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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 12

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I was so happy that at least if my one side love is not that perfect at all,now I’ve a girl beside me who can serve as exchange and do be with me

I touched my chest and smiled
“I’ll try my possible best to love her cos I know how it felt to do not have a mutual love”I said as my heart skipped a beat remembering my imperfect love with Crystal King

I wanna drove home but see that it late already so I took the route leading to brother’s home and soon,I arrived within an hour there and drove inside

I smiled seeing his car
“Thanks he’s home”I said and alighted from my car then locked it

I entered the car and almost bite my tongue
“What happen here?”I asked looking around the sitting room

Brother looked up at me as he sat on the floor with tears lining on his eyes
“Welcome brother!”he said sniffing

I bent down to his level
“Is there a burglar?”I asked and shook

My head
“Nothing is missing here so what happen,Jeff?”I asked him

He pointed up
“I mistakenly met a crazy lady and poof,it turned to two and the second unknown crazy woman wreckage my beautiful sitting room like this,Jeremy”he said to me

I chuckled
“Two crazy women!”I said exclaiming

Then looked up
“Where did you meet them,bro?”I asked

He sat right
“Don’t know at all”he said and rolled on

The floor
“My expensive TV pain me most”he said

I roughed my hair
“There’s one crazy woman I know and that’s Crystal King so anyone else?”I asked him

He sprang up
“It her bro and another lady which she called her sister bearing Vanessa”he said

Then gasped
“Now that I think of it,isn’t she look like the lost daughter of the Cyrus’s?”he asked and ran upstairs

I followed immediately and he jerked the door open
“Who is the second lady?”I asked and

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He on the light
“There they’re!”he said pointing to them

And so crazily…
“They’re sleeping when I’m so damn in pain and debt”he said scratching his head

I laughed looking at the two ladies sleeping peacefully
“It seems they’ve no worries at all”I said laughing

He screamed
“Oh my head!”he said when

Someone lifted her head
“Will you let us have a peaceful sleep at night,crazy Jeff?”we turned seeing

Crystal sitting up on the bed
“Why can’t you let us be huh?”she asked and leaned on the bed edge

Brother laughed
“Why will you have a peaceful sleep when I’m so in pain like this,miss Crystal King?”he asked kneeling down

I just looked on at them as they exchanged words with each other when

The second lady sat up
“Can I get a hot tea pls?”she asked rubbing her sleepy eyes

I looked around
“Where is your tea room,bro?”I asker

He glared hard at me
“It seems you wanna blast!”he said angrily????????????

I laughed
“Do you want too,Crystal?”I asked her and

She nodded
“Yes thanks,Jeremy”she said winking at me

I rushed downstairs and prepared two cups of tea☕☕ and rushed up again
“Here ladies”I said giving them each of the cups

The lady collected it
“Thanks Hans and I’m Vanessa Cyrus”she said bowing

I gasped
“Isn’t that the famous Cyrus?”I asked

Crystal nodded
“You’re current,dear”she said

I eyed brother
“You’re finished,brother”I said cackling

He surprisingly stood up from the floor,bowed for her then walked out like a zombie in a zigzag lines

I held my stomach
“Good night,beauties”I said waving

They waved back
“Good night,Hans”they said

I followed brother to his room and slammed the door shut
“What will you say to that,bro?”I asked

He frowned
“Say to what?”he asked

I leaned on the bed
“It her family’s money that you used in buying everything and she just spoiled few and you’re already shouting on her”I said

He gritted his teeth
“Did I shout on her huh?”he asked and

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Slapped my shoulder
“I just felt pain,that’s all”he said

I laughed
“But you did…”he didn’t let me finished before

Shouting so loud
“And what are you doing here huh?”he asked and pulled me up then pushed me out and slammed the door shut

I whispered
“I’m one of the witness so beware”I said and

He opened the door
“Good night,bro”he said pulling me inside and covered me with the duvet then moved out

I looked up
“Where you going to,Jeff?”I asked

He bowed
“To sleep with my expensive TV!”he said and slammed the door shut angrily

I laughed and sleep on the bed and I knew he escaped my rough sleeping mode cos…

Just pray my dears that you’re not my victim sleeping with me on the bed


It early morning as I woke up hearing noises downstairs
“What’s happening?”I asked and sat up

I rubbed my eyes and moved out seeing brother being pulled by Vanessa

I moved to them
“What happen,ladies?”I asked

Vanessa faced me
“This silly brat didn’t told me that the wine yesternite is so much alcoholic especially from my mom’s company”she said so pissed off

Brother bowed
“I’m so sorry,miss”he said and

I can see he’s at his limit
“He’s the one affected most and he’s also the one begging”I said shaking my head

Crystal shook her
“Let’s go sis,I’ve to go to work”she said and

That’s when my brain reset too
“If you come late to work even once,I’ll seize your credit card????”Dad’s voice echoed in my head

I didn’t wait a second as I dragged Crystal with me
“Let’s go Crystal”I said pulling her

She pulled away
“What about sis?”she asked

I pulled her again
“She’s sober now and brother will take care of her”I said and

She ran after me
“Bye sis”she said

Vanessa waved back
“Be safe,sis”she said smiling

I took a last glance at brother and his face is so pathetic and so tired
“Oh brother!”I said laughing

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We entered the car and soon,we’re at the company’s gate as we rushed inside quickly and changed to our work’s clothes then moved to our different working place when

I heard dad’s voice outside
“Lucky ME!”I said smiling brightly when

Someone hit my head
“Where did you sleep last night,Jeremy?”I turned seeing dad

And smiled
“I slept at brother’s place, dad”I said

He picked up his phone
“If I ask him and he said you’re not,then..”he said and

Dialed his number while I just looked at him
????”Hey Jeff”he said on the phone

He sighed
☎”Morning dad”he said

Dad looked at me
????”Did Jeremy slept at your place yesternite?”he asked him

He hissed
????”No”he said and

Dad kicked me
????”I said so”he said and kicked me again when

Brother laughed
☎”He slept on my bed last night so I think so”he said

Dad hissed too
????”Are you on drug,Jeff?”he asked him

He cackled
????”I’m not dad but all I know is that,it payback time”he said and hanged up????

Dad turned to me
“Continue your work,Jeremy”he said and walked away

A tear drop
“Heish”I said angrily as I cleaned the desks angrily and almost fell the laptops there????????

I rubbed my paining ankle and cleaned my tears planning on how to have a lasting revenge on Jeff Willy that he’ll never forget on his life

And now thinking of it,I think I have to ask Brenda for advice on how to avenge on brother too

Especially to ask if my own plan worked