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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 23

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It early morning in Verney’s city and everywhere is so busy and crowdy as everyone move to and fro on the busy road even the highway is so full of different

And you’ll all know this is sign of..
“Monday morning”the alarm bell on the roadside ticked off:: ding-dong thrice

The traffic warders all stood at alert controlling both cars and people on the busy road and it always a stressful day when it’s MONDAY

But as everyone is so busy on their different ways,

Someone just woke up yawning so bad
“Is it morning already?”the person asked and instead of getting reply…

A cold water was poured on endlessly
“Wake up,crazy girl”someone shouted angrily and

The person opened her eyes
“Is the roof leaking,mom?”she asked standing up immediately the water reached her

Then screamed out
“The world is coming to an end,dear family”she said rushing out with her eyes still closed

Her mom rushed after her
“Be careful,Crystal!”she said calling to her but it too late as

Her legs is caught in between the steps and before you know what,she rolled down the stairs
“Oh doom!”she shouted

Her father rushed to her
“Are you okay,dear?”he asked her

She sat up
“Leave okay or not okay dad”she said and stretched on the floor

Then screamed again
“The world is ending soon even maybe today”she said

Her granny walked to her
“Why that,miss craziness?”she asked her

She held her hands
“Touch my clothes,granny”she said simultaneously

She touched it
“What’s wrong with it?”she asked not understanding

She turned to her grandpa
“And you,granddad?”she asked him

He too touched her clothes
“It so w€t with cold water and so?”he too asked not believing

She clasped her hands together on her chest
“Our roof especially my own room is not leaking at all but it leaks today making my clothes w€t even dripping”she said

Her dad sighed
“And so what?”he asked

She eyed him
“The roof is leaking which means there’s rain falling right?”she asked

Her granny nodded
“That’s sure cos it not that someone have your craziness that will make the person pour water water from the roof”she answered her

She nodded
“That’s true Granny,I’m the one best in doing such”she said

Grandpa sat down
“So what bring the world ending in all this,miss?”he asked

She stood up
“The rain is so cold,like so cold and icy”she said and started to shake even grit her teeth

Her mom who have been watching her crazy action and stupid sentences suddenly busted out laughing
“Oh gosh,what a crazy daughter of mine!”she said laughing her ass out

They all faced her
“What again?”they asked

She moved to them
“It almost past 8 and she’s still sleeping that’s what pushed me to take some cold water from the fridge and poured it on her only for her to say the world is ending”she said explaining and

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The whole family except our silly crazy girl who just hissed cos..
“I didn’t find it funny at all”she said so pissed off and walked inside in a zigzag line

They didn’t stop laughing as the..
“Craziness of Crystal is so uncountable%”they chorused and laughed again

(Truly dears,is the world not ending when rain is now pouring cold water, as in icy water from the sky huh

It truly world ending ooo

Not any sort of craziness at all)

{Let’s just forget jare}

Outside the King’s cottage,a car I mean a posh car parked and a Hans guy came out with speck in his eyes and he dressed smartly in a suit

He came to the door and knocked
“Morning here”he said

The door opened immediately and a figure came out
“Morning Xavier”the person said

Xavier bowed
“Morning sir King”he said smiling

He pulled him inside
“How are you finding the Monday Morning?”he asked

He smiled brightly
“Oh so great especially for a business man like ME”he said proudly

They both entered the house and he bowed again
“Morning mom and grandparents”he said bowing

They all smiled towards him
“Morning dear Xavier”they said

He was offered a seat
“Where’s that crazy girl?”he asked and

Immediately he said ‘crazy girl’,they all busted out laughing
“Oh crazy indeed even everywhere”her mom said and walked into the kitchen

The bewildered Xavier turned to granny
“What cause the laugh,granny?”he asked

She took time and explained everything to him and he just couldn’t hold in his laughter too as he held unto his cracking ribs and almost peed in his Pants
“Truly world ending huh”he said laughing loud when

Someone peeped out
“Will someone stop laughing before using fart to tear his pants huh?”they all looked up seeing

Crystal with her hair so scattered and roughed off
“So shut up,Xavi”she said and dashed inside again

While the crew continue laughing

Her mom came out
“I thought Monday is is for serious business so why here,dear?”she asked sitting down facing

Xavier who smiled
“I’ve come to take Crystal to school with me as she’s registered to high school even final exam with them”he said

Her dad rushes to sit beside him
“Do you mean it,Xavier?”he asked

He nodded
“Yes cos the woman is a close friend so I talked to her at the Birthday party of sister and she agree with me “he said and

Sat right
“Even said d I should bring her with me this Monday morning”he said

Her mom smiled happily
“Oh thanks Almighty”she said happily

Her dad nodded
“Truly thanks to Him”he said and hugged his wife

Granny scoffed
“Crazy girl in school”she said nor believing her ears

Grandpa Leaned on his chair
“It gonna be fun day I mean crazy days from now on for the students in that high school”he said and laughs thinking about the crazy experience

Xavier nodded
“I can’t wait for them to know there’s someone so damn crazy”he said and they all laughed

