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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 27

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I woke up to the shouting of mom and I wonder…
“Who’s she shouting on?”I asked and peeped out of my room to see

That she’s shouting
“On Dad!”I said exclaiming

I quickly closed the door and sat on by the door hearing how they lashes on each other
“This is the reason why I don’t wanna say what’s wrong with me to mom cos I knew she won’t take it easy with dad even if she didn’t spill it out WHY”I said sniffing in

I leaned on the door
“I know no LOVE IS PERFECT but I don’t wanna be the IMPERFECTIONS in my dad and mom’s marriage and love”I said as tears dropped endlessly

I listened well and sighed
“Seems dad is not there again”I said and looked out to see dad storming out

I quickly ran after him but he’s gone so I walked inside back
“Mom”I said calling and

She turned to me
“Morning dearest”she said to me

I folded my hands so tiredly
“But why,mom?”I asked

She looked so unmoved
“Why what,daughter?”she asked me

I held her hands
“I told you what really went wrong with me not not for you to use it to react with dad hub”I said crying

She hissed
“I didn’t do anything wrong,Vanessa”she said and wanna walked away from

Me when I pulled her back
“With what is going on mom,what’s next?”I asked and

Shook her
“This marriage can be separate with what you’re doing and it will be my fault”I said

She scoffed
“I won’t divorce him cos of you or what happen”she said and

Rubbed my hair
“It cos I don’t love him again”she said and walked into the kitchen

I fell on my butt
“I can’t just be the reason for their divorce come s I’ll regret it it for the rest of my life”I said crying painfully

I rushed to my room and picked up my car’s key then ran out to my car
“I’ve to leave home again so they won’t divorce but get together to look for me”I said hitting the wheel

Mom ran out
“Where are you going, Vanessa?”she asked but it too late as she ran towards my car but

I’ve speed off to the main road already
“I can’t take this!”I i said inhaling deep

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I hit the main road and sighed
“Where am I even going?”I asked crying

I can’t go to the King’s cos she already knew there and can’t go to Xavier’s cos he’ll ask why I left home and who else?

I sighed as something hit my Mind
“Oh Jeff!”I said and turned to his house’s direction

I horned at his door
“Jeff”I said shouting and

The door opened wide as I drove inside then got down and rushes inside
“Jeff”I said calling to him

He came out of his door and looked down at me
“Hey Van lovey”he said smiling towards me and that

Got me so emotionally as I ran into his arms and hugged him tight with tears now dropping freely from my eyes

He pet me
“Stop crying,princess”he said and hugged me tight

I cried my eyes out for the next two hours and he didn’t bulge or pushed me away for the two hours that I cried but instead rubbed my hair and patted my back

I looked up at him
“Am sorry Jeff for keeping you standing”I said to him

He winked at me
“It’s okay,lovey”he said and pulled me

To sat down on the chair
“So since I’ve been so patience for you to cry your eyes out,I want you to be truthful and say what’s wrong?”he said looking at me straight in the eyes

I rubbed my eyes and looked down
“Nothing is wrong,Jeff”I said

He nodded
“Yea right,seeing morning break could make one cry”he said and stood up

I pulled his hand
“Are you angry,J?”I asked

He shook his head
“Can nver get angry at you,Vanessa”he said

I looked up at him
“If I tell you what is wrong,will you allow me to stay here?”I asked

He sat beside me again
“Yea sure”he said

I nodded
“Most importantly,will you still be my guy Jeff?”I asked

He cupped my cheeks
“I’ll always be so tell me what’s wrong,lovey?”he asked

I shuddered
“I doubt if you’ll still be after hearing it,Jeff?”I asked pleading

He nodded
“Trust me,I’ve pass that level”he said

I smiled
“Even if you let go,I’ll be glad I open up to someone I love”I said

He held my hands
“And that person will be glad he didn’t let go”he said to me

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I took my time and narrated everything from beginning to end and tears keep on streaming down and he didn’t get tired of cleaning it every seconds as it dropped endlessly from my eyes

After I’ve narrated everything, he stood up
“What will you like to eat,dear?”he asked

I rolled my eyes
“Don’t yiu hear everything I said,Jeff?”I asked him

He nodded
“I do that’s why I’m asking what will you eat?”he said

I scoffed
“What’s the hell?”I said and looked away

He bent down
“I heard everything Vanessa but no matter what I says now won’t be believe you”he said

I turned to him
“Why?”I asked

He sat at my legs
“As long and old I’m,I’ve always come to know that nothing whatsoever is perfect in this world and Love is part of it,it tends to get flaws even deformity but others let go of it cos of that but I don’t think I can”he said and

“Cos having someone you love and the person loving you back is a rare things,it truly so rare having mutual love cos so many search for it but few are lucky to find it so no way I’ll let go of it no matter what”he said

I laughed
“Are you kidding me,Jeff?”I asked

And stood up
“I can’t conceive again,J”I said

He nodded
“Who says that huh?”he asked and

Stood up too
“Is it God that created you that said so huh so why losing faith?”he asked and

Held my hands
“It not yet over until it over so why jumping into conclusion,Vanessa?”he asked me

I scoffed
“What about the deformity o f being s*x by my own dad?”I asked

He laughed
“Sorry for laughing but it not your deformity but that of your dad who have tampered with you in a bad ways,he’ll be tag as incest not you cos he force you;he raped you”he said and

Hugged me
“Just let face today and be expecting tomorrow cos the past always hurt much,I mean so much”he said rubbing my back

I cleaned my ears
“Am I hearing wrong?”I asked

He rubbed my cheeks
“This is why I don’t wanna give you reply cos it will sound strange to you”he said d and

Pushed me to sat down
“But believes me Vanessa love,I’m so sincere in what I’m saying to you now”he said

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I smiled happily
“Hmm so I’ll eat yam and egg sauce then”I said

He stood up immediately
“Okay ma’am”he said

I crossed my legs
“Hurry up”I said and

He bowed
“On the run,miss J”he said and

I smiled hearing him as he ran to the kitchen

I sat down as tears dropped again
“I can’t believe this even my ears and whole body system not believing this,it so simple”I said crying when

His voice boom on
“Don’t cry again but pls,join me here cos I don’t really know how to cook especially that egg sauce”he said and

I busted out laughing
“So what do you now know how to cook,mister Van?”I asked

He rubbed his head
“I can make tea and oh yeah,can cook yam too”he said and we both laughed out

We ate the food feeding each other and he turned to me
“Resting time”he said as he carried me of f to his bedroom and I shuddered as he carried me

He put me on his bed
“What happen,miss J?”he asked

I sighed as he covered me with the duvet
“This is so not easy as I have never been close to any guy before”I said

He looked at me
“I thought you live in white people land so why?”he asked

I sighed
“Cos it scare me off”I said and

I think he read my eyes as he sighed too
“Am sorry”he said and covered me well as he stood up and

Wanna walked away
“Pls rest well”he said

I pulled him
“Stay with me”I said pleading as I tapped beside me

He shrugged
“Will you be okay,Van?”he asked

I smiled
“With you,I’m so okay”I said to him

He got under the duvet as he cuddled me to himself and before I knew it,I’ve sleep so peacefully in his arms just as I was able to sleep so well last night in th house that gave me nightmare thanks to mom

Now I believes truly that even if Love Is Nor Perfect, there’ll be that Someone that will do love and accept us for who we are

And I’m glad that I’ve find such person too and he’s Jeff Willy

Now I’ve no regret of whatsoever happen to me cos in now imperfect in love with a rare lover!