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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 16

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

????( The girl in my dreams)????

Episode 16
By Simrah Saeed

???? Ryan’s POV ????

Huh? Alyssa?

I quickly dropped the file I was holding running towards the direction of Scarlett’s voice.

My heart jumped out of my chest as I saw Alyssa lying unconscious on the floor with Scarlett beside her.

What happened? She was just fine few minutes ago I saw her last.

She’s completely soaked in water!

” What happened?” I asked taking her from Scarlett

” I….I don’t really know Ryan, I think she was trying to swim and she doesn’t know how to ”

Huh? How can she try swimming when she sucks at it?

I already told her I was going to teach her then why the haste? Or did she slip?

My hand went to her chest slightly pressing the water out but she wouldn’t respond.

She just lied motionlessly which is beginning to scare me. .

” She isn’t responding to that Ryan, don’t you think we should go for the other method?” Scarlett shrieked while I glanced at her.

What other method? Isn’t it best we call the doctor?

I can’t let anything happen to her! Not when I haven’t told her of my feelings.

The feelings I have for her before I met her in person.

Not when I have mapped out my future and she’s the cover.

She’s in every of my thoughts.
I just thought it’s not the right time to tell her all that.

For the fact that I am scared of her reaction when she finds out that I love her.

What if she turns me down? What if she goes all feisty and kick my ass forgetting I am a prince?

” What method?” I blurted staring down at Alyssa.

She looks so pale and innocent. Her pink lips were slightly open, her lashes closed and a stubborn strand of her hair falling to her face.

My eyes traveled down to her chest, her cleavage was a little exposed and it look so firm .

How much I wish to touch her! I mean her body!

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Finding myself in my own imaginary world, I wonder how soft there will feel if I get to touch them.

How sweet and tasty it will be when I devour one of them lustfully with her body buried under me and my huge muscles pressing her down against the bed, table or whatever.

My ears turned pink at my wild thoughts! Goodness! What was I thinking?

I turned to Scarlett in embarrassment waiting for her response.

I am glad no one heard my thoughts but me. I wouldn’t have been able to walk with my legs for the rest of my life.

While she’s lying here unconscious, I was stupidly thinking of how her body will feel great tasting her.

” Mouth-to-mouth re….”

I choked on nothing in my throat and scoffed.

” Did you really know what you are saying Scarlett?” I queried .

” That’s the only option Ryan, it’s not that it’s an actual kiss. You are saving her ”

I scoffed yet again glancing at her.
What’s the difference? It’s as same as kissing her.

” Scarlett I.. ”

” Ryan please we need to save her or did you want me to call a guard?”

I turned to her in fury. A guard? Touch what’s mine?

My hands turned into a fist and my jaw clenched.

My body tensed up in anger yanking my head towards her.

” Do not ever say that again Scarlett, A is mine ” I proclaim.

” Then kiss her awake ”




Zoey’s POV

Goodness! How did I get here?
I looked around my environment and it niggled at me that I brought myself here.

But why will they knock me out like that?

I raised up my head to see someone staring down at me.

He looks so huge and scary ! Oh my goodness! I am starting to regret coming here.

” I… I..am not here for troubles please don’t harm me ” I pleased in fright.

His sight is scary ! Very scary!

He kept staring at me without uttering a word like I am not standing right in front of him.

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” Please , I am sorry just let me go”

He roughly grabbed my hand twisting it painfully!

I winced as pain lace through my voice.

” Ple….”

” Shut the fúck up , who sent you? ” He snarled and I blinked in confusion.

Sent me? To what?

” I wouldn’t repeat myself again pretty, who fuçking sent you here? Was it to spy?” He asked with a cold expression.

Fear gripped me while I continue hissing in pain.

” No one sent me ” I gritted.
He chuckled dryly snapping his hand.

Gulping nervously, my body went numb for some seconds seeing the sights in front of me.

More of those men kept trooping in which increased my anxiety. I am so gonna freak out.

A knowing pain shot through my body bringing me to reality. .

He’s hurting me!

” M…my hand ! Please you are hurting me” I said nearly in tears.

I have only seen this in a movie before, never thought of it happening live and to me.

I only came here to get some help in taking that Alyssa out of my way but I guess I met my doom.

” Are you ready to speak? Who sent you here? ” His voice came in again. More icily.

” Believe me, no one sent me. N..no one ”
He released my hand staring at me expressionless.

” You want us to believe you?” One of them asked and I nodded.

God Mum!

The guy earlier strode towards me and stood feet away from me.

I dare not raise my head to look at him. I couldn’t!

” I believe you beautiful, I do ”

He traced his hand on my body and rested on my boobs staring lustfully at me like he’d wanna eat me out right now.

” You will tell us why you are here but before then, I want to have a taste of your sexy body ”



Unknown POV

” She was living with her mother before she moved into the palace and her father is late ” Rio reported

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Alyssa! Well, from what I have heard of her, she seems pretty confident and I love ladies like her.

She will be of great help to me!

” And her mother? ”

” There are lots of maids surrounding her boss ”

” Keep an eye on her, make sure you know what she does every minute. She will be our weapon against her if she doesn’t want to do what I ask of her ”

” Yes boss ”

” Good you can leave ” he bowed his hand as I waved my hand dismissively.

For that girl to have saved King Nathan, he will trust her pretty much which will be a good thing for me.

I will hold her mother in captive and she will have no option than to do whatever I ask for.

Her mother is precious to her! I will use her to my advantage.

Getting King Nathan will be pretty easier for me now.

Alyssa got herself involved the very day she saved King Nathan.

She is going to be nothing but a prey to me. She will work under me till I achieve that wish I want .

Nothing less! Nothing more!


???? Ryan ????

I stared blankly at the perfect figure in front of me lying unconscious then to Scarlett.

” Are you not going to do that Ryan? She’s dying ” her sharp voice came in.

Breathing out loudly, am I really going to kiss her?

” I get you hate her , did you want her to die? What am I even saying? I need to get someone to do it ” she snarled angrily standing up.


” You don’t have to ”

I just have to but what if she wakes up? Will she be mad that I kissed her without her knowing?

I want to, heck! I have always wanted to but not this way!

Still, I would never watch anyone kiss her. I can’t stand seeing anyone’s stinky lips on hers.

Her lips, her body ! Everything is mine!

With that, I smashed my lips on hers.



Zoey ????????