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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 20

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I woke up to the ringing of a bell into my ears
“Wakie wakie birthday lady!”I looked up to see Crystal with a bell in her hands and

She put a pillow on her head
“Morning and Happy Birthday in arrears,miss Vanessa Cyrus”she said to me

I hissed as I sat up
“Hey today is my birthday so what’s arrears in that huh?”I asked

She nodded
“Yeah you’re right but the one doing the birthday woke up late so it arrears”she said

I stood up
“Are you normal,Crystal?”I asked rubbing my eyes

She spread her arms wide as she walked to the door
“Nope am not”she said then

Opened the door and looked at me
“I’m crazy”she said affirmatively and walked out

I just stay rooted shaking my head for..
“A silly crazy girl”I said and laughed

I moved inside the bathroom and have a long warm bath before moving out and dressed up in a casual wears

I walked down to see lots of people
“Who are those?”I asled granny

She hugged me
“Happy birthday,Milady”she said

Grandpa pecked me
“Live long and prosper,dearest”he said to me

Crystal’s mom moved to my side and pushed me to sit down
“She’s here pls”she said and

The people turned to face me
“Let the makeup begin”I heard Crystal says

They moved to me with a big box and soon,opened it and start to makeup for me while some redo my hair and few bent down to do manicure and pedicure for me

I looked around and sighed
“Where’s dad?”I asked

Crystal who shrugged
“How do you expect to find Sir Cyrus here,miss?”she asked me

I almost threw the comb on my head at her
“I mean your dad,crazy girl?”I said

She gasped
“Oh that man”she said and

Came to my side bending to my eardrum
“I don’t know where he’s”she said and walked away

I turned to the makeup artist
“Can you give me few second to deal with that crazy girl pls?”I asked pleading

Crystal turned back
“Your money will be deduct to quarter if you allow her to do what she’s desperately begging you for”she said and walked upstairs

I scoffed
“Desperately huh?”I asked holding to my anger

Granny chuckled
“I said so that even if crazy Crystal don’t have degree in school,she already have it in it in her craziness”she said and everyone busted out laughing so hard

The door opened as brother,Fred and her sister walked inside
“Happy birthday,Van Van”they said screaming out loud with flowers in their hands

I hissed
“Didn’t anyone tell you guys we were don’t shout here?”I asked and looked away

Xavier pecked me
“What’s that taste?”he asked moving away quickly

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Brenda laughed so loud
“Can’t you see they’re making up for her?”she said and

Fred hit his head
“You’re still that silly guy”he said and

We’re laughing so loud when we heard something fell like a thud from upstairs

We all turned to the direction and saw Crystal laying almost lifeless on the floor and we rushed to her
“Hey Crystal!”we all called shaking her

She kept mute when Xavier carried her up quickly as he’s shaking with Crystal’s mom too already in tears while the grandparents just looked on not shaking but WHY

We’re almost at the door when she moved and looked up
“Am I still wearing pink gown?”she asked looking at us

Brenda rushed to her
“Are you okay,Crystal?”she asked her

She nodded
“For me to still be hearing you Brenda,that means I’m still much okay”she said sniffing back tears

Her mom rubbed her sweaty head
“Are you hurt,Darling?”she asked

She shrugged
“I’m not hurt at all but I swear my mommy,I sees stars as I rolled down the stairs”she said rolling her eyes

Fred sat down
“She’s basketful of craziness”he said

Granny chuckled
“I knew she’s up to her craziness again”she said

Grandpa pointed at her
“Someone who fell wearing slippers even sneakers is now wearing heels huh”he said

I laughed my ribs out
“That’s disastrous, grandpa”I said

Her mom almost slapped her
“You almost gave us heart attack,stupid”she said to her

She jumped down from brother’s arms
“If I almost gave you heart attack,at least I made someone dumb,shaking and scared”she said walking upstairs again like a robot that her battery almost off

Xavier just stay rooted in one place while we all laughed out
“She truly made someone shaking to the marrow”we said lookin at him

Her dad came in
“Is everyone ready now?”he asked as he came inside

We all turned to him
“Yes,we are”we chorused

Crystal peeped out
“Except me and that guy standing akimbo beside you,Dad”she said and slammed the door shut again

Her dad nodded
“I can see he’s truly not ready as he didn’t answer me”he said

Then faced us
“Let’s go to the Cyrus’s mansion,dears”he said to us

We all stood up and followed him out while I turned back to looked at brother
“She’s okay bro so calm down,Xavier”I said to him

He rubbed his sweaty palms together
“I’ll sis,just got damn scared”he said and

Suddenly hugged me
“Happy birthday sister and I’m so glad you’re back,Vanessa”he said to me

I smiled so happily
“Me too bro and thanks for all”I said and we hugged so tightly

