February 3, 2023

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 89

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 89

Brenda’s POV

After I was done with work, I returned to the hostel that Scot was.

I could have gist him about what happened at work but remembering what happened at work, I do not think that would he possible.

As I walked inside the room we lodged, he wasn’t inside.

He probably went somewhere.

The door opened few minutes later and he walked in with a white polythene bag.

“I bought this for us.” He said and brought out the food that was there.

“Thank you.” I replied gently and collected the one he gave me

We sat on the same bed and began to eat.

“How was work?”He asked.

” Fine…the chef confessed his love for me….he must be very stupid.” I said.

“He may not be stupid, he may love you for real.” He said.

“No, I’ll never love someone like that.” I said.

“Why? because he has one legged?” He asked.

“And because he is cruel.” I added.

“Hum!” He hummed and we continued eating.

“Why were you angry in the morning?” I asked.

“Nothing.” He replied and kept eating.

“Tell me so I would not repeat it again.” I said and he raised his head up at me.

“You rude girl, you will repeat it over and over again.” He said with a dry smirk on his lips.

“Tell me first.” I requested.

“Well, maybe because you lãy like a løg of wood when I was røma-ncing you.” He said.

“What am I suppose to be doing?”I asked.

” To be snoring. Don’t you know what other ladies do?…you are so poor in rømance.”He said.

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“But I didn’t push you away or tell you to stop when you were cårresing me?”I asked.

” So? your actions speaks louder than voice.” He answered.

“I’m still a vï—Rgī-ñ, if you make love with me, it means I would he deflowered, remember we are not even dating.” I said

“Meaning you would prefer someone you are dating to defløwer you?” He asked.

“Not really, I will prefer someone I love and someone that loved me to deflōwer me.” I said.

“Okay…Do you love me?” I asked.

I wasn’t expecting such question but I think it’s high time I let him know so I would not keep hurting myself.

“Yes ,I love you. And you, do you love me?” I asked.


Guess Scot’s answer?