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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 25

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I yawned so tiredly on the chair and hissed
“Why the hell a boss won’t come to work even on a Monday morning?”I said so pissed off

I arrange my desk and stood up
“I’ve to go home now”I said and walked out of my office with my bag in my hand and car’s key

I entered my car and drove straight to mom’s school

Oh sorry dears,my mom is a principal and owner of Prexy’s High School in Verney’s city and thanks to Xavier,he helped paid the outstanding debt that mom owned the government

I drove inside the school’s gate and came down
“Oh school with noise”I said and walked up the stairs to her office

I knocked the door
“Hello in there”I said and

Her voice came on
“Come in,silly daughter”she said and

I frowned as I entered
“How do you know it ME, mom?”I asked

She looked down on her books
“I’ve a talent and that’s unable to forget a voice I heard once”she said smiling

I sat down
“So what’s keeping mom I mean the principal busy now?”I asked

She leaned on her chair
“Xavier just left here with a girl he came to register into our school”she said to me

I quickly leaned towards her
“What?”I asked so

“And he didn’t bother coming to work at all?”I asked

Mom smiled
“Looking at the way he behaved with the girl,he seems he loves her”she said to me

I shook my head
“Wait mom”I said rubbing my sweaty head

She scoffed
“And why are you sweating,miss?”she asked

I looked at her
“Is the girl bearing Crystal King?”I asked

She gasped
“Oh how do you know her name,dearest?”she asked me

I hissed
“That stupid and useless uncivilized girl”I said and

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Stood up
“She’s a crazy girl,mom”I said angrily

She laughed
“Crazy indeed!”I said laughing

I stamp the desk
“Am serious mom,she’s damn crazy”I said to her

She nodded
“Everyone has a flaw and nobody is perfect Sandra, we’re just trying to live according to what we can so stop judging”she said to me

I took my bag and car’s key
“I don’t want her in this school neither did I want her for Xavier”I said angrily and stormed out

I heard mom calling after me
“In both side;in school or with Xavier,you’ve no say whatsoever,darling”she said calling to me

I hit my car’s tyre with my leg
“You’re right mom but I’ll make sure she do not achieve any”I said biting my lips

I drove away and stop st s bridge
“Why everything will be so simple for her huh despite being nothing?”I asked and

Roughed my hair
“I remembered when I wanna get into that school owned by my mom,I go through serious test before I was accepted”I said then

Hit the wheel
“In Xavier’s heart,I tried and tried to get in even as a crush but I’m just a secretary in his life and no more than that”I said as tears dropped endlessly from my eyes

I got out of the car and leaned on the bridge’s rail
“But she just arrived like few days and she achieve what I couldn’t achieve especially Xavier’s heart”I said hitting the rails as blood came out of my hands

I looked at my hands and I do not feel pain at all the one..
“I’m feeling in my heart”I said hissing

I walked to my car back when a car passed beside me then stopped
“Who’s that?”I asked looking at the car

Someone alighted and came to my side
“Hi Sandra”I turned

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And forced a smile
“Hey Jeremy”I said

He bowed
“How are you, ma’am?”he asked

I looked away
“I’m fine and you?”I asked

He beamed happily
“I’m fine and did Xavier came to work?”he asked me

I turned to face him
“He’s at work today”I replied

He scoffed
“Hey stop lying but I believed you OK”he said and

Moved to his car
“I think Crystal is with him and she’s going to modeling world soon”he said and drove off

I glared hard at the car as it drove away
“She’s gonna be a model too huh”I said

“Let me see you do that huh,Crystal King”I said and drove away

I stopped at an orphanage’s home and got down
“Hey children”I said and

All the children rushed out
“Hey Sandra”they all called and rushed to hug me

I managed to hug them all
“How you all doing?”I asked

They smiled
“Yes,we’re”they replied

We all moved inside when I turned to face the woman
“Hi ma’am”I said greeting the woman in charge

She looked up at me
“Hey Sandra,welcome”she said

I looked round
“Where’s Jack?”I asked

She pointed up
“In her room!”she said

I walked to the room and knocked
“Hey Jack”I said calling to her

After few minutes,the door opened
“What are you looking for,b***h?”she asked me

I pushed her away and entered
“I bring money for you”I said

She ran to my front
“Oh really,Sandra?”she asked smiling

I turned to her
“Yes but it not gonna be free”I said

She nodded
“Yes I do always know it not free so what’s the job?”she asked

I smiled and gave her a picture
“See that girl?”I asked

She eyed me then looked at the picture
“She’s beautiful so what with her?”she asked

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I raised her head up
“She’s coming to your school by tomorrow so make the school life a living hell for her”I said with fiery eyes

She laughed so loud
“That’s the perfect job that Jack is good at so it a deal”she said and tore the picture to pieces

I smiled
“I trust you so make her quit school by herself and you’ll have more of this”I said giving her the money

She brought it out
“She has quit already,Sandra”she said and licked the money

I laughed evilly and she joined me
“She’s a goner”I said and

She sniffed cleaning her nose
“So far gone”she said

I gave her a hard stare before walking out of her room as she stepped on the pieces of the picture on the floor while I’ve a victory song playing in my head

Jack is an orphan and she has been rusticated for so many schools cos of her bully and bad ways that’s why I pleaded with mom to accept her cos I know she will never sent a bad child away nor leave her to her bad ways

She will try her best to change her that’s why she never wanna let go of Crystal too

But what to do mom?

I’ve set a greater bait and high suffering for her that even her dear Xavier or crazy ways won’t be able to help at all

I walked victoriously to my car and drove home with the word playing in my head

Jack will definitely crush her soon

Bye to school,love even modeling stuffs

I get you wrap,miss crazy girl: Crystal King


{Oh geez,what to do?

Am so sad but..

Watch out dears


Gonna be superb}