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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 14

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I rolled on the bed and rolled again then boom…
“Did I just fell from my giant sized bed?”I asked touching the floor

But what the hell happen..
“Why the floor is so rough like this?”I asked and slowly opened my eyes and

Looked around
“Where’s this place?”I asked

There’s some clothes hanged roughly on one side,more on a chair and few books on one side of the room’s corner with a small size chair and desk..

There’s few pattern on the wall and..
“Oh geez,is that cobwebs?”I screamed out and

Jumped up on my feet
“Where am I?”I asked looking around

The door opened
“Have you wake up now,dumber?”I heard a voice and

I turned to see..
“Sister!”I said exclaiming

She walked inside and knocked my head
“What happen yesterday?”she asked me

I sighed and rubbed my head
“Did anything happen yesterday, sister?”I asked her

She hissed and sat on the edge of the bed
“Oh poor soul!”she said and

Crossed her legs
“Only God knows what that crazy girl feed you with”she said

I leaned on the wall and looked so long at her
“What’s happening?”I asked but it seems like I’m talking to myself as

She stood up walking to the door
“Take your bath and come downstairs”she said and slammed the door shut

I rubbed my hair
“Can I really take my bath here?”I asked and took my coat then walked to the door

When a paper fell from the hole at the up ceiling
“What’s that?”I asked taking the paper

When I gasped
“Heish!”I said seeing ….

I rushed downstairs shouting on top my voice
“Where the hell is this crazy girl cos I’m gonna..”I said shouting when I found myself

Among an old women and men that I just have no choice than to calm down

Sis knocked my head again
“Don’t you’ve manner,Xavier?”she asked me

I bowed gently
“Morning sirs and MA’s”I said bowing

They smiled brightly towards me
“Morning dear”they chorused

I looked around and my eyes saw..
“Isn’t that the crazy girl?”I asked pointing at a picture

Someone tapped me
“She’s my daughter!”I turned seeing the young woman staring hard at me

I looked at her then back at the picture and covered my mouth immediately as the picture is now clear to me cos in the picture is the two women and the two men with a lady which..
“Is Crystal”I said and

Turned to the woman
“I’m so still feeling sleepy that’s why,haaaaa”I said laughing crazily

She smiled and stood up
“Sit here and eat breakfast with us”she said pushing me to the seat

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I sat down reluctantly
“Ooh,I’m noy hung..”I didn’t finished the sentences when

Sister laughed
“Hurry mother,I’m so famish”she said

The woman walked inside a place that I think they’ll called KITCHEN too and

I turned to Vanessa
“Where’s she?”I asked

She shrugged
“Who’s she?”she asked

I hissed
“I mean that crazy girl”I said angrily

She scoffed
“I don’t know any crazy girl”she said gulping down water

I almost screamed again
“That crazy Crystal”I said so pissed off

She laughed
“Who knows!”she said and went to the kitchen

I rubbed my hair
“Oh shit”I said

The man tapped me
“Is something wrong,son?”he asked me

I beamed happily cos that’s almost the ..
“First time I’m hearing a father calling me SON sincerely”I said and rubbed off the upcoming tears

The older woman rubbed my hair
“Don’t mess up your handsomeness”she said to me

The older man tapped her
“Isn’t that how I look to when I was young like him?”he asked her

She scoffed
“In your dreams,Stephen”she said and we all busted out laughing so loud

Crystal’s mom walked out with a big tray
“Grandpa is truly Hans when he was young so admit it,grandma”she said placing the tray on the table

Crystal’s dad shook his head
“I support grandma”he said

Vanessa sat facing me
“I think grandpa is even more Hans than him”she said eyeing me

I sat right
“I’m the most handsome man in the whole Verney’s city,sister”I said proudly

She laughed
“Oh really?”she asked

Grandpa tapped me
“Even still now,can you beat my handsomeness?”he asked me

Everyone except grandma nodded
“I doubt if he can”they said

I hissed and pulled one of the plate to myself digging in angrily
“Heish!”I said and they all laughed and I managed to laughed too

We ate the food with joy and even tho it not up to my taste at all this more delicious,I’ll say I eat it with total peace,joy and love in me especially with the family of the girl I love …

No no,I mean the crazy girl I wanna crush like a pillow

After eating finish,I bowed for them
“Gonna go now mommies and daddies”I said then

Gave my best smile ever
“Thanks so much for everything”I said

They all took turn hugging me
“You’re welcome,dearest”they said

I wanna moved out when Crystal’s mom called to me
“So what really happen yesterday, son?”she asked me

