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Can love be perfect. Episode 29

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I hummed angrily as I opened my wardrobe
“But is it a must for me to wear suit?”I asked turning to

Brenda who kept applying makeup to her face
“It a must brother I mean boss cos so many people are coming to be scout for the modelling so look your best”she said and

Looked up at me
“Not as a player you’re”she said

I hissed
“I’m not a player anymore girl”I said angrily

She scoffed
“Oh really huh?”she asked me

I shook my head
“Yes cos I’m now in love with one girl,miss”I said and

Walked up to her
“Will you move out now?”I said

She stood up
“Why?”she asked

I laughed
“Okay stay then”I said and start to off my clothes and

She winked at me
“Let me see your abs once again,brother”she said licking her lips

Oh gosh…
“What’s wrong with children of nowadays huh?”I asked and pushed her out with

All my might
“At your age,I never see any private parts even mine”I said and slammed the door shut

I searched for so long before I could find a suit and it was so..
“So so rough up huh”I said and quickly ironed it then

Wore it and moved out
“Let’s go,girl”I said and

Almost bite my tongue
“What’s this on your face,Brenda?”I asked looking at the heavy makeup on her face

She carried her makeup
“It what they call Beauty makeup”she said and

Walked like a crazy person in front of me
“I might have a crush among the new model guys”she said and moved out

I sighed heavily
“I thought she have Jeremy”I said and

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Followed her out
“So who’s a player now,miss Beauty makeup?”I asked her as

She entered her car and waved at me
“Don’t let me reach the company first,player man”she said and drove off

I smirked
“We’re on it”I said and ignited the car and soon,I’m on the highway so far behind

I raised the accelerator and soon pass her and they stick my tongue at her
“Wohoo”I said and

She smirked looking at me
“Hmmm”she said and

I wondered why when I hit something in front of me
“Oh shit”I said and looked front and parked

Then came down
“Am sorry,mister”I said as a man came out

He turned to me
“You can go, man”he said

I bowed
“Oh thanks sir and I’m Fred Williams”I said bowing

He shook me
“I’m Mr King”he said

I looked at him
“Are you possibly the father of Crystal King?”I asked him

He nodded immediately
“Yes I’m and how do you know her?”he asked me

I laughed loud
“Who won’t know the craziest crazy girl”I said laughing and

He eyed me
“Oh oh!”he said and

I quickly composed myself
“I knew her as a girl who’s gentle and do come to my modelling company”I said looking down

He laughed loud too
“You’re right son,Crystal is a crazy girl truly”he said and smiled

Then waved at me
“Have to go now son cos I’ve to return the car to the owner”he said

I gasped
“Oh?”I asked

He nodded
“I’m a mechanic”he said and gave me his ID card

I smiled
“Okay bye and be safe sir”I said

He waved
“Alright,be safe too”he said then

Clicked his tongue
“That suit look somehow on you”he said and

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We both laughed before we finally drove away to our different direction

I blushed inside the car still I reached work
“Oh gosh!”I said covering my eyes as I got down from the car

Brenda moved to me
“You’re so late,boss”she said

Then waved in my face
“Hey Fred”she said and

I slapped her hands away
“I just met someone”I said and

Tiptoed inside
“I just met the father of my crush,oh mehn”I said and rushed to my office with my cheeks so red

Brenda came in
“Now is Crystal’s craziness spreading everywhere”she said and hissed

Soon,the show started as I sat down in one corner feeling so woeful
“Is this my company?”I asked as everything seems so new to me

After a rough and silly going up and down of the guys and girls,they all lined up and

Brenda moved to the up stage
“Thanks so much dears for honouring the scouting of the modelling in Williams & Co.model company so I’ll say that you all do your best and I love it much so the boss will come and tell us the due date to scout you:the one who win and and lose so let’s welcome Fred Williams, the boss”she said and pointed at me as they all clapped

Wait,is it me she’s calling huh
“Can’t be ME”I said eyeing her when

Someone rushed to our midst
“You’re all so rocking and wow but I wish you guys should try to have the ability of walking majestically and like a queen and king”we all turned and

“Sandra”I said smiling happily

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Xavier moved to them
“Don’t answer her dears,you’re all so awesome as you did”he said and

The Guys and girls start moving sideway and we wondered..
“Who’s pushing them?”we all chorused when

An eyes popped out
“Hey future models both male and girls”we gasped seeing

Crystal wearing sport wears and moved to their front
“Those who said you need to walk majestically and like a king and queen should first try modeling stuffs cos if she’s good at it,she won’t be a stupid guy’s secretary”she said and

Rolled her eyes
“You’re all so damn great and we’ll get back to you soon and for the boss,(she turned to me and sighed hitting her head),he has nothing..absolutely nothing to say to you so bye dears”she said and waved at them as they too truly moved out and bowed as they moved

She eyed us
“Heavy PA, silly crush,stupid guy and a player guy at a show,so disastrous”she said hitting her head

And matched out immediately while we just starred at her wondering why the hell she sent them all away without letting them know their names and places

I sat on the floor
“Wearing of suit today is a waste”I said almost crying

Brenda cleaned her face
“All my makeup is total waste”she said crying too

Sandra hissed
“What about your show too huh?”she asked. eyeing us

Xavier laughed at us
“Miss craziness has make all to total waste”he said and moved out following her crazy girl out

I just starred into space and hissed and hissed so repeatedly

What a wasted effort


She’s a goner when I see her again!