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I Sold My V. Episode 38

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( His royal Excellency)


Thirty – Eight

Next morning

I watch her as she sleeps. She’s so beautiful. She’s truly amazing. I still can’t believe I have someone like her in my life.

I get out of the bed and head downstairs to make breakfast. As soon as I open the fridge the doorbell rings. I head over and look through the peep hole.

It’s her friend John. Why is he here? I open the door and he looses his smile when he sees me. It makes me happy knowing he doesn’t like me. Knowing that I have something he doesn’t. Valentina.


“Can I help you?” I ask.

“I came to talk to Valentina” he says rudely.

“You saw her yesterday, didn’t you?”

“Yes but-”

“Then you should be fine” I cut him off. “She’s sleeping right now”

“I need her to wake up, it’s important”

“She’s needs her sleep. Come back later” I started to close the door but he push it open. “Look if you have a problem-” I raised my voice but he cut me off.

“You don’t know anything, I need to talk to Valentina!”

“If you don’t leave I’m calling the police” I said through clenched teeth.

He looked at me for a while before speaking. “I have to be there for her”

“She has me, she doesn’t need you” I spat.

“You don’t even know what she’s going through”

“What is she going through?!” I yelled.

“What’s going on?” I turned around and Valentina was standing at the top of the steps. “John what are you doing here?” She rubbed her eyes. She looked like a small child, waking up on Christmas Day. She had on my t-shirt which was way too big.

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“Did you tell him?” He asked her.

“Tell me what?” I asked John. He looked at me but then back at Valentina.

“John” she said quietly.

“You need to tell him!” He said angrily.

“What is he talking about?” I asked Valentina. Did they do something yesterday? I thought I could trust her to be alone. If they had sex I swear I’ll kill John.

“I don’t know” her voice sounded like she was crying. “John why are you here?”

“Its time”

“John what the f**k are you talking about?”

He looked at me. “She’s dying” Valentina let out a cry as he said that.

“What? What do you mean?” He didn’t say anything. He just looked sorry. “Dying? Dying how?!” I yelled to Valentina.

John walked to the bottom of the staircase, staring up at Valentina. “Come down”

She shook her head and rubbed her arm. “What am I supposed to say?” She cried out loud. “I don’t know”

“Come down” He said again.

She listened to him and slowly made her way down the steps but stopping halfway through. “Joshua” she called me.

“Come down” John said again.

“Joshua say something”

I can’t say anything. I’m frozen because I don’t understand. How could she be dying? She looks fine. “Why are you dying?” I finally asked.

She sighed and wiped her face. “I’m just sick, that’s all”

“The truth” John said.

“Please don’t make me tell you it’s not serious” she blinked and more tears came streaming down her cheeks.

“Tell me” I said harsher than I meant to sound.

“Under my ribcage there’s an ingrowth that shouldn’t be there. It’s pressing into my lung and… if grows to big” her voice broke. “It will potentially burst my lung”

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My heart dropped. My body felt weak and I felt sick. “H- how long have you had it?”
“My whole life”

“How do you control it?”

“I take medicine everyday” I searched my mind for another question but nothing came to me.

“So… I’m going to loose you?” I felt my face get hot and my eyes got really watery.

“Joshua” she said sadly. She must notice, my face must be turning red.

“If she gets surgery to get it removed, that could save her life”

“Then why are we here?” I asked. “Let’s go, lets go get this done” I moved closer to the steps. Valentina shook her head and moved up a step. “Wha- are you scared I’ll hold your hand?!”


“Surgery’s too risky, if they make one tiny accident her lung explodes. She dies” John said.

I looked over at him and his eyes were red, he was looking straight at Valentina and she was looking at him.

“What about your medicine?!” I yelled. “You can’t keep taking those?”

“My doctor bumped up my dosage this week, she said I have to decide on surgery” She said.

“But” John interjected. “Those pills will take everything out of her, she’ll have no energy, she won’t be able move and after long, talk. Yea she’ll be alive but she won’t be able to live”

“And I don’t want that” Valentina whispered.
I’m mad that he knows all this stuff and I don’t, she’s my girlfriend! They’re just friends. I ignored my jealousy.

I run my fingers through my hair and look away from them both. I need some time to think, to process everything that’s happening.

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“Come down Valentina” John says.

“Joshua are you mad at me?” She asked eager to get the answer out of me. Of course not. I mean she could’ve told me about this earlier but I’m not mad at her. I love her.

John walked up the steps and said something to her. Then place his hand on the small of her back and I watch as he led her upstairs.