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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 24

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It early Monday morning as I walked inside my office with happy thought
“Oh Hi dears!”I said greeting the workers before entering the office

I sat down and checked the file on my table
“New stuffs is arriving today”I said crosschecking it

Soon,the on my table rang
”Hello Sonia”I said

Her voice came on
”The container has arrive, ma’am”she said

I stood up
”Oh good,I be there soon then!”I said and

Meet me there”I said and hanged up

I walked out of my office and moved downstairs
“So hope it three container?”I asked as

Sonia came to my side
“Yes ma’am with an extra box”she said to me

I looked around
“And where the hell is boss?”I asked

She shrugged
“He hasn’t arrive yet,ma’am”she said to me

I scoffed
“Always lazy when it get to hard work huh”I said so pissed off

We arrived at the storehouse and the men came to my side bowing
“Morning ma’am Brenda”they said

I smiled
“Welcome dears”I said looking over to the containers

One of the men moved to my side
“So should we load it inside?”he asked

I shook my head
“Wait a little bit as the men inside is busy arranging the old ones to one side”I said pointing inside

And rubbed my hair
“So few more minutes”I said to them

After standing for almost an hour,they’re through inside and the men started to load the new clothes,shoes,bags and other stuffs like jewelries inside and soon,it all full

I stretched
“Oh all done so did you take the recording, Sonia?”I asked the secretary

She smiled
“Yes I’ve and I just need the signature of boss”she said

I sighed
“Oh Fred!”I said sweating when

Someone rushed to our side
“Morning girls”we both turned

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“Brother”I shouted while

Sonia shouted too
“Boss”she said

I faced him
“What keeps you so long,boss?”I asked him

He waved his hands
“I’ve a punctured tyre thats why”he said

I nodded
“I’m so sure you’re the punctured tyre right?”I asked

He looked to the warehouse
“Wow,the containers have arrived huh”he said happily

I almost hit his head
“Even loaded finish”I said hissing

He winked at us
“Kudos girls so bring the file recording to me,Sonia”he said and walked away

I followed him
“We need new models boss so I’m thinking of scouting some”I said

Sonia nodded
“That’s true and we need females the most”she supported me

Brother turned to us
“Then upload it on our Website page with the requirements for the models”he said to us

I smiled
“Oh good but try to scout Vanessa too”I said and

Tapped him
“She’s most popular among all the world’s model”I added

He stood akimbo
“Vanessa is an easy task,let just try to get to our website page first and bring in others more”he said to us and we nodded

We entered his office and explained all the recording file to him and later moved to our different offices

It late in the evening as I carried my bag and walked to my car
“I’m so famish”I said and entered it

Soon I drove to a nearby restaurant and alighted from the car
“Let’s eat a nice food”I said entering the restaurant

I sat down and called to the..
“Waiter”I said and

He moved to my side
“Take your order,ma’am”he said

I looked at the menu then choose one when Someone sat beside me
“Hello Beauty”I turned to the

Person and smiled
“Oh Jeremy”I said and

He pecked me
“How you doing?”he asked

I turned to him
“I’m fine and hope you too?”I asked

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He sat in front of me
“So good so have you take your order?”he asked

I nodded
“Yes,just now”I said and the

Waiter came with my order
“Here ma’am”he said and

Jeremy turned to him
“Same menu with me,Waiter”he said

Soon,we’re eating and chatting happily together when

I asked
“How’s Crystal?”I asked

He looked up at me
“I don’t know”he said

The spoon dropped from my eyes
“What do you mean?”I asked

He sat back
“She didn’t come to work today neither did she call to say WHY”he said to me

I shrugged
“What could have happen huh?”I asked and

Held his hand
“Have she did such before?”I asked

He shook his head
“Tho she’s full of craziness but she never come late or miss a day at all except the day she lied she’s stooling and vomiting at the same time to be able to come to the birthday party”he said to me

I laughed
“So full of craziness huh”I said

He nodded
“So So full of it”he replied

We ate food finished and we walked out together
“The food here so delicious”we both chorused and laughed

He faced me
“Let’s have a day to go out, Brenda”he said

I smiled and looked down shyly
“A date right?”I asked

He raised my head up
“Yes sure”he said and pecked my head

I pecked his cheek
“Okay dear”I said as

We waved at each other then entered our cars and drove away in different direction

I drove straight to Crystal’s home and met her..
“Hi mother”I said to her mom

She looked up at me
“Hey Brenda right?”she asked me

I smiled
“Yes ma’am”I said nodding

Holding my hands,she pulled me to sat down beside her
“So what bring you here dear?”she asked me

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I sat right
“I’m looking for Crystal”I said

She stood up and went inside to call Crystal but..
“Take the drink”she said giving me a chill juice

I laughed
“I thought you want to call Crystal for me,ma’am”I said

She shook her head
“Not at all cos she’s not home”she said

I turned to her
“I saw Jeremy and he said she’s not at work too so hope nothing wrong?”I asked shaking

She held my hands
“Not at all”she said

And smiled
“Just that she’ll be starting school soon”she added

I almost fell her down as I jumped up
“Oh really?”I asked happily

She nodded
“Yes and I’m very sure she’ll start tomorrow”she said

I smiled happily
“Oh yes”I said screaming for joy

I stayed for few minutes before saying..
“Bye ma’am”I said to her

She pecked me
“Bye dearie”she said waving at me

I entered my car and drove home then entered
“Hi mom and dad”I said greeting them

They just waved at me and I understand
“Business going on”I said shaking my head

I entered my room straight and brought my laptop and smiled
“Let get to business too”I said smiling

I loaded so many pictures of our trending stuffs online and put a forms up for those who wanna join us in our modeling company when

An idea popped up
“Oh Crystal too”I said smiling happily

I quickly print out a form and smiled
“Welcome to the world of model,Crystal King”I said smiling happily

And upload others form for filling and so many pictures of our trending stuffs and the models that we we have in the company for now on the company website

Can’t wait for new turn in our company!

(Oh dear dears,it seems our crazy girl is going to modeling world too..YIPPIE)