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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 28

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I yawned on the bed with mouth so wide open when the alarm clock beeped
“Oh holy holy!”I said shouting as

My eyes went straight to the
“It 7:15am”I said and sprang up

I rushed inside the bathroom and closed the door
“Oh what to do?”I asked looking at the water

It a cold and chilling morning as everywhere is so icy even the water and ..
“I’m late already”I said and laughed as an idea hit

My mind so I rushed out,took my cream and rushed inside the bathroom back as I put little cream in my hands then add water and rubbed it on my body
“Oh so fantastic”I said feeling so warm

I rushed out again and opened my shrieking wardrobe
“Oh mommmmmy”I said screaming out when

Dad peeped in
“And what’s again this early morning,crazy jewel?”he asked me

I moved past him and screamed again
“Where’s my uniform,the King’s?”I asked and

Granny raised her hands
“Your mom is ironing it here”she said

I rushed down and snatched it from her
“Crystal King looks so pretty and cute in anything she wears”I said and rushed again inside

I soon came out with my school bag hanging loosely at my back and bent in front of grandpa
“Any hairstyle from yiu,grandpa?”I asked

He pushed me away
“Did I look like an hairstylist?”he asked and looked away

I nodded
“Crystal King looks perfect in this”I said and moved to the kitchen,took my food container and

Turned to them all
“I think Crystal King is off to school!”I said and bowed and bowed again

They all waved
“I wish Crystal King won’t be crazy there”they said to me

I scoffed hearing them
“My craziness just upgrade and getting started”I said licking my lips and rushed out

Mom rushed after me
“Don’t dare get expel,crazy woman”she said shouting after me

Dad laughed
“A Crystal King without craziness is so crazy itself”he said and

I nodded in agreement
“Oh yo Papa”I said and rushes down the narrow lane

I ran with all my might as I saw the bus moving already
“Wait for me or you’ll lose your way,driver”I said shouting on top my voice

The bus stopped and I laughed
“Oh gosh,scarecrow”I said stopping on my track too when the bus moved again and this time,it didn’t stop

I hit my head repeatedly
“This is what they call witch’s work”I said and bent down,tied my sneakers well then did my backpack well

And looked to the sky
“Run and run like Usain Bolt”I said and laughed

I ran with so much sweats forming on my forehead and soon,arrived in the school hut oh gosh..
“I’m damn late”I said looking at the school’s gate

I moved close and looked at the teachers giving punishment to the latecomers
“I can’t do that”I said as they all stretched so long with their tummies up

I walked past them
“Let get to that other fence”I said walking past them when

One called me
“Aren’t you one of our students,girl?”he asked me

I laughed stupidly
“No am not”I said

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A woman moved to me
“Isn’t this our uniform?”she asked looking at my uniform then at others

I laughed and moved back
“I just fancy your school uniform so I implored my fiance,I mean my brother to bought it for me”I said and

“Isn’t that fashion craziness?”I asked laughing sheepishly as I walked step by step backward then ran off

I ran to the other side and peeped to the gate seeing the teachers talking tho not hearing them but am very sure they’re saying..
“She’s so much crazy someone”I thought then

Clapped my hands
“I love that”I said smiling

I packed my hair into ponytail and smiled
“Who jump higher than a horse?”I asked and

Someone laughed at my back
“And are you a horse?”I turned seeing a girl in speck and

Moved back
“Are you one of the professor teacher?”I asked her

She shook her head
“No I’m not,why asking?”she asked

I pointed at her speck
“Then what’s this?”I asked sniffing

She laughed
“I’ve poor eyesight that’s why”she said

I gasped
“Oh no wonder you’re with me”I said looking at her from head to toes

She laughed
“WHAT!”she exclaimed

I waved her off
“Just ignore and unseen me,dear spectacular”I said and rubbed

My palms together
“I’m the Pegasus”I said and leapt on one leg and boom,was sitting on the high fence of the school

She stretched her hands to me
“Help me too,Pega”she said

I laughed and with so much sweats, I pulled her up to the fence and we laughed
“So leapt up like a horses”we both chorused

We looked at each other and winked
“Oh now”we said and jumped down

But unfortunately,
“Stop there”we heard as a teacher moved to us

The girl is already shaking
“This is the most wicked teacher among the whole teachers in Pixie High school!”she said whispering to me

I cackled
“He just meet the most crazy girl in the whole world”I said and winked at her

The teacher moved to our side
“And why are you jumping over the fence?”he asked us

I shrugged
“We didn’t sir “I said

He laughed
“So you’re saying my eyes is bad”he said so pissed off

I shook my head
“Not sir cos you’re not like her(pointing at the girl) who’s using speck to see but her bags fell down here and I we both jumped to take it”I said

He hissed
“What’s the difference?”he asked

I looked at him and signed
“He’s wicked”I said hearing his voice especially his strong cane

I suddenly screamed
“Oh blood!”I said pointing at something as his back

He looked back immediately and I held the girl’s hand
“Run”I said and before he could looked at us or even find out I trick him,we’re already at our class’s door

He shouted
“Hey yOU!”he said

And we sat down in our class laughing
“Oh gosh”we said cleaning our teary eyes

The girl turned to me
“You’re damn crazy”she said

I nodded
“You’re damn unseen”I said too

She smiled
“I’m Jean”she said

I rolled my eyes
“Jeans?”I asked

She tapped me laughing hard
“I mean my name is Jean”she said

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Oh that.
“I’m Crystal”I said and laughed too

