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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 21

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If you should ask who’s most happy today,it should be the celebrant right but nope…
“It ME”I said smiling as I looked at mom and dad greeting the guests and on the dance floor is

Vanessa dancing happily with Jeff
“My family is complete now”I said smiling

Fred is at one side dancing with Sandra,Brenda dancing with Jeremy but..
“Where’s this crazy girl?”I asked looking around when

My eyes caught someone bending down with a tray full of cake and I think I need no one to tell either me or you guys that’s it
“Crystal!”I said walking to her

She looked up at me
“Hi Xavier”she said smiling brightly

All eyes turned to us
“Where did Xavier get to meet this uncivilised girl?”one said

Another hissed
“Look the way she eat like a pig”the one beside her says

Many eyes turned to us but I don’t care and I’m sure Crystal don’t care too

I pulled her up
“Hey crazy”I said

She sighed
“Just leave me alone and join other at the dancing floor”she said to me

I nodded
“That’s true but I need a partner”I said

She smiled
“Then look for a stupid someone like you”she said and

Pinched me
“Don’t disturb my eating space”she said

I laughed
“Is there anything like eating space huh?”I asked her

She looked around and saw..
“So many eyes on us”she said and looked away

I pulled her to the dance floor
“Let’s dance,girl”I said

She tried to wriggle free
“I’m not the stupid someone,Xavi”she said to me

I pulled her more
“Oh yeah,you’re crazy rather”I said

She eyed me
“Then get ready for my crazy show”she said d and laughed evilly

I just looked at her
“Shut up and let’s dance”I said

She winked
“OK, let’s dance”she said and pulled me herself to the dance floor as she moved rhyming with the music playing by the DJ

I was so engrossed in the dancing especially her as she moved swiftly and rhythmically with the song and getting my steps too when

She suddenly wriggle free from my hold and ran to the guy who’s the DJ
“Can you off the music,pls?”she asked with cute face

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The guy smiled
“Sure Beauty”he said smiling like an idiot

I rubbed my head
“What is she doing?”I asked as

She took the mic and ran to the dancing floor
“Hello dears”she said and

They all turned to her
“Hi hi”they chorused

She smiled
“Wanna know why the music is off?”she asked and

They all nodded
“Yeah sure”they said

She smiled
“There’s someone who wanna sing for us and the person is no other than the celebrant’s brother,Hans Xavier Cyrus”she said and pointed at

Me while I just almost black out
“This is not good”I managed to say

Fred turned to me
“Oh trouble”he said

Sister eyed me
“Our ears gonna burst today”she said slapping her head

Brenda tapped me
“Did you drink an alcoholic?”she asked me

Mom and dad eyed me while I sat just looked down and my inner mind whispered
“She told you to watch out for her crazy show right so deal with it”it says and

I roughed my hair up
“I’ve a bad voice”I said almost tearing up

Fred patted my shoulder
“You mean worst voice”he said and laughed

Brenda laughed
“Hearing his voice makes me knew that no bad condition is as worst as his voice”she said and they all laughed so loud at me

The crowds cheered
“Go go Xavier”they said

Crystal came to my back and pushed me up to the stage
“Xavier singing”she said echoing through the mansion

I picked the mic and smiled faintly
“Even Christ says ‘it’s finished’ and it my turn”I said rubbing my suit

I eyed Crystal who just shrugged
“This is unfair”I said whispering to her since

She’s in my front
“I told YA”she said spreading her arms

I looked at sis
“Help me”but she just looked away

I turned to Fred
“Common Bestie”I said but

He just smiled
“Be a man”he said that I almost threw the to his empty head

I held the mic tight like my life depends on it
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to a dear sister
Happy birthday to youuuu
It a great day
That you’re born….

I sang halfway when the crowds laughed
“Oh gosh”they said laughing but suddenly as l kept quiet as

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A voice was heard
It a great day
That you’re born
So be happy and jolly
Life just take
Another ladder
Towards a new age
I wishhhhh
I said I wishhhh
You dear sisterrrrr
Happy happy happyyy
Birthday to Youuuu..

We all gasped as Crystal snatched the mic from me as she eyed me and all the crowds cheered for her cos ..
“She got a sonorous voice”I said looking at her

She used her butt to hit my waist
“Oh let’s rock today and Happy birthday, sister”she said pointing at

Vanessa who also screamed
“Thanks Best Sis”she said

I scoffed
“Two crazy ladies in my life”I said

She pulled me
Let all dance
And shook our bodies
Like a s£xy machine
Let’s get all up
Get ready
Move to the right
(We all do that)
Now to the left
Shake your butts,ladies
Shake your abs,guys
Let’s all move
Like a s£xy machine
Oh yeah..

We all sang with her and band danced so well and the boring party turned to a happy and danceable one as she sang and I swore,my head swelled up to uncountable©® degree

I smiled looking at her when my eyes caught someone and I moved away to the person
“Hi ma’am”I said bowing

She looked up at me
“Hey Xavier”she said as she held my hands

I smiled rubbing her hands
“How’s the school now?”I asked

She pulled me to sat down
“The school is doing great now since you’ve helped us paid the debt”she said

I smiled
“Oh that’s good”I said

She hugged me
“Thanks so much,Xavier”she said

I looked at Crystal
“Can you accept someone to the final exam in the high school pls,Mrs James?”I asked

She looked at me and traced my eyes to..
“Is that the someone?”she asked

I turned to her
“Yes maam,”I said and

Looked at her again
“That’s Crystal King and she hasn’t go to school at all so pls do help her”I said

She sighed
“How can someone who hasn’t go to school at all cope with the final exam in high school?”she asked me

I rubbed her hands
“She do learn a lot on a learning arena at the famous cafe in Verney’s city and I’m sure that will help much”I said

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She looked at her
“And what if it don’t?”she asked me

I rubbed my hair
“She’ll start in any class you put her ma’am”I said sadly

She patted me
“Don’t be sad cos seeing her gives me assurance she’ll do make it,she’s smart”she said

I smiled happily
“Oh thanks ma’am”I said

She stood up
“Bring her on Monday and we’ll go through the necessary way to get her into my school and pls,do come with her”she said

I bowed
“Thanks and bye ma’am”I said

She waved
“Thanks and bye too”she said walking away

I smiled looking at her as she walked away
“It now time to be educate cos I don’t care about civilisation”I said then

Turned to Crystal who’s still singing
“Time to go to school,miss craziness”I said and walked back into the midst of the crowds

I smiled as Vanessa danced so well with Jeff,player boy with miss crush just as crazy girl called them and Jeremy with Brenda
“So funny and even fate on how they all met”I said looking at the three lovers dancing together

But why do I feel like something isn’t right anytime my eyes caught dad and his eyes shook in it socket anytime he too looked at sister
“What could be wrong?”I asked myself

But there’s no answer getting to my head when someone pulled me
“Let’s dance,stupid guy”I chuckled hearing it as

Crystal pulled me to the dance floor
“It’ll be damn worst if you can’t dance also”she said eyeing me

I laughed
“You must truly be crazy”I said

She nodded
“That’s who I am,stupid”she said and

We both laughed as we danced and danced and danced non tired and I’m truly the most happiest person here at the birthday party of sister and

It Wo all go down in my memory as the second happiest day of my life….


Are you guys talking to me?

Oh a question huh!

Don’t disturb me yet huh

You’ll soon know my first happiest day

But for now,I’m dancing with the crazy girl that I loves

So keep guessing huh,dears