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Crystal walked downstairs
“Gonna go to work now”she said running pass them and didn’t even looked at them not to talk of Xavier

Her dad pulled her
“Why running?”he asked

She sighed
“I’m late already”she said

Her mom rubbed her hair
“So late truly”she said looking at her then eyed

Xavier who understand it
“I’ll take you there,Crystal”he said

She eyed him
“This one you’re calling me by my name,do you wanna sell me?”she asked

Granny scoffed
“Who’ll buy you with your craziness?”she asked

Grandpa chuckled
“Except the person sign his or her death warrant”he said

Her dad hugged her
“Be a good child,dear”he said

She nodded
“My father told me”she said and they laughed hearing her

Xavier pushed her out
“Is it father told me or telling me?”he asked

She hit his head
“That’s a literature book,stupid”she said as

He pushed her inside the car
“Okay,crazy”he replied

He drove out when Crystal tapped him
“Why do you wanna take me to work today huh,it new?”she asked

He nodded
“Yes true”he said

She rolled her eyes
“W H Y?”she asked spelling the word out

He laughed
“Cos it a start of something new too”he said

She turned to him
“Huh?”she asked

He too hit her head
“It a song,crazy”he said

She just stared at him then knocked him
“We’ve pass my workplace,mister”she said

He nodded
“Yes,I know”he replied

He drove inside a big and beautiful school with an iron gate then parked as a man directed him
“Come out,girl”he said as he alight from the car

She looked round as she came out
“This is truly world ending”she said

He hold her as they walked together inside
“Why?”he asked

She faced him
“First of all,we’re in a school right?”she asked

He nodded
“Yes we’re,why?”he asked again

She screamed out
“Unbelievable!”she said and

He pulled her
“What’s unbelievable, miss?”he asked when

She jumped up happily
“Crystal King in a school!”she said exclaiming

He covered her mouth
“We’re in a school,crazy not cinema”he said

She nodded with her body shaking
“I’ll calm down,no no I’ll try too”she said trying to suppress herself from screaming again

They entered the principal’s office and a woman stood up seeing them
“Hi Xavier and dear Crystal”she said shaking him

Xavier Bowed
“Morning ma’am”he replied

Crystal laughed sheepishly
“She even know my name,Xavi”she said so happy as

The principal ushered them to..
“Sit down pls”she said to them and

They too sat down
“Thanks ma’am”they chorused

She brought out a file and gave it to Crystal
“Fill this”she said to her

She collected it and filled
“Here ma’am”she said

Xavier smiled
“Oh beautiful writing,dear”he said checking the form

The principal collected it
“Truly beautiful writing, dear”she also said

And stood up checking a cupboard and bring out three slip of papers
“Try this”she said giving her

Crystal collected it and a pen was given to her
“Okay ma’am”she said and turned to

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Xavier who smile towards her
“You can do it,honey”he said and

That mesmerized Her cause that’s the..
“First time you’ll call me that,Xavi”she said happily

She moved to a desk and chair and sat down fixing her eyes on the question papers and bite her lips as her eyes read through the questions and she answered it

Inwardly,Xavier prayed
“Do let her make it,Lord!”he said eyeing her

The principal smiled
“It’s well,dear”she said to him

Soon,she was through and came to their place then gave the principal the paper slips with deep sigh

She collected it and went out
“Few minutes pls”she said going out

Xavier held her hands
“Are you okay Crystal?”he asked

She shook her head
“Yes,I’m”she said

As the two was praying silently in their hearts and the door soon opened as the principal walked inside
“Hey dears”she said

They looked up at her
“How’s it?”they both asked

She first frowned and sat down then..
“She make it”she said happily

Xavier wow
“Oh thanks Almighty!”he said happily while

Crystal just bowed and ran out of the principal’s office and Xavier bowed
“She will start tomorrow,ma’am”he said

She smil led
“Okay Xavier and take care of her,the joy too much”she said and

He nodded then rushed out after her and luckily,she was sitting quietly in the car waiting for him

He drove out speedily and branched to a bridge then parked and holding her hands,he drag her to the steep steps of the bridge then came face to face with a flowing river and

Then holding her cheeks
“You can scream your happiness out now,crazy girl”he said to her and

That did it as she ran towards the river and screamed so loud
“Oh great,I made it and now,Crystal King gonna be in school too!”she said screaming so happily

Xavier just watched as she ran and jumped up happily then splashed water on herself, dig herself in the river then came out again facing him
“The joy is damn much!”she said crying happily

Xavier walked to her in the river and hugged her tight
“I told ya that it a start of something new,honey”he said to her

She couldn’t hold the tears again as it fell freely from her eyes and she whispered Silently
“I Love You,Xavi!”she said looking into his eyes

He glowed inwardly
“I Love You too much,Cristal”he said and

For the first time in forever, they kissed so passionately in the flowing river and no one know who’s damn much happy between the two new lover:the one that get to go to school after a long long years or the one that get to hear the three magic words from a long long time lover

But between the two,there’s a total showdown of happiness widely written on their face

(OH YEAH,Our Crazy Girl Is Finally In School!Yippie)