying that to hurt me.
What if that’s really the case?
F*ck my pride!
I have to see her.
Even if she really cheated on me, we have to work this through.


I stared at the pregnancy result in my hand and I’m as frightened as hell.
I’m pregnant.
Should I tell Brad?
He deserves to know, right?
What if he rejects me?
I’m not hoping for a second chance with him…I just want him to know that I’m having his baby.
But how do I face him?

“Now,will you still doubt the test result?”My grandma asked over the phone when I had gotten back home.
“No.You were right.I’m pregnant”I choked out trying to sound excited about it.
“Have you told your boyfriend?”She asked.
I winced inwardly.
If only she knew I might end up being a single mom….she would be so ashamed of me.
“I’ve told him and he’s so glad….”
“Then bring him home to visit me already….he needs my blessings to marry you”
I shut my eyes briefly.
Braden and I won’t ever get married.
“I will, Grandma…ASAP”I assured.
“Don’t forget to take care of yourself, don’t skip your meals”She warned.
“I won’t”I replied and hung up.
I slowly sunk down into my couch.
I have never felt so frustrated my whole life.
My doorbell rang.
I lay flat on the couch.
I don’t want to see anyone.
I just want to be alone and think of a way forward in my life but the doorbell continued ringing.
I sprang up intending to vent my anger on any one at the door but when I pulled open the door……words failed me.
“Hey”He began, calmly.
What is Braden doing here?
I’m not even prepared to tell him about the pregnancy.
“Can we talk?”He requested.
I slowly nodded.

Few minutes later found us in a restaurant beside my apartment building.
We’ve only had soft drinks and I’m starting to wonder if I should start talking or he should say something first.
“If you intend to keep breaking my heart then you have to take all of me because I’ve realized for the past few days that I’m nothing without you so I’ll forgive you for fu…..shag…..Damn! I can’t even complete the word.”He said, exasperatedly.
I nibbled my lips staring at the napkin on the table.
“How would you have felt if I was the one who slept with someone else?”
I would have felt devastated.
I probably wouldn’t want anything to do with him again.
I still didn’t say anything to him.
I just kept quiet.
“Did you really do it?”
Why is he talking about this?
I’m not in my acting mode to continue this lie.
I’m so f*cking stressed out.
“Answer the damn question.You didn’t let Landon touch you, right?”
“Talk to me, Megan!”
“I didn’t,Okay?!But I had to say that to you!”
“I had to hurt you so you’ll let me go….so that I’ll stop being an intruder to you and Talia….”
He sat up immediately.”Intru….. what?What the f*ck are you talking about?”
“All the effort you made in getting William….all your hard work,money was going to be for nothing….she was going to tell her dad not to go through with the deal if I didn’t give up on you”

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To say I’m shocked is an understatement.
I felt like strangling Talia….
She had made Megan hurt me for nothing…she had made me spend days suffering from heartache when my baby did nothing wrong.
But how could Megan succvmb to her wishes like that?
“You don’t know how much you mean to me, do you?”
She looked at me tearfully and I realized it was also painful for her to say that to me.
“If you had told Talia to go f*ck herself…. Yes!We would have headed back to Chicago and I would have started looking for another investor but we would have still been together instead of hurting all alone. I can’t trade you for anything,baby and it’s high time you think the same of me too.F*ck Talia and if William pulls out his investment…then f*ck him too.Investors are everywhere but you ain’t everywhere,baby.”
She seemed surprised.”You mean you wouldn’t have been mad at me that I was the reason you lost William’s….”
“No…but I’m damn mad at you that you could give up on me so easily”
“I’m sorry”She bit out.
I held her hands and realized how slender she had gotten.
“You’ve really lost weight,baby but don’t you worry, I’m gonna fatten you up”
She laughed and I swear I have missed hearing that sound.
“You were everything I didn’t know I was looking for…… it’s only you,Megan….. it’s always ever been you”
“I have something to tell you”She said and there were tears glistening in her eyes.”It’s very important.”
“Okay …. what’s wrong?”
“I’m….. Oh boy….oh shit….oh wow.This will probably change everything for you but I just need you to hear it”
“Then get it out of your system”I pressed on, anxiously.
“I’m pregnant”She announced.

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I swallowed.
“What did you just say?”
I know we hardly used a condom but I thought she was taking care of yourself and I was too busy enjoying the raw feeling to ask her about it.
I never planned on being a father this soon but knowing my child will be growing inside of this woman filled me with inexplicable joy.
“I’m pregnant,Braden.With your baby, obviously.”She exhaled.”I know it’s overwhelming,and I don’t know how you’re going to feel about this but I’m going to keep this baby.I’ve made that choice.And I needed you to know because it is yours and it’s important for us to talk about next steps”
“Those next steps…. s£x doesn’t affect the baby, right?”I had to ask.
It won’t be funny to wait for nine months.
“It doesn’t”She assured and I smiled, relieved.
“Are you sure that you’re pregnant?”I asked still unable to believe that a man could feel this joy knowing he would soon be a father.
“My grandma noticed when I visited her on Saturday. I saw the test results today.”She said,the corner of her mouth lifting.”I have a doctor’s appointment next week,if you want to tag along, I’m not sure if they can see anything on a sonogram yet but I need some prenatal vitamins…..”
“You’re pregnant!”I squealed as if the words finally sunk in then I swept her into my arms…. lifting her and hugging her, tightly. I pressed my lips to her face and to her mouth,to every square inch I could reach.
“I better introduce myself to your grandma, I’m sure she wouldn’t remember the boy who walked you home that night…..”
“You’re really happy about this?”Megan asked in between kisses.
“Happy?”I’m over the moon”I set her down and around the restaurant, people stared at us.
“She’s pregnant!”I shouted, proudly.”She’s pregnant with my baby.I’m gonna be a dad!”
A cheer went up all through the space and people applauded.
I drew her into another hug and kissed her, burning for her all over again.
We parted and she blinked tears at me.
“I’m happy…. I love you,baby”
“I love you more,Brad”
She kissed me like she had gone years without kissing anybody at all…..she was starved for my touch and I was ready and happy to satiate her.

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Two days later, William showed up at my company.
He didn’t say anything about backing out from investing.
He seemed impressed when I walked him through the new project.
Then he met me privately in my office.
“My daughter had said pretty nasty things about you and after studying her for a while,I guessed you two might’ve have an history together”
I grinned.”We did…in highschool”I replied, truthfully.
“And it’s as if she isn’t ready to let you go but she has to.As much as I love my daughter. I want her to be with someone who loves her and I know very well that you’re insanely in love with your fiancee….my daughter just have to realize that love can’t be forced”
I smiled, highly touched by his kindness.
“I don’t mixed my personal life with business so let’s forget about that…… it’s nice doing business with you,Braden Cromwell”He offered his hand.
I shook it.”My pleasure, sir”
After William left,I was about calling Megan to give her the good news when Noah burst into my office.
“So how did it go?”He asked.
I had told him about Talia’s threat.
“He’s still partnering with us”I announced.
“Yes!”He exclaimed and we did a fist bump.”You still owe me something, though”
I frowned.”What?”
“Who made you and strong woman go on that trip?”He asked.
“Thank you for that, Noah”I said, sincerely because it was a trip that changed my life.