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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 22

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I smiled happily watching Vanessa dancing with Jeff
“Isn’t it a great day,love?”I asked my husband with my eyes still fixed on Vanessa’s

He just stayed mute when I tapped her
“Hey Cyrus”I said

He turned to me
“Oh what are you saying,love?he asked me

I felt suspicious of him but just shrugged it off
“I said isn’t it a great day?”I asked again

He forced a smile
“Yes sure”he replied

I leaned on him
“Am so glad that she’s back home and our family is now complete,love”I said happily

He nodded
“Yea right,so great honey”he said nonchalantly

I moved away from him and walked to Crystal
“Thanks so much dear”I said hugging her

She turned to me
“Why thanking me,ma’am?”she asked

I smiled
“Thanks for accepting Vanessa to your home and even,leas her back home too”I said smiling

She smiled too
“You’re so welcome ma’am but…”she said pouting sadly

I quickly rubbed her face
“But what dear?”I asked her

She looked down
“I want to eat something desperately,ma’am Rosa”she said and

I raised her head up
“What’s that?”I asked

She looked at me
“Will you give me?”she asked

I rubbed her hair
“Just say it dear”I said

She smiled happily
“I want to eat more cake,ma’am”she said

I laughed so loud
“So it cake huh?”I asked and she nodded

I looked around and saw…
“Clara”I said calling to our maid

She moved to me
“Am here,ma’am”she said

I whispered to her ear
“Give me lot of cake”I said

She bowed
“Okay”she said and walked away then

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Soon,arrived with a plate full of cake
“Here ma’am”she said giving me

I collected it
“Thanks dear”I said and she walked away while

I faced Crystal
“Here huni”I said

She collected it
“Thanks ma’am”she said pecking me then ran off almost falling as she bumped into Xavier but didn’t balance well before running off to God’s know where

Xavier walked to me
“Why is she running like that?”he asked me

I shrugged
“Don’t know”I said laughing

He hugged me
“Thanks for bringing sister home”he said

I smiled
“Yes sure but I think it your girl that owns that,son”I said to him

He scoffed
“My girl?”he asked

I rubbed his cheeks
“Your crazy girl!”I said and walked away before he start to denied it

I stayed in one corner watching love reaction and also,Vanessa own when their eyes meet each other and

I just wonder why but..
“I hope it not what I’m thinking”I said and walked up to our room

I sat on the bed
“What could be wrong?”I asked myself

I stood up and walked to Vanessa’s room then sighed
“I’ve to call the maids to rearrange here”I said and wanna walked to their room when

My inner mind calls to me
“What about what you wanna check out”it whispered gently

I entered the room and slammed the door shut then start to search everywhere in the room but..
“Nothing suspicious at all”I said sighing so tired

I want to leave the room when my eyes went to the wardrobe and I opened it to see lot of cobwebs in it so I just walked away when

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Something fell and I turned seeing a..
“Big box?”I asked looking bewildered

I walked back to it and bent down as I opened it and was shocked to see..
“A torn clothes”I said wondering what could be..

I looked at all the clothes and they’re all torn like forcibly torn into pieces and there’s lot of skirt and trousers torn too

I sat on the floor despite so dirty
“This is not what I’m thinking right?”I asked

I quickly stood up since the party will soon be off and walked out of the room with the box sealed back in my hands and

I turned to the maid’s room
“Hey dears”I said calling to them

The door opened
“Hi ma’am”they all bowed

I smiled
“I want you guys to clean up Vanessa’s room immediately”I said and walked away as

They all nodded
“Okay ma’am”they said

I hide the box in my wine cellars collection and walked to the party back and soon,all was done as we all moved to our different room and Xavier too decided to sleep in our house

I couldn’t sleep throughout the night as I rolled on the bed and when I saw that my husband is far asleep

I stood up and tiptoed out of the room to Vanessa’s room
“Hey Vanessa”I said knocking her door gently and

Soon,it opened
“Why not sleeping yet,mom?”she asked rubbing her heavy eyes

I smiled as I walked inside
“It not that late yet and I’ve something to ask you,darling”I said

We both sat on the bed
“What’s that,mom?”she asked

I’ve put the box back in her room but under the bed so I bent down and pulled the box out
“What’s the explanation for this torn dresses?”I asked

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She looked away
“Nothing mom”she said

I turned her to face me
“I’m your mom and you can even suppose to tell me all things,Vanessa”I said shaking her

She sighed as tears dropped endlessly from her eyes
“I don’t want to be the reason of your divorce mom”she said and

Looked into my eyes
“Can’t be the reason a lovely and long time couple will divorce or send anyone to jail”she said crying

And that enlightened me more
“Tell me pls,my dearest daughter”I said pleading

She hugged me tight
“It dad,mom”she said and

I gasped
“I KNEW IT!”I said exclaiming

And rubbing her hair and hugging her tight,I whispered
“Tell me everything, Darling”I said in a pleading tone and

That did the trick as she explained everything to me from beginning to end and I almost fainted when she said..
“My womb is gone,I can’t conceive ever again mom”and

She have to shook me so well
“Hey mom”she said and

I woke up
“Tell me it a lie,honey”I said crying now

She just hugged me so tight and I hugged her so tight too as the Narration replayed in my head uncountable times and

My whole system blamed me for everything since all I did is to make sure they don’t lack material things at all

But deep down,my only daughter even first born is rotting away

Oh God!