I just shrugged
“I don’t remember at all,ma’am”I said

They waved at me and I moved out with sister following me
“Don’t tell mom or even dad that you see me at all pls”she said pleading

I smiled and faced her
“Even me don’t wanna go away from this lovely family so I understand sister”I said

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She hugged me
“Thanks bro”she said

I pecked her
“Be safe,sis”I said and entered my car

She waved at me
“Miss U,Xavier”she said

I looked out of the window
“Are you really not gonna tell me what happen yesterday?”I asked and

She just pouted looking at me
“Bye sis”I said and drove along the narrow lane and luckily,I find the road easily and soon..

I’m on the busy highway leading to my home and soon,I got down and walked inside with deep happiness in me

I twisted like a snake or should I say like Nagin when she danced with her lover as I bath in the shower
“Now I know where she lived and even knew her parents and grandparents”I said happily then

On the shower more
“And her family likes even loves me”I said shaking my invincible butts and hummed to myself as I danced in the shower but

I suddenly stopped
“I think Crystal’s craziness is getting to me too”I said and stopped the shower

I walked out of the bathroom and dressed up then combed my hair
“But for God’s sake,can someone really tell me what happened yesterday?”I asked looking at myself in the mirror but stupidly,nothing comes yo my mind at all even brain is so empty

I moved out of my room and sprayed some perf then took my phone
“Ten missed calls and five messages”I said and

Almost threw the phone away
“All from the silly Bestie and stupid secretary”I said and

Entered my car
“Which other messages do I expect?”my brain told me

I drove straight to work and soon,was sitting on my table still thinking about the happy morning with the King’s when

Sandra came in
“What happen to you,boss?”she asked me

I wrote on my diary
“Is that your greeting,secretary?”I asked not looking up

She bowed gently
“Am sorry”she said and

Moved closer
“Morning sir”she said

I nodded
“Morning Sandra and pls,I have a question for you”I said

She put her hands at her back
“What’s that,sir?”she asked me

I finally looked up
“What happened yesterday?”I asked

She smiled
“Nothing much as the files were done and you signed them then…”she said halfway when

I cut her off
“I mean what really happened to my yesterday?”I asked

She shrugged
“Don’t understand, sir”she said

I leaned on the chair
“Did I have a visitor or went out with anyone?”I asked

She nodded
“Yes cos that errand girl visited you here and you went to eat with her at the nearby restaurant”she said

I felt so pissed off
“I hope it not Crystal that you’re calling the errand girl,Sandra?”I asked her

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She looked down
“I’m sorry sir”she said

I put my hands on the desk
“Look at me,Sandra!”I said in commanding tone

She looked up immediately
“Yes sir”she said

I frowned
“From now on,the respect that you can give me,do give it to her too okk”I said

She nodded repeatedly
“Okay sir”she said

I smiled
“Good girl so go to your office”I said and turned my chair away

She walked away and I turned the chair back as soon as I heard the door slammed shut

I rubbed my chin
“If not of how we’re related as childhood friends,I know what exactly to do for you,Sandra”I said and hit the desk

Work starts in earnest and soon,everywhere was so quiet but still,my mind felt happy remembering this morning and felt clueless trying to remember what happen yesterday
“Isn’t that funny?”I asked myself

I stood up looking at the time and packed my stuffs and moved out of my office
“Knock knock”I knocked at Sandra’s office

She opened up
“What should I do sir?”she asked me

I leaned on the door
“Check my office for reality’s company file and sort it out for me at home”I said and walked away

I soon arrived home and was so tired to cook so I order food from my favourite restaurant

And few seconds later,my door bell rang
“Coming”I said and went to receive it

I collected the food and paid the money then moved gladly to my dinning table to eat a full dinner since breakfast is not my taste tho delicious and lunch was not eat cos of much work

I opened the box and spread the foods out and swallowed the saliva as everything is so tantalizing and inviting

I opened the last food container and regret I did
“Pepper powder”I said glaring so hard at it

Then laughed
“Why did it feel I’ve a bad memory of you,pepper powder?”I asked fixing my gaze on it then

Boom, everything flowed back into my memory and I screamed out
“CRYSTAL!”with all the energy in me and

I swore the house shook to the ground and even almost collapsed on me but just don’t know why it didn’t but

I just pray Crystal didn’t go deaf even dumb the way my voice will echo in her ears as I screamed out her name but

Believes me,she’s so dead when next I see her