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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 15

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I woke up from the bed and sat up
“What says the time?”I asked and turned to

Looked at the alarm clock
“Why do morning come quick this days?” I asked angrily

When my door opened wide
“Hey brother!”I already knew the owner of

That voice and I think you guys should know it by now too
“Morning sis”I said standing up

She hissed
“Better hurry up for today’s few show before the real one come tomorrow”she said to me

I nodded
“Okay ma’am”I said and walked straight into the shower

Soon,I was downstairs holding my car’s key
“Aren’t we gonna eat,Brenda?”I asked

She pointed to my stomach
“With this your pot belly, brother”she said to me

I looked at my stomach
“You wanna say flat right?”I asked but

She shook her head
“Nope”she said

Then pulled me to the dinning table
“I was so happy yesterday and it still in me this morning so that’s why I cooked for you,Fred”she said and walked to the kitchen

I nodded
“She’s truly happy seeing her calling me by my name”I said and scoffed

She placed the food in front of me and tapped me
“Let’s eat”she said

I wanna talk but knows..
“I’ll end up losing to her so let’s shut up”I said and focused on the food

Soon,we’re on the way to the company and there’s traffic on the road but soon..
“We’re here finally!”we both chorused as we got down from the car

We entered the company and everyone bowed for us
“Morning sir and ma”they said

I waved at them while silly sister smiled brightly

I moved to the hall
“Let our lead models gather and have few shots before the real show starts tomorrow”I said to them

They all lined up and they’re looking their best already
“Wow love that”I said to them

Brenda turned to me
“What’s loving in that?”she asked pointing towards them

Then faced them angrily
“Who’s choose all the clothes for you?”she asked

They all pointed at..
“Sharon”they said

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She hissed
“Stupid lady so follow me all”she said

They went inside and soon,come out looking..
“More dashing and stunning”I said clapping

She smiled proudly
“That’s ME”Brenda said

I nodded
“Yes yeah,thanks ma’am”I said and we laughed

They all lined up and the cameraman stood standby
“Ready?”he asked them

They all nodded
“Yes,we’re”they chorused

I looked at them
“And where’s Steven?”I asked them

Brenda gasped
“Oh true,where’s he?”she asked

Sharon moved to us
“He hasn’t arrive since and didn’t bother to call sir”she said to me

Brenda hissed
“And we must take the photoshoot today to be able to send it online and to our supporters”she said biting her lips

I rubbed my hair
“And he’s the best and the lead male model so what to do,Brenda?”I asked her

She shook her head
“I just don’t know”she said

Then gasped
“Oh perfect”she said looking at me

I wonderi..
“What’s perfect?”I asked when

She suddenly pushed me into the dressing room
“Make him up,dears”she said to them

I laughed crazily
“It seems one of your bolt is lost,Brenda”I said and

“Cos I’m no way perfect”I said to her

She just grinned from ear to ear
“Hurry girls”she said to them

They all tremble
“Can we do this,sir?”they asked me

I hissed
“Don’t dare it,girls”I said in commanding tone

When the door busted open
“I can dare that”we all turned to looked at the person

When I shouted
“Crystal”I said moving to the wall

She waved
“Hi hi player boy”she said and

Turned to Brenda
“Hi sis”she said

She too waved at her
“Hi Crystal”she said

She winked at her
“I’ll help you in making him up so yiu girls leave”she said

They all leave truly remaining sis and her with me
“Let’s get to work then,Crystal”she said to her

I hissed
“Are you girls serious?”I asked looking away

Crystal laughed evilly
“So serious”she said and pulled me to sat down

I have no choice as I stayed so firm and well on the seat with Crystal glaring hard at me
“You’re doing that to scare me right,crazy girl?”I asked her

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She glared so fiercely
“I’m not trying to do that but if it do scare you then am glad”she said

Sister eyed me
“So you can be calm like this,brother?”she asked me

I just stay muted as she applied different makeup on me
“Oh Fred!”I said inhaling

She turned to sis
“Get him the cloth”she said

She nodded
“Okay sis”she said and walked to the wardrobe

I scoffed
“Okay sis!”I said mimicking her

Crystal sniffed
“Stay still,boy”she said and

I just faced her not shaking
“Oh turn to slave in my own company huh”I said almost tearing up

She eyed me
“Your company or your dad’s own?”she asked me

Sister tapped her
“You’re right cos he’s just enjoying it”she said

I hissed
“Hey Brenda”I said

Crystal stepped on my toes
“I said STAY STILL”she said

I sat right
“Okay ma’am”I said

They took almost hours and soon,she stood up
“It done”she said

I looked at myself in the mirror as she turned my chair to it
“Unbelievable”I said looking at myself in the mirror

Sis hugged her
“You’re so awesome,Crystal”she said and

She high five her
“Trust me”she said and they laughed

I just stared so long at myself
“Is this ME?”I asked cos everything so change

They pushed me out and I joined the other models in the photoshoot as we took different styles in the pictures and I’m the lead with one lady

Sharon turned to them
“Where’s boss?”she asked

They laughed and pointed at me
“That’s HIM”they both said

She gasped
“Hey lie”she said

Later,it remained me and the lead female girl as we took so romantic and nice shoot together and the two crazy girls couldn’t stop screaming so loud as we took different styles in the pictures

The shoots is through and Brenda sat down with her magic fingers and posted all online and then to the supporters

It was so beautiful and stunning that even me marvel that ..
“This is so awesome”I said and turned to hugged

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Crystal but she pushed me so hard
“Are you crazy?”she asked covering her body with her tiny hands

I fell on my butts
“Just wanna say Thanks You,girl”I said tearing up

She kicked me on the floor
“Did this place look like America that will make you to hug me just to say Thank You huh?”she asked so pissed off

Then slapped my head
“Such a player guy”she said

I cried
“Hey,isn’t it normal to hug you?”I asked

She laughed crazily
“If you wanna play me too,say it loud instead of using the innocent Thank You to do that”she said and

Knocked my head
“With this your silly head,you wanna scam me especially my first hug”she said glaring at me and

I thought..
“Your eyes will fell out of its sockets the way you’re glaring at me,craziness”I said and

She twisted my ears
“You’re silly much”she said and

Faced sister
“Bye lovey Brenda”she said and ran out like a flash

I just sat down
“She’s one hell of a crazy girl”I said rubbing my painful head

Sis laughed so loud
“She’s truly crazy,bro”she said and

Rubbed my head too
“But why always this silly head?”she asked and walked away

All the workers there laughed and I eyed them before they keep quiet as I managed to stood up
“Today that I look so damn Hans is the day that crazy girl disgrace me”I said crying inside

I stood up and went to my office as I snapped myself with my phone
“I wanna appreciates her effort in making me so much handsome but she ends up bringing her craziness out again”I said and

Turned my chair to the window
“I just can’t understand HER neither will Xavier do too”I said sniffing and rubbing my head

How can a tiny girl like her have a powerful knock that I almost forget who am I even my name huh?

Next time,I won’t ever allow her to touch me not to talk of knocking my head again

F**k You,Crystal King

Oh gosh, my fragile head!