October 5, 2022

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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 17

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I sat down in my office when my PA brought a file
“What’s that?”I asked her

She bowed
“This is the file of Greg Henry which he asked me to give you when you arrive this morning”she said to me

I collected it
“Wow thanks much”I said

She wanna moved away when she faced me
“Oh boss!”she said and

I looked up
“What’s wrong?”I asked her

She smiled
“Aren’t you going to invite us to Vanessa’s birthday tomorrow cos I heard she’s back in the city?”she asked me

I looked baffled
“How did you know,Clara?”I asked

She faced me
“I saw her at the mall yesterday with a girl not up to her age buying stuffs”she said to me

I smiled
“Oh thanks and you know for sure you’ll be invited right?”I asked her

She nodded
“Yes sure so I’m waiting for my IV card”she said to me

I chuckled
“Okay PA”I said and she walked out of my office

I quickly checked the file and signed there
“Let me do the favour of the invitation card”I said and stood up

I dialed the
”Hello Clara”I said

She smiled
”Hi sir”she said

I took my car’s key
”I want to go somewhere so take care of my office”I said to her

She cleared throat
”Okay sir and don’t be long”she said to me

I hanged up and walked out of the to the office straight to my car and and drove to the Willy’s Typing company

I parked my car and met a young girl cleaning
“Morning girl”I said calling to her

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She smiled turning to me
“Morning”she said as her smile disappeared as she saw me

I rubbed my chin
“I’m looking for your boss here”I said

She sighed
“I don’t have boss and even tho I’ve many of them,which is of them?”she asked

I looked at her bewildered
“What do you mean?”I asked

She frowned
“Mean as how?”she asked me

I shrugged
“Where’s Mr Willy?”I asked

She clapped
“Don’t mind me,he’s in his office”she said to me

I just looked at her like a crazy someone then walked inside the office to meet another lady
“Hello there”I said

She bowed
“Morning sir and boss is in his office”she said

I smiled
“Thanks Mrs Betty”I said looking at her name tag then walked inside the office

I knocked
“Hey Willy”I said outside the office’s door

His voice came on
“”Isn’t that Cyrus?”he asked and soon

The door opened
“Hey friend”he said

I shook him
“Hi buddy”I replied

We walked inside as he sat on his chair and I sat facing him
“Long time huh”I said

He nodded
“It work keeping us apart especially you that traveled out of Verney’s city”he said

I crossed my legs
“Yeah right,am sorry”I said

He looked at me smirking
“A business man never say sorry when it comes to Money”he said to me

I laughed
“Oh that slogan”I said and we laughed

He sat right
“So what bring you here,sir Cyrus?”he asked me

I chuckled
“Want to do a birthday invitation card like thousand copies”I said to him

He leaned on his chair
“Whose birthday?”he asked

Then gasped
“Oh Vanessa but is She black black background home yet?”he asked

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I nodded
“She’s back the day before yesterday so can you hurry it up?”I asked

He stood up
“Sure and right now”he said and pulled me up as

We both walked out of his office straight to a room where he gave command to some workers there and soon,work start in earnest while we both sat down watching them

He control them with immediate effect while I just watched with keen interest and soon,a Copy was brought to me
“Wow amazing”I said and was even surprised as Vanessa’s pic is right in front of the card looking so stunning

I turned facing him
“Thanks buddy”I said

He waved
“Anything for a friend”he said

Soon,everything was done and I collected his account number and swiped money into it
“Thanks”I said finally as I moved out

He bowed
“Thanks too,great customer”he said and we laughed

He moved to his office and I moved out when I met the greatest shock of my life as I almost screamed out so loud that the building might collapse to the ground but don’t know how I was able to caution myself from doing so….

HEY DEARS,what do you think Mr Cyrus saw that made him almost screamed out his silly lungs huh?