I later waved at him and moved out to behold two limousine outside
“Oh my God!”I said exclaiming

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Brenda turned to me
“Isn’t this look like a wedding’s car,sis?”she asked me

I nodded
“That’s true with all this flowers on it”I said

Fred rolled his hands on our necks
“It your silly brother that says we must put flowers on it as sign of welcoming you back home and as your birthday too”he said

And whispered
“It seems Crystal’s craziness is getting to him too”he said and we’re laughing when

He screamed out
“Oh gosh”we turned seeing Fred on the floor

I turned around
“What happen?”I asked

Brenda folded her arms
“Who knows!”she said when

Xavier pointed to Crystal
“She did her crazy way again”he said to us

We all turned to her direction and saw her two heels on her hands as she raised it up with smirking face

She bent down to us
“Let’s get rid of that thing that make you a player boy”she said and smacked

His head thrice
“How dare he said I transfer my craziness to a stupid guy huh,something that’s not enough for me”she said licking her lips and entered the car

We all looked at groaning Fred
“Oh your weak point”we said and laughed when

Someone pulled him up
“Are you okay,Fred?”we just looked on when

Xavier scoffed
“So you can’t greet your boss first,miss Sandra?”he asked calling to her but

She just looked at Fred and rubbed his back
“Are you okay,dear?”she asked again

Fred managed to nod
“Yes I’m,thanks dearest”he replied

Crystal peeped out
“Miss crush and mister player, what a silly lover”she said laughing and clapping at the same time

While we all gasped
“Oh so you two are….”we said and covered our mouth while she helped him into the car

Xavier scoffed
“My Bestie and my PA, truly silly lover”he said and entered the car too

I looked at Brenda who held me as we walked inside the car
“What a crazy lover”we said as we entered the car eyeing Crystal and Xavier too

We drove out of the narrow lane and soon find ourselves in front of the gigantic mansion of my dearest father huh,Mr Cyrus

We entered as the gate opened automatically and the driver parked as the car opened too by itself and we all got out

Someone hugged me
“Happy birthday, sweetie”I smiled as

The perf scent hit my nose
“Thanks second mom”I said looking at Fred and Brenda’s mom

Her husband pecked me too
“Welcome home,honey”he said to me

I bowed
“Thanks sir Williams”I said

A car parked beside us and

Crystal hide in between me and Xavier
“Cover me well”she said

Fred folded his hands
“Have you do your craziness for them too?”he asked eyeing her

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She shouted
“Shut up,player boy”she said

The car opened as the Willy’s came out of the car and walked to our side

The wife hugged me
“Happy birthday, huni”she said to me and

His husband smiled towards me
“Best wishes,dear”he said and

Jeff winked at me
“Happy birthday, lovey”he mouth to me when

Jeremy gasped
“Isn’t that the person that said she’s stooling and vomiting at the same time huh,dad?”he asked pointing at

Crystal who hissed at him then popped out
“Hello boss and his family”she said giving her best smile ever

Mr Willy gasped
“Hey YOU!”he said

Jeremy looked at her smirking
“I’m not surprise at all,Miss King”he said when

Crystal jumped hugging him and pulled his dad by the hands
“Let’s enjoy the birthday party of miss Vanessa in peace and love OK”she said laughing stupidly

Xavier pulled her away from Jeremy’s body
“Stop hugging anyhow,crazy girl”he said so damn jealous

I eyed him as Jeff moved to my side
“Someone getting jealous huh”I said looking at Xavier when

Brenda pulled Jeremy too
“Not only him”she said and

We all mouthed
“wow!”we said when

My whole body shook to t he marrow as two people walked towards us and I felt like I should run away when

A soft hands patted my back
“It’s well”I turned seeing

Crystal and she made an elbow
“You can do this,sis”she said to me when

Someone hugged me
“Happy birthday, sweetie”I hugged

The person too
“Thanks mommy”I said

Dad just smiled towards me
“Welcome home,honey”he said to me

My eyes burn in fire
“Thanks dad”I said glaring at him

We all moved inside as everywhere is so bubbling and merry with a giant cake and lot o f parcels at aside

We all merry happily as they all came towards me and said the beautiful words
“Happy Birthday, Darling”they all said to me

It was a great birthday since I’ve left home as Everyone all came to grace and honour t e occasion

Jeff fulfilled his promise as he put t he jewelries on me and the dancing floor was opened for me as I stayed in the round circle and those whose whose whose wanna danced with me came out one by one

Then dad came out to danced with me tho I quickly let go of him as his body touching mine almost sent me crazy but Crystal is always there winking and mouth ‘it’s well’ to me then mom followed and later,the best brother ever:Xavier

Until the last person which is my lover to be:Jeffrey Willy and we danced still late in he night before we sat down to enjoy foods and lots of drinks