We are both talking happily when the door jerked open
“Who’s bearing Crystal King here?”a girl looking like a mad thug asked

And few girls like four followed her
“She should come out now”they chorused too

Jean pulled me
“Don’t answer pls”she said whispering

I hit her head
“Why do you like whispering,Jeans?”I asked

She looked away
“Cos this girls are the most bully in our school,Pega”she said

I laughed
“And I’m:Crystal King the most crazy girl in the whole world”I said standing up and moved

To the girls
“I’m Crystal King so what do…”I didn’t finished it as

They pulled me out roughly and smirked
“Pour it on her”they said and before I could say jack,they poured a full pail of flour on me

I jerked back
“Oh shit”I said as they continued pouring it

They all laughed and I looked round hearing more laughter and sees that so many students have gathered there

I looked up at them
“Can I at least know the name of your boss,The Bullies?”I asked them

She moved forward
“I’m Jack”she said

I smiled and smiled
“Oh great,nice meeting you Jackal”I said and hugged her and even shook my whole body as the flour shook off spreading on them all:Jack and her silly four followers

I kicked her in her legs as she came crashing down but her gangs helped her before she fell down
“Do you know how much Crystal’s mom tried to ironed this uniform this morning despite that I’m late even told her not to?”I asked as sweats formed on my forehead

Jean rushes to me
“Let’s get you change, Pega”she said

I snatched myself from her
“You’re so gone, kiddo”I said and rushed at her

But my mom’s voice came on
“Don’t dare get expel,crazy woman”

And that made me stop as I looked at her
“Oh Jackal,be careful of the animals you wanna have meal on cos some have thorns that can kill You”I said and

Turned to..
“Show me the changing room,Jeans”I said smiling

She looked at me and shook her head
“Crazy crazy crazy”she muttered as she leas the way and

I eyed the gangs
“Be thankful to your stars,Crystal is not okay at all”I said glaring hard at them

She took me to a locker and gave me another..
“This our sport wears”she said and

I smiled
“I’ve mine,huni Jeans”I said smirking and

Turned looking a t all the lockers then smiled
“Gotcha”I said smiling

I opened the locker and brought my sport wears out,changed to it and smiled
“Gonna wash this later”I said and put it in a poly bag

We moved to class and work started but the gangs always eyed me when I turned to looked at them but gosh,I’m not so scare of them at all

We are through with class works when the bell rings
“What’s for,Jeans?”I asked

She smiled
“It game time,Pega”sshe said

We all moved to the game center and soon,all have changed to my own sport wears too as we formed a circle
“Let’s throw the ball to each other”the game teacher said

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We threw the ball from one hands to another and those that didn’t caught it was asked to sat in the midst of the circle as we continued throwing the ball over and over again and

Now,it remained me,Jeans,three boys and the five bullies

The game teacher turned to us
“Continue playing,am coming”he said and walked out immediately and then,

Jackal coughed so loud and they all eyed each other

Jeans whispered again
“Bully time”she said to me

I laughed
“My craziness is not dull at all”I said winking at her

One of the girls rushed to my side hitting me but I dodged it and she rolled away
“Oops,sawry”I said laughing

Jackal kicked me and I almost fell but Jeans helped me
“Gotcha”she said and

I winked at her
“Thanks Jeans”I said

I think the boys are among them when one kicked the ball so high and it hit Jeans on her nose and she started bleeding
“They just did it”I said angrily and intentionally threw the ball

To Jeans making it to fell before reaching her
“You lost,Jeans”I said and

She hissed
“Hmm”she said and went to sat down

I cracked my fingers
“Let’s the battle begins”I said laughing crazily

Jackal threw the ball so high at me but luckily, I managed to caught it then smirked
“Your balls is gone,boys”I said and kicked the ball and if like it was bewitched, it hit two of the boys at their weak Points and they fell immediately

Jackal whispered to her followers and they rushed at me but I immediately lied down before they reached me and they hissed
“Surrender?”they asked

I laughed
“No way Crystal King do surrender”I said and sprang up getting hold of the basket full of balls and started throwing it at them and they couldn’t get to me as it hit them so hard that they have to ran out

Before the teacher could come back again,I shouted
“Help me,Jeans”I said

We quickly packed the balls while the students were laughing and soon,the teacher came in
“Who win?”he asked

They all chorused
“Crystal wins”they said

The teacher hissed
“And where’s Jack and her groups?”he asked

I moved forward
“They ran off”I said

And boom,they came in
“Here sir”they said

He glared hard at them
“To the library and make sure you arrange everything there,dust it and sweep it so clean”he said angrily and

Turned to me
“Kudos, Crystal”he said before moving out

Pulling Jeans by her arms,I moved to them
“Craziness surpass bully especially if you come across Crystal King’s own”I said sniffing and walked past them as they couldn’t

Say anything but deep in their hearts,I could hear the whispering

‘You’re so gone too,Crystal King’

But truly,I’m not scare at all cos no one mess with Crystal’s uniform not to talk of her craziness

Jeans just laughed as she massaged my arms and shoulder as we walked out of the game center with the students cheering

Oh gosh,The King’s

Your daughter is a superhero already