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Can Love be perfect. Episode 1

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I rolled on the bed and yawned so tiredly when boom,I fell to the hard floor
“Am I that close to the ground?”I asked yawning and sat up

I looked around my tiny room with everything so scattered there and sighed
“Is it morning already?”I asked and stood up

I rushed out with my towel round my body and my sponge and soap on my head as I walked into our one share bathroom
“Morning family”I said rushing there when

Mom shouted
“Watch out!”she said but it too late as

I bumped into the door of the bathroom and fell flat on the floor
“I said so,I’m so close to the ground”I said groaning in pain

Granny hissed
“Stand up cos we have males in this house,girl”she said to me

I hissed
“I think I sprain my ankle”I said and

Shook my head
“I mean my waist”I added groaning

The door opened and my eyes traced it as the legs shown out on the door as it was about to clicked open when

I screamed so loud
“Don’t come out,males”I said screaming and managed to stood up

No no,I mean crawled inside the bathroom and slammed the door shut

I could heard mom and granny laughing so loud while I hissed
“Oh my body”I said rubbing my waist

I managed to stood up finally after so much struggling and falling down repeatedly and I would have stay there all day if not for

Dad that came knocking
“You’re not the only one in the house,Crystal”he said to me

I scoffed hearing him
“For real?”I asked and cackled

I finished my bath and rushed out again when grandpa shook his head
“You’re going for another fall,lady”he said to me

I stuck my tongue out at me
“That’s the weirdest word ever”I said and rushed inside my room

I quickly get dressed and combed my hair
“Nobody is as beautiful as me:Crystal King”I said jumping up

When the alarm rang
“Oh Holy shit”I said carrying my small bag and rushed out immediately

Then bowed before them
“Bye family and make sure you use your legs to walk ok”I said dashing out

Mom hissed
“What do we use to walk before?”she asked facing them

Dad laughed
“What a lame joke!”he said when

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Granny faced me
“Won’t you eat,Crystal?”she asked me

I shook my head
“I want to pray for our land so that I’ll blossom like a flower beside the river”I said and

“Yes yes”I said and dashed out when my bag hooked at the door

I shook my body
“Let go of me,daddy”I said almost crying

Grandpa tapped me
“Are you going crazy now?”he asked me as

I closed my eyes
“Let go huh”I said again when

I opened my eyes and saw that it the door knob
“Heish”I said and ran out to the street

I jogged along the way shouting as I jogged
“It morning,neighbours”I said shouting so loud

A woman opened her window
“Oh here come our morning cock”she said staring at me

I hissed
“Why is my oown cock not crowing?”I asked and ran away as

She glared so hard at me
“Stupid Crystal”she said hissing

I ran still I got to the warehouse and walked inside timidly
“Morning here”I said shouting

The boss came out
“Will you stop shouting huh,Crystal?”he said looking away

I nodded
“I wish so boss but the speaker in my voice keeps on growing”I said laughing mischievously

The secretary moved to my side
“Then stop watering it so it won’t grow”she said to me

I walked to the changing locker
“I know you don’t like me,miss Betty but I’ve to keep on drinking water to be able to live”I said and slammed the locker shut

They just starred at me as I moved inside the changing room and changed to my work’s uniform and took my mopping stick and large rolling dustbin out

I started cleaning everywhere and hummed as I cleaned it
It a day of work
So let’s work and work
I got to work
And at least work
So that work
Will be less
To work later on..

Jeff walked to my side
“Is it a most for someone to sing despite the bad voice?”he asked stopping in my front

I looked at him
“Is it a must for someone to say the truth despite knowing it’ll hurt?”I asked and splashed water on his body

He cleaned his face
“Hey Crystal”he said so pissed off

I bowed down
“Sorry J but it seems my hands have swift movement than my voice”I said pushing the dustbin away then laughed evilly

I moved to the toilet and hit my head at the door
“Can God just close some anus for a day?”I asked looking at the messy toilet’s

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When a hand gave me a nose mask
“I think you need this,silly”I turned around and

“OH thanks,boss’s son”I said smiling

He hissed
“It Jeremy”he said and walked away

I slapped my head
“Oh Jeremy and I think I need to ask boss a question”I said when

Someone walked out
“I’m here so what question?”I turned around seeing

Boss zipping his trouser
“What question,Crystal?”he asked

I pushed him out of the toilet
“Why will someone wanna spoil my virgin’s eyes for me?”I asked closing the door

Then smirked
“They’re all a liar”I said and rolled my tongue

I washed and cleaned all the nook and cranny in the toilet and sighed
“Oh gosh”I said looking at it and

“Its all shining so bright like the sun”I said

I moved out to the female’s toilet and gasped
“This is so …”I said looking up and

“What’s the grammarian fit for this place?”I asked looking round

One of the worker walked out
“Must yiu talk in a dirty and smelling place like this?”she asked walking out

I shook my head in agreement
“I don’t know WHY I can’t abide by that rule”I said inhaling deeply

After what seems like ages,I finished everything and all was so clean then moved to the rooftop sitting down with my legs straighten out on the ground
“Oh Crystal is damn tired!”I said rubbing my head

Oh yes,I’m Crystal King..

I mean the only strongest Crystal King in the whole Verney’s city and no one bear that

I’m LUCKY be ME in all way despite the world up and down but that I’ll say makes me who I’m today:strongest,hale and energetic girl with best personality and Joviality

I think that’s what I can say about me for now,find the rest by yourself cos I’m so tired already
I laid on the floor then laid on my back and rolled on the sandy rooftop
“Oh I’m so rolling like the dustbin”I said cackling when

The door of the rooftop opened
“Such a dirty girl like the place she cleaned”I don’t need to see who

Since it that..
“Teaser Jeff”I said hissing

He walked to my side and poured water on me
“Be clean at least,pig”he said to me

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I looked at him evilly
“Sorry Jeff”I said

He looked down at me
“For what?”he asked

I smirked looking at him
“Apology in advance”I said and sprang up immediately then headbutted him straight and I’m very sure

He saw stars
“Hey pig”he said as

I dashed out of the place and moved downstairs
“Can I quickly go somewhere?”I asked the boss

He nodded
“Take this to the Cafe first and give Mr.John before you go to where you wanna go”he said to me

I smiled
“Perfect”I said and wanna ran out when

A woman called me
“Help me give this to him too and buy for me,a ice cream when coming back”she said to me

I sighed
“Mrs Becky with ice cream”I said hissing

And ran out before she say anything

I entered the cafe
“Hello Mr John and this for you”I said giving him the box

He collected it
“Thanks Crystal and don’t dare not off the computer after using”he said to me

I tapped him
“Hey calm down son”I said cackling and rushed to the computer I always used

I browsed to the internet and learned some few things there then sighed
“Will I be able to go to school someday?”I asked looking at some students in uniform holding hands

I smiled within myself
“When there’s life,there’s definitely hope and when there’s a will,there’s a way too”I said rubbing my chest

I studied finish and stood up
“Thanks Mr John”I said and walked out

Luckily for me,I saw a nearby ice cream and bought it then moved to the warehouse again

Soon,times flies by and it time to go home
“Who even give time wings to fly by?”I asked walking out of the warehouse

I walked into the street after changing to my dress back and my bag hanged on my shoulder when the rain started

I twirled round in the rain happily as it soothed my body even washed off the bad scent and smell away from my body and it was so good until….