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I Sold My V. Episode 35

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( His royal Excellency)


Thirty- Five

Two weeks later

“I won’t let you” Joshua said holding the car keys behind his back.

“Joshua come on” I smiled.

“You can wait a few hours for me to finish working”

“My appointment is at 9 I need to leave now. You wanted me to go to the doctor and now you won’t let me” I laughed and put my hand on his chest. “You see the irony”

Joshua wanted me to see the doctor about two weeks ago but I kept stalling. Now I’m feeling a bit better but I think it’s time to go see one. The only problem is… he still won’t let me out of his sight.

“Babe please”

“Fine. I’ll call an Uber” I put my hands on my hips.

“You must be crazy to think I’d let you in an Uber! An Uber are you serious?”

I laughed again and put my hands on my hips. “I’ll have John come with me”

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair. I smiled and stood on my tippy toes to kiss him. “Thanks babe”

“I’m still not sure about him” he handed me the keys.

“He’s still not sure about you” I pulled on my cardigan. “I gotta go” I pecked his lips quickly and headed out.

“Call me when you get there, V” he yelled after me.

“Okay” I hoped in the car and drove off. I love Josh and I know he means well but now I can do what I want and spend time with John.



“She’s gone” I said into the phone.

“Alright we’re coming in”

Valentina has been begging to get away from me. She’s finally going to the doctor and I’m letting her go by herself. Well I have Nate following her but at least she thinks that she’s got some freedom.

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My brother Max and his wife walked in as well as my other brother Maxwell and his girlfriend. “Joshua!” Rosana, Max’s wife called out. “It’s so good to see you” she hugged me tight.

“You too” I smiled.

“Are you getting skinnier?” Max asked me.

“Not to where I can’t still knock you out” he laughed and hugged me.

“Joshua” Maxwell said all seriously. I stood up tall and stared at him till he cracked a smile. “I can’t stay serious around you”

“General” I said and he hugged me hitting back my back.

“Hi Joshua, nice to see you” she hugged me.

“When’s she coming back?” Max asked. “I want to meet her”

“I’m not sure so we gotta hurry up and plan this”

“Are you sure you wanna propose now?” Max asked as he walked into the kitchen. “Are you even sure she wants to get married?”

“Yea didn’t you guys just meet like seven months ago?” Maxwell agreed.

“Yea but you know how I am. I don’t get along with people very much” I followed them.

Max sat backwards on a chair and Rosana leaned against the counter. Lily sat on a chair and Maxwell stood posted by her side.

“Exactly that’s why you should explore your options” Max bit into an apple. Rosana hit the side of his head and spoke.

“I think that’s very sweet Joshua, good women only come around every once in a while”

“But what if he gets bored of her and wants something new?”

“That won’t happen” she said. “Stop”

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“I agree with Rosie” Lily said. “You guys are in love”

“Well if love is the product then we have to produce a great proposal” Maxwell butted in.
“What?” Max asked. “Shut up, army man you don’t know what love is”

“Oh and you do? You’ve been married four times!” Maxwell shouted.

“You told me it was three!” Rosana shouted and hit him upside the head.

“When?” He rubbed his head.

“That night we went to the opera house”

“I said a lot of things that night I was drunk”

“You’re always drunk” she crossed her arms.

“Hello?!” Lily said loudly. “Joshua has a problem, fighting about it is not going to solve it”
“What do you think we should do then?” Max asked. “Miss innocent”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She yelled.

“You know what it means hippie!” He yells back.

“Hey!” I yelled. “This is why we can’t get together you guys always fight!” Everyone was quiet and looked around the kitchen. “This is why I’m moms favorite” I teased them with a smile.

“You’re not moms favorite!” Max said.

“Then why was she here two weeks ago?” I raised my eyebrow.

“She was here?” Maxwell asked. “She told me she was in Prague”
“That’s beside the point, Joshua what do you want to do?” Rosana asked me.

I leaned on the counter and thought for a while. “I don’t know, she’s been through a lot. I just want it to be perfect for her”

“Like what?” Lily asked. “Healing is a long and gruesome process” she held her heart.

Max scoffed and rolled his eyes. I have to be careful about what I say. I didn’t tell them about the auction or anything. No one other than V, Nate and I know about it.

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“Well she hasn’t exactly told me but I did some digging and she was in the foster system at one point”

“Oh my Gosh” Rosana said.

“Her mother’s not nice to her at all, she’s verbally abusive. She just hasn’t had the benefit of a family. She never had what we got” I paused. “What I got” They all know what I’ve been through.

“So proposal has to be perfect, just don’t say anything to her when you meet her” the girls nodded. “And don’t ambush her when she comes, she’s pretty quiet”

“We’ll be good bro” Max said.

“And we can’t stay for long” Maxwell announced. “I’ve got business to attended to”

I nodded.

“Anyone heard from Anthony?” Max asked.

“No” I said quickly. “I don’t care if he shows”
“Joshua, that’s your brother” Lily said. Her optimistic bullsh*t is really bothering me. Things are just wrong in the world and she doesn’t seem to accept that. She always wants to make things peaceful.

“He’s not my anything. I invited you all here to help me plan something so I can propose to Valentina. If you’re not going to help me then you can all leave”

They looked at me for a while not speaking. “Okay” Rosana finally said. “Let’s stop getting distracted and formulate a plan” she clapped her hands. “I need a pen and paper, J”

I pointed to a drawer and she opened it. “Alright, name some beautiful places we can take her to”

I stayed quiet as they talked. I hate when they bring up Anthony. He doesn’t matter to me.