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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 2

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I woke up to some noises in the compound and I hissed on the bed
“Who the hell is making noise in the estate?”I asked and covered my ears with the pillows

But wait…
“It seems it in the mansion”I said and sprang up angrily

I walked out in my pyjamas and leaned at the door
“Who’s that person that swallow speaker?”I asked looking down angrily

My Secretary turned to me
“Morning sir”she said bowing

I scoffed
“Since when Xavier’s secretary have no manner huh?”I asked glaring

She smiled
“It cos of your numerous maid saying I can’t see you since you’re still sleeping”she said looking up at me

I scoffed
“I’m still sleeping?”I asked and turned to them

With fiery eyes
“Am I still sleeping?”I asked them

They all bowed
“We’re so sorry boss”they all chorused

I smirked
“Actually they’re right,I’m still sleeping and your freaking noises woke me up”I said and

Pointed at them
“I want everything I wanna use this morning to be ready right now”I said in commanding tone

They all scattered here and there and few entered my dressing room and started bringing out my suit,shoes,ties and everything necessary to the door

And bowed again
“It here sir”they said to me

I hissed
“Put it on my head”I said and walked inside

I quickly have a great bath and came out of the shower and..
“Where the hell is my towel and perf?”I asked shouting

All the maids rushed in immediately searching everywhere for it as I tapped my leg on the ground

They finally found it
“Here sir”they said

I shook my head
“I’m not using it again and even,you’re all FIRED”I said as they all cried out of my room

I dressed finished and walked downstairs
“Find me fifteen maids immediately Sandra”I said to my secretary

She nodded
“Okay sir”she said

I walked out as she followed me
“Both male and female”I said to her as I entered my limousine and

She entered too
“I’m on it sir”she replied me

The driver bowed
“Morning sir”he said

I hit his head
“Will you just shut up and drive,James?”I said so pissed off

He quickly faced the road and drove out of the mansion as the gate opened automatically and closed back again immediately we’re out of the gate and soon,we’re at the company as he rushed to opened the door for me

I stepped out
“Useless boy”I said and walked inside the company

Sandra followed behind
“Can I lay out the schedule for today,boss?”she asked me

I nodded and untied my
“Oh sure”I said rubbing my chin

She moved to my side
“We have three company coming today for the contract that we wanna give out but I think it Sherwin And Co.that if best for it”she said to me

I opened my office’s door
“Why them?”I asked and sat on the chair facing her as

She stood in front of me
“Cos their proposal is so lay out perfectly and they have a nice offer after the contract for us”she said

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I looked at her
“There’s nothing like perfect in this world so cut it out,Sandra”I said smirking

She smiled
“I know that there’s nothing like perfect in your dictionary boss but I can say truly that this is so much perfect”she said

I sat right on my chair
“Can they give us 60% of the gain later on?”I asked

She gasped
“That’s not possible boss”she said

I folded my hands
“Are they booming much in the business world like Xavier’s company?”I asked proudly

She rubbed her hair
“No WAY!”she said

I nodded
“What about the plan and ways of their business even this year ranging?”I asked her

She looked at me knowing where I was headed
“There’s truly nothing like perfect boss”she said bowing and

Put the file on my table
“I surrender so choose your choice,boss”she said and bowed then walked out to her office

I looked at her and hissed
“In this world of imperfections, you can’t expect something to be perfect”I said and twirled

My chair round
“NO WAY!”I said smirking

I read all the three company’s proposals and sighed..
“None fit my taste”I said hissing

I put the three files beside and took my own day’s work and everywhere was so silent and the only thing you could hear is the little noise of the laptop and some others and some noises from the silly talkative women in the company

I finished everything and looked up at the time
“This is 3,O clock”I said snapping my fingers

I tapped the telecoms
”Hello Sandra”I said

Her voice came on
”Hi boss and what’s up?”she asked me

I leaned on the chair
”Collect the Benry files that I asked Jen to type for me and order for a nice food also”I said to her

She smiled
”Okay sir”she said and I hanged up

I twirled my chair to the window and looked far down to the road as it was so busy and crowdy
“Oh busy days”I said and closed my eyes

After few minutes,the door opened
“Here’s the food,boss”Sandra said

I nodded
“Put it on the table”I said and turned the chair back

She put it down then walked out immediately

I dug into the food and hissed
“Trash”I said and threw it straight to the dustbin

I stood up and walked to washed my hands in the basin
“What the hell are they cooking nowadays?”I asked looking at myself in the mirror

I came out when I bumped into someone
“And who’s this?”I asked looking at him

He knocked my head
“Hola amigos”he said spreading his arms wide

I pushed him away
“I said who are you,Bestie?”I asked

He winked at me
“You already said t,Xavier”he said

I turned to him
“Said what,Fred?”I asked

He sat down
“That I’m named Fred and I’m your Bestie”he said cackling

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I hissed as I sat down
“Will you stop cackling like a snorting frog,Fred?”I said

