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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 87

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Arrogant Maid

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 87


I didn’t distub Scot any further, even though I was very comfortable with him touching me, I still didn’t try to get him up.

We just slept and woke the following morning.

He had woke before me and was dressed, he sat on the chair and seems to be writing something in a book.

“Good morning.” I greeted.

“Get dressed and start going to work already.” He said and I started getting dressed.

After I was done, I asked; “When are we returning home?”

“Well, as soon as the chef stops coming to visit us, we need to be careful around that guy.” He said.

“Okay, are you not going to transport me to work?”I asked as I carried my small handbag.

He turned to me and said; ” No.”

“Why?”I asked.

” Because you were not cool with the way I was touching you yesterday.” He answered.

“Really? Is that an enough reason not to transport me?you know I may be kidnapped if you did not transport me?” I questioned.

“I know, but I don’t care.”He replied.

” Really? you do not care?” I asked.

“Yes, I do not care for an ordinary maid that turned into a worker at a restaurant.” He said.

Those words hurts me.

“You did not need to insult me, it’s too early for that?” I walked out angrily.

As I stepped down the stairs of the hotel, I kept wondering why he was that way towards me.

just because I lã-y like a log of wood, he was already angry.

I was able to find a cab outside the hotel and fortnately, I arrived at the Resturamt.

As soon as I got to the kitchen, I was stunned to see the Chef sitting at my seat.

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“Good morning.” I greeted and placed my bag on the table.

“You are a worker on trial for three months, if I give a bad review about you after that three months, do you realize you are fired?” He asked.

“It’s not the end of the world, one legged man.” I said and he kept quiet for a while.

“Brenda!” He called but I didn’t turn to him. “I’m being sincere, I love you. Forget about all my actions of the past and how I was trying to get to your p@!!!nt, I truly love you and want you to love me back.” He said.