He laughed
“I want you to do something for me,besty”he said

I folded my hands
“No money to borrow and nothing to spy on”I said

He scoffed
“None of that,boss”he said and

I laughed
“So what,spit it out”I said

He winked at me
“Let’s go clubbing, Xavier”he said and pulled me up immediately from my chair then pushed me out straight out and

Bumped into ..
“Hello Sandra, the secretary!”he said winking at her

Then continued pushing me still to my car side
“To Amsterdam club,James”he said and closed the door then entered his own sport car as we drove straight to the club

Yes right,I’m a wealthy guy who become wealthy himself too and no one dares not know me;

Xavier Cyrus in the whole Verney’s city and even,my family too was one of the top few wealthy people in the whole city and we do anything we wanna do without getting queries at all..

Oh you mean Fred Williams is my childhood friend,a real time cassanova and player guy and has always been the only one who have never see my other side which I know by now,you’ll have knew it and if not,you’ll know about it soon…

We entered the club and all eyes turned to us immediately
“Isn’t that the wealthy and latest guy in town?”some ladies asked

Fred rubbed his head
“Oh that’s ME!”he said and winked at the girls

They all looked away and turned their gaze to me
“He’s so damn Hans too”they chorused

He hissed
“Those sly witches”he said and sat down

I sat down too
“Don’t get pissed off,boii”I said and laughed

The club became so hot as Fred moved to the dancing floor rocking it with some ladies and ..
“Oh gross”I said looking at them as they used mouth to exchanged alcoholic drinks

A girl moved to me
“Hey Hans”she said smiling towards me

I turned to her and looked at her
“She’s so beautiful but lack the sensitivity”I said in my head

She is truly beautiful but too much makeup on her face and much lipsticks even eyebrows looked like that of a…
“Beans”I said standing up

She held my hands
“Let’s dance,Xavier”she said to me

I slapped her hands away
“I don’t dance with prostitute”I said and walked away

She laughed
“You’ll regret that soon”she said and threw a bottle at me

I turned to her
“Thanks your star that I don’t beat ladies and even”I said and

Moved close to her
“You’re so looking like an old granny”I said and pushed her roughly away

She chuckled
“I’m Vanessa and we shall see soon,Xavier”she said

I looked at her then walked away as I took a quick glance at Fred who just don’t have time at all as he danced among the ladies

I walked out
“Let’s go home,James”I said

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He rushed to my side
“What about your friend,boss?”he asked me

I snatched the key from him
“Wait for him then”I said entering my car and drove off immediately

I was on the highway when it started raining
“Oh my gosh”I said breathing so hard

Truly,I’m not that perfect in driving not to talk of a rainy day as I’m shivering despite not feeling cold at all or rain drop on me at all

I was shivering and not seeing the road so well when I branched to the roadside and almost hit a crazy girl twirling in the rain
“Watch out,stupid”I said rolling down the car’s mirror

She turned to me
“Open your eyes too,old driver”she said angrily

That got me so pissed off as I got down and walked to her in the rain
“What did you just called me,girl?”I asked her

She stood on her toes and shouted to my ears
“Watch out,old driver”she said and walked away

I pulled her
“How dare you call Xavier Cyrus an old driver?”I asked her

She looked at me and smirked
“How dare you said that Crystal King stupid?”she asked me

I scoffed
“Hey stupid”I said again

She smiled
“I’m sorry,man”she said

I looked at her
“Better girl”I said

She laughed
“I’m not saying sorry for you but apologizing in advance”she said to me

I turned my head sideway wondering what she’s insinuating when she headbutted me and not only that,kicked my leg

I whined in pain
“Hey YOU”I said

She laughed
“Sorry for this too”she said and pushed me so hard to the floor

I screamed
“Oh my expensive suits”I said as the water torrent flows under me

She laughed
“And that I called the w€t dog”she said rubbing my head and ran off

I tightened my hands
“I’ll catch you,stupid girl”I said so teary up

I stood up walking truly like the old driver that she called me and entered my car and drove off slowly and slowly still I reached home and the gate opened automatically

I rushed inside and dumped everything on me to the dustbin outside and rushed upstair to have a long and hot bath in the shower

soon,I fell on the bed sleeping so tired and hissed
“How dare that girl!”I said gritting my teeth together

Then laughed sarcastically as everything replayed in my head then hit my head again
“No one defy Xavier Cyrus!”I said angrily as I crushed the pillow in my hands

No one has ever tackle or talk to ME like that and she’s the first daring to do that

A slimy tiny girl for that huh

Just wait still I see you again stupid

I’ll crush you as I crush